Fetish of underwear: why do men sniff women’s panties

Fetish of underwear: why do men sniff women’s panties.

The fetish of underwear is sexual attraction and excitement arising from the appearance and smell of female panties. It is expressed in the fact that a man sniffs the underpants of a gentle sex after a long or short wearing.

Animal instincts appear very often in a modern person, we just do not betray them. The fetish of the underwear is one of such manifestations. If our actions do not cause the censure of society and do not contradict morality, then we consider ourselves normal.

If suddenly we manage to see something from a series of indecent and unusual, then we immediately take out a verdict-a fool, psycho, inadequate.

When the dogs sniffing at each other under the tail, we are not surprised, but if a man sniffs female panties, then it is considered to be a sick pervert.

Meanwhile, the essence in the case of dogs and panties comes down to one – this is a way to obtain information. Among other sensory organs, the scum gradually fades into the background, since they learned to confuse the bloodhound with the help of spirits and cosmetics, but we cannot get away from this method of interaction with the outside world, we cannot.

What are the name of people who sniff cowards?

You are interested to know who sniffs underpants? We will tell! Such people are called by the fetishists of underwear, and the habit of respectively – the fetish of underwear.

Fetishism is worship and enjoying the pleasure of something, in this case from women’s panties. Such people like to watch, sometimes get to wear.

In sexology, it is not customary to attribute such desires for deviation, most often this does not cause damage to others or the person himself.

The passion for the underwear of a woman is due to several factors, each of which is the norm in terms of psychology.

Therefore, if a man sniffs female underwear, this does not mean that he is crazy. But let’s go about everything in order.

The first reason for which men sniffing women’s panties

And the same as the people who sniff the panties, we learned, it remains to understand why they do it. In general, certainly all the information about the girl can be obtained by thousands of other methods, for example, ask her directly.

With the help of a smell, a man can catch pheromones indicating that in front of him is a sexually mature, ready to mating and fertilization of a female.

Only the carrier of these pheromones, since they interact with the genitals as tightly as possible, absorb sweat and discharge, which actually contain the necessary pheromones.

Why is it considered a deviation? Yes, in principle, because the information that the man will receive in this way, he is completely useless. As mentioned above, everything that he needed could learn in more adequate ways.

We evolved for hundreds of years, learned to speak, created databases and documents so as not to smell at each other anymore. And then suddenly an adult man fell into the past millennium. This is weird.

Fetish of underwear as the second reason why men sniffing women’s underpants

If the first reason is practically not found in the opinion of sexologists, then the second is much more common. A man sniffs and licks dirty female panties for a buzz!

A man does not set the goal of understanding something by smell, he just enjoys. Pleasure associated with women’s panties is the fetish of underwear.

Nature made sure that the attraction between representatives of different sexes was at the proper level. We evaluate others with the help of vision, hearing and scent, reason.

We draw conclusions about whether this person is able to become our sexual partner, endure and give birth to a healthy child, well, or is he a carrier of strong gene, from which you can get pregnant.

So after evaluating external data and voice, we pay attention to the smell. Female pheromones are attractive to men, they cannot dislike.

They excite, give pleasure, cause attraction and addiction. Sometimes a man is so excited from the smell of a woman that he cannot live without this feeling, as if without a drug.

So the fetish of underwear appears in men. Cowards tolerate the smell with pheromones, so sniffy linen man simply enjoys, enjoys, experiences euphoria.

There are countries such as Japan, where the sale of worn panties with girls rose to stream, this is a kind of small business.

In Russia, this is also quite popular, special groups and sites of fetishists are created, where customers and sellers are found.

For example, the TRULIKI forum.ru allows you to buy and sell woven linen. There, men buy and sniff out female underwear, which sounds and looks strange, but does not interfere with anyone, so it is not a crime.

Once my acquaintance threw me a correspondence of VKontakte, in which an unfamiliar guy offered her to sell him his underpants after she spent the day in them, and preferably two.

What to do with all this and whether it is necessary to do something at all, let sexologists and lawmakers decide, and we just have to state the fact-men love to smell the worn female panties and there are many such men.

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