How to admit that you are a footfitishist? How to offer a foot fetish: two stages and eight steps to success

How to admit that you are a footfitishist?.

How to admit that you are a footfitishist? How to offer a foot fetish: two stages and eight steps to success

A new acquaintance, and now the matter is already approaching sex, you are not even against serious relationships, but how your half will react to the innocent, but important occupation for your sex life – Footfetish? Let’s figure out how to inform your partner about your hobby.

Stage One: Put the foundation for footfit

Step No. 1: Do not admit right away. If you want a partner to take your hobby normally – Do not lay out everything at once. It is not worth it on the first date or during the first kiss to report: «I am a footfesist!», Otherwise, the result will be rather negative. The best option – Wait until you get closer and better recognize each other:

  • Wait at least until the first sex, he will show how split your half is and with what degree of delicacy you can move on;
  • But those who begin to caress the legs before they explain themselves, run the risk of running into troubles.

Step No. 2: Start touching your partner’s feet when you are ready. When you feel quite comfortable with a friend or girlfriend – It’s time to probe the soil. For example, if you are lying in bed, add huts to caresses, gradually moving to the ankles. Do not rush to caress your feet right away, it can frighten your partner. Another option – Just touch your partner’s legs, sitting by the TV or in any other calm atmosphere, so the half will get used to increased attention to the legs. You can do the foot massage under the pretext of relaxation after long walks.

  • Limit «manual» caresses, in no case do not start kissing or licking your partner’s legs – Still too early.

Step No. 3: Watch the reaction. How your boyfriend or girl reacts to his legs? If you hear sighs of pleasure and see a relaxed smile on your face – The movement goes in the right direction. If the partner is pulled away or even directly says that he does not like it so, then immediately stop caresses.

  • If the partner doesn’t like – don’t worry, not everything is lost yet. This does not mean at all that you need to stop the light caresses of the legs until you admit that you adore a footfight.

Step No. 4: If the partner reacts positively – Add compliments. Do not overdo it. Just say «I love your legs» or «You have such sexy legs», but try not to sound like a fetish. Just make it clear that he or her just amazing legs. This will prepare a partner much better than if you say that you love absolutely all your legs.

  • Compliments can be done even when you are not alone. For example, when a joint trip to the club, you can see that her legs look great in these shoes. Do not overdo it – All at the level of traditional compliments.

How to admit that you are a footfitishist? How to offer a foot fetish: two stages and eight steps to success

Stage Second: recognition in footfetishism

Step No. 1: Choose the right time for recognition. There is no golden rule when to speak for the first time about futsch, but for sure it should not be at the height of sex or not in the kitchen of her parents. Choose the time when both are relaxed, you are well together and you are alone. You can admit after successful sex when you decide to rest before the second entry.

  • Recognition during sex can ruin the mood of the partner, frighten it or will be perceived as a joke.

Step No. 2: Pretend to be a little nervous. The fact that footfetish has been normal for you for many years can be a shock for a partner. Of course, many consider the legs a very sexy part of the body, but it is likely that your partner does not belong to this category of people. There is no need to talk about your addiction to footfits, as about something ordinary, do not talk about it in a calm tone, as if you said that it was raining on the street. However, unnecessary nervousness also try to avoid so that the partner does not think that footfitish — This is something very strange. Try to behave naturally and as openly as possible, try to convey that in your hobby there is nothing unhealthy.

  • Tell «There is something about, I would like to tell you…» . Let the partner understand that you will report something important for a guy or a girl to listen carefully;
  • Do not be nervous too much, otherwise your partner will also be all on the nerves. Just pretend that you are a little worried, this will be enough for the partner to understand that it is really important for you what he thinks about this.

Step No. 3: Just tell me. Be honest. Just say: «Listen, I have a special love for my legs» or « I want you to know that I am a footjacker». And that’s it. No need to say why or how long you are fond of this, how much you love sexy legs. Just tell the main one, looking into the eyes.

  • If there was no answer, you can ask what the partner thinks about this practice. But, in general, it would be nice to give him a little time to think.

Step No. 4: Adequately react to the feelings of a partner. He can react differently. At best, he will say: «Is it true? This is strange, but in principle I do not mind!» Or is admitted that it is also a footjacker. Most likely, it turns out that he does not know at all what it is and he needs additional information or even training. It is likely that the partner will fall into a stupor because he does not know how to react. In the worst case, he will not accept your hobby at all, perceiving such caresses as a taboo or something nasty. You admitted, and this is already an achievement, you can be proud of yourself, but now you need to calmly perceive the reaction of the second half in an adult way.

  • If a partner accepts your hobby at once – Great, this means that it is time to prepare for footfitsh entertainment;
  • If the partner doubts, give time, do not rush, do not proceed to caresses of the legs in an intensified mode, just wait for him to give green light;
  • If the partner does not know what it is, and while he is afraid to try, offer to watch thematic video categories of Fut Fetish on porn sites;
  • If the partner is unlocking with all your might, and there is no opportunity to persuade him to be a footfight, you can choose whether you can cope with a relationship where you will never be allowed to do what really excites you.

How to admit that you are a footfitishist? How to offer a foot fetish: two stages and eight steps to success

A few more tips:

  1. If a girl loves nail polish, we can say that a varnish of a certain color will look perfect on her fingers. This works as a compliment, and later she will ask why you are so interested in her feet. There is a hope that she does not consider your hobby something wild.
  2. Do not pounce immediately on her legs, as soon as she went into your house. If the girl found out that you are a footjacker, this does not mean that traditional sex is now canceled. By the way, you can combine this fetish and masturbation. With the help of edible lubricants and a nimble tongue, it is quite possible to make a girl or guy get excited, and then business is behind a masturbator.

If your partner likes it, then there is a danger that he/she will force him to lick, sniff or kiss his legs often and a lot, but it will be easier to cope with this than a categorical refusal.

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