Choosing a phallimitator: the best models and brands, average price, differences

Choosing a phallimitator: the best models and brands, average price, differences.

Choosing a phallimitator: the best models and brands, average price, differences

You can unlock it as much as you like, but still adult girls sometimes also need to play toys. And those who have already tried to make diversity to their intimate life. If you have no experience in the field of piquant devices and you – you can say, a newcomer, getting to know the world of erotic devices best start with the dildo. This is a universal thing that will help embellish sex with a partner or deliver pleasure without it.

To discover new facets of pleasure, it is important not to make a mistake in choosing your new “friend”, and this, in turn, depends only on your needs and sexual preferences. Sex with dildo will deliver a lot of pleasure, given a few important points before buying it. After all, the current diversity and versatility of the assortment in sex shops makes the eyes scatter. Adult toys are represented by abundance – they differ in size, shape, material, options. It’s not so easy to find your own, the most suitable gadget. You think that spending time choosing a female dildo is stupid? Not at all-only this will protect you from mistakes, in vain money spent and disappointments in sex toys.

Choosing a phallimitator: the best models and brands, average price, differences

A vibrator or dildo is one and the same, or there is a difference

By the way, for starters, you should figure out how the dildo differs from the vibrator. It seems to many girls that this is one and the same. In fact, these are two completely different erotic devices. In the first case, we are talking about a classic prototype of male dignity not equipped with additional bells and whistles and superfunctions. Often in the reviews the female phalloimitator is called “dildo”. The vibrator, unlike artificial phallus, is a toy with a motor that creates additional mechanical stimulation of erogenous zones and in a certain sense allows you to achieve more acute sensations. There is a mixed version of these two intimate devices-vibrator-falloimitator. As a rule, such a gadget is equipped with a built -in or portable control panel.

Naturally, here the choice will depend exclusively on your requests and preferences. If you want to try something new, then the “buzzing” gadgets will be just right, and if you are more inclined towards natural and real design, then it is the dildo that will be the right decision.

Materials for sex toys, best sold phalluses

As a rule, with the use of phallimitators, women do not have as many problems as with their choice. Indeed, it is difficult not to be confused, because the appearance of intimate “assistants” is amazing. These are discreet options that have a bodily color, and bright erotic gadgets with rhinestones, and realistic phallimitators, which are made according to the model and accurate likeness of the male member. There are options for partners with incredible sexual fantasy, which are made in a futuristic style – seeing such gadgets, not everyone can guess about their true purpose.

Choosing a phallimitator: the best models and brands, average price, differences

And if the form and design of products in no way affect their practicality, then the material plays a huge role in their functionality. Modern phalluses today produce from a variety of coatings that are important for tactile sensations. Due to the variety of materials used, the demand for these sex toys is constantly growing. To everyone, as they say, his own: one softer, others worse. So, the most popular models of dildos are made of the following materials:

  1. Cybercro – realistic phalloimitators for women make it from it. The coating of such sex toys is as close as possible to human skin not only visually, but also to the touch. This version of the products is suitable for lovers of “classics” and acute. There are only two minuses have only two – relatively high price and complex care.
  2. Silicone is the most common material used in the adult toys industry. Sufficient flexibility, the ability to quickly take body temperature and affordable cost allow silicone phalloimitators to take their honorable place in the erotic devices market. Unlike dildo from cyberc, this is easy to wash, it is more durable.
  3. Latex. This material is not suitable for every girl, the reason is the specific stickiness of the product. But due to their elasticity and moderate stiffness, it is latex phalloimitators for women who are on a par with silicone.
  4. Elastomer – a budget option for beginners. Those who already have a certain experience in using piquant toys, such products do not attract, first of all, a clearly expressed “rubber” aroma. However, it is the phalloimitators from the elastomer on the suction cups who are ideal for girls who are in search of the perfect size and shape.
  5. A glass dildo will help bring to life the most daring and incredible fantasies. This material is distinguished by a mass of advantages – it is durable, durable, has an incorrect texture, which provides simple care and antibacterial protection.

The surface of the phalluses can be very diverse – this is an indisputable plus. In every sex shop today they offer products with smooth and ribbed texture, sinewy and tuberous dildo.

Vaginal and anal phalloimitators, women’s reviews about models

Surely many know that the current sex toys are conditionally divided as intended. There are vaginal phallimitators and gadgets for anal penetration. An equally interesting option is double phalloimitators that can be used with a partner. Such models are curved, as they were developed specifically for the simultaneous stimulation of the male prostate and the female point G. If you want to order a bilateral phallimitator, it is important not to make a mistake with the diameter of the product. This is especially true for the second halves that first experiment with anal penetration. Otherwise, if you are sure that the dildo will be used only by you, without a partner, stop your choice on the product on the suction cup with additional elements to stimulate the clitoris.

Choosing a phallimitator: the best models and brands, average price, differences

So it’s time to move from theory to practice. We’ll now talk about the best -selling phallimitators who gave more than one orgasm to their owners:

  • Double phalloimitator “A-polymer”. The length of the dildo is 42 cm. Due to the good flexibility of the product, it can also be used for anal-vaginal penetration. The cost of the product in most online stores for adults ranges from 3500 rubles. You can buy a double phalloimitator cheaper by clicking on the link at the beginning of the article.
  • Realistic Falloimitator Real Dong Linel Nature Skin is a qualitatively drawn sex toy, characterized by excellent density. The product is equipped with suction, so it is well attached. The length is 20 cm, the price is about 3,000 rubles.
  • Vaginal phallimitator with Squirting Cock Flesh – Pipedream Enough Enhibiting Fallomitator. For many girls, this option is perfect, as it allows you to closely close your sensations to natural. The gadget made of silicone is made, the length is almost 18 cm. In diameter, the product is about 5 cm. Can also be used as an anal phalloimitator, but only with water -based lubricant.
  • Giant phalloimitator Big Boy, 30 cm is an exact copy of the penis of the porn actor from the COLT series. The sex toy costs more than the rest of the options and is not suitable for every young lady, because its working length is more than 23 cm, and in diameter this King Sayz exceeds 5 cm. The gadget is not suitable for beginners, but will become a true “friend” for those who know a lot about large sizes.

Realistic sex toys that are most often bought

Most phalloimitators are popular among both women and the stronger sex. Especially if they can be used as a strapon nozzle, such as this option – the phallimitator from the Cybercock The Best Lover (20.5 cm). The toy is drawn with high quality, has a pronounced decorated head, dense trunk.

It should be noted such a model as Android Collection-VII. This realistic phalloimitator is made of cyberc and, despite a relatively small working length (13 cm), is able to bring any woman to the top of bliss. What’s the secret? – you ask. In diameter. This powerful 6-centimeter “friend” bends perfectly and does not externally differ from the standard sexual organ of the man. The phalloimitator is equipped with a suction cup, you can only operate with the use of water lubricant.

And, of course, the double phallus Realistic Cock by Shots Media. With such an intimate gadget, bed games will become twice as interesting, and will bring the same number more than pleasure. This unusual dildo will allow you to experience a new kind of pleasure. At first glance, it may seem that because of an impressive size, only a partner who had seen in an erotic field can use the toy. In fact, its dimensions are close to natural: the vaginal phalloimitator has a length of 17.5 cm, and anal – 15. Both dildo not only look, but also feel quite realistic. But that’s not all! The highlight of this sexual device is black. Although on sale you can find bodily and translucent models.

Choosing a phallimitator: the best models and brands, average price, differences

Whether the length and diameter of an artificial male member plays a role

Remember the best, according to women and reviews of women, phallimitators can be possible for a long time. You can learn more about them on the site, the link to which is posted at the beginning. There are a bunch of options that will allow you to brighten up gray intimate everyday life: different designs, diameters, dimensions.

By the way, the smallest phalloimitator has a length of 10 cm, and the largest (bilateral) may exceed 50 cm. But when choosing your favorite sex toys, this parameter cannot be the main one, it is wrong to navigate it. Keep in mind that the length of the phallus can be general and working. Surely you already understood what is about: the working dimensions depends on how deeply an artificial member will be able to immerse yourself in a vagina (or anus). Some sellers indicate only the total length of the product (together with the suction cup or scrotum), so sometimes you need to select a dildo based on the reviews.

The diameters of vaginal and anal phalloimitators, as a rule, do not exceed 4.5 cm, despite the fact that the anal options are usually less. It is believed that the optimal thickness for penetration into the anus is 1.5-3 cm. Semisantimeter giants among anal phalloimitators cannot be found. And the walls of the vagina with a huge sexual tool can do more harm than good.

If you only choose your first dildo, the size of the size should be of paramount importance. For beginners, the most suitable dimensions are the following:

  • Length-15-17 cm.
  • Thickness-3-4 cm.

And whoever says what, and getting pleasure depends on the size of the phalloimitator. Too small a dildo will not give the expected sensations, and an overly giant product will cause discomfort. Ideally, you need to adhere to the size of the penis of your permanent partner. If there is no man next to you, then here you have to choose at random. Or try to set the desired toy size with fingers. Consider how exactly you are going to use the device. For hard and intensive movements, you need to choose such a phallus that it is convenient to hold it in your hand. Suckers do not always withstand sweeping movements. But for long and unhurried masturbation, it is better to choose miniature models.

Choosing a phallimitator: the best models and brands, average price, differences

You need to care for any sex toy. Another thing is that it depends on the quality of the material how much time will have to be spent on this. If you are ready to devote at least 10 minutes after each sex with a dildo to thoroughly wash it, dry and treat it with special powder, then feel free to order realistic dildo. No? Then silicone products are what suits you! They do not absorb any smells (therefore, the majority of anal phallic dumplings), they quickly wash and do not require the observance of special storage rules – just send a toy to the cover and remove from sunlight. If it seems to you too intricate, then your option is a glass dildo. Having bought such a thing, you will not regret it, because you can wash it even in a dishwasher. This is the most durable erotic “attribute” of the proposed, but cyberc products, even with high-quality care, will last no more than 2-3 years.

And in general, choosing a dildo for yourself, adhere to the following tips:

  1. It does not hurt to read the instructions before use-after all, each manufacturer tries to make certain innovations and exclusive details, which are best known in advance.
  2. Do not ignore the rules for leaving sex toys. Especially realistic phallimitators from cyberc.
  3. Be careful in choosing lubrication – fatty -based lubricants destroy silicone and latex. For anal sex, a special tool is required.

If you purchase a bilateral dildo that you will use with a partner, take into account his wishes. If you plan to give pleasure only to your loved one, rely exclusively on your feelings, and do not think that the dildo you have chosen can surprise someone with color, size, shape.

Choosing a phallimitator: the best models and brands, average price, differences

Also count on your financial capabilities. The price of conventional vaginal phalloimitators is in the range of 1000 rubles, but the super -navigated products from cybercum or glass can reach ten thousand. When choosing a sex toys, the proverb about a cheap fish and Yushka of the corresponding quality is especially relevant … Budget options quickly lose their original appearance and become unusable, but the products of well-known and proven brands usually do not fail.

In order not to lose in price, choose a good and trusted store of intimate goods. It is not at all necessary to go buy in a sex shop, which is located next to the house. For especially shy, this option is not suitable. Best of all-online store. Here, for example, this one:

Link to a site where cool phalloimitators are sold, and not very expensive.

Here you, without leaving your home, can familiarize yourself with almost the whole assortment and make an order anonymously. You should not worry about observing confidentiality-you will be sent a parcel without any definitive signs. So even if the treasured box accidentally falls into the hands of inquisitive neighbors, you can not worry – no inscriptions “defaming” your impeccable reputation, they will not find. Unless, of course, they do not open the parcel ..

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