Sneps – sweet fetish or translation of products | Questions about sexual practices

Continuous – sweet fetish or food translation.

Sneps – sweet fetish or translation of products | Questions about sexual practices
When asked what brings you the most pleasure in life, someone will answer: “Sex!”, But there are those for whom food will be in the first place. And what will happen if you combine these two phenomena together? It will turn out unusual sexual practice – continuous!

What is continuous?

This is a sexy fetish in which a person experiences excitement from applying dirt, various liquids, foam, gels or dirty food.
The founder of this topic is the British magazine “Splosh!”, Which was dedicated to wet and dirty fetishism. It often published pictures of naked people, for example, girls smeared with various syrup and cream, and their intimate places were closed by berries and cupcakes. And although the magazine has long been closed, on the Internet you can still find many erotic photos on this topic.

Remember the film “9 ½ weeks”? In one of the main erotic scenes, Mickey Rourke feeds Kim Beisinger with different products. So the idea to combine food and sex is far from new. Champagne, ice and strawberries with cream are a classic prelude version.

The main thing for lovers of soling is the desire to enjoy and enjoy the process of eating, getting an orgasm here is secondary. For a sexual game with food, no special equipment, physical strength or endurance is not required. Only a fantasy is needed to come up with as an erotic way of eating products as much as possible. And the “table” of the naked bodies of partners act as a “table”.

Which of the products is suitable for continuous

Sneps – sweet fetish or translation of products | Questions about sexual practices
What food to be considered exciting depends on the personal preferences of each person. But there are several universal products that are best suited for a sexual game.

Whipped cream. The most popular option is to use them easy and tasty in the game with food. The texture of the cream holds the form perfectly without spreading throughout the body. You can apply them to such erogenous zones: neck, chest, navel or inner thigh. Decorate with berries or chocolate chips if desired.

Honey. It can be rubbed into the body, using instead of oil for erotic massage, or to dull berries, pieces of cheese in it and feed a partner. Do not like sweets? Then take the cheese molten by honey instead of honey.

Not Taymori – An interesting Japanese practice when sushi is eaten from a naked female body (the male version is called Nantaimory). Beautifully put on the skin small in size rolls, and start the process of eating. Whether to use sticks or do without the help of hands – remains at your discretion.

Cake, desserts. The more cream, the more interesting to play with these products. Get the competition – who will eat cream cake faster without using hands. The loser “washing” the winner, licking the remnants of the dessert.

Ice cream well suited for the temperature game. Just put or smear a little cold treat on the chest or stomach, and then start eating it. Do not forget to change places when you finish.

Fruits, berries. Strawberries and grapes are ideal for decorating the body, for example, put the berry in the navel or on the nipples. Or squeeze a strawberry between female breasts, and the partner is trying to get it without hands. They can also tease or feed each other in turn. Drip juice from tangerines on the skin, and then draw it with your lips.

Banana is considered a phallic symbol in sexual games. The more erotic the girl licks or runs her tongue according to the fruit, imitating oral affection, the brighter the man imagines how to repeat this with his penis.

Chocolate Also very popular in sexual games with food. Put the slices over the body of the partner and eat them without using your hands. Chocolate (or caramel) sauce can be drawn whole paintings on the skin, so that later “ruthlessly” to destroy them with the tongue.

Champagne – His bubbles and exquisite taste will undoubtedly tease the feelings of a partner. Try to drink your loved one, only instead of a glass use your own mouth.

Which is better not to use for a rally

Strong alcohol It is strongly intoxicated and as a result you will either fall asleep, or you will not feel good enough to continue.

Spicy dishes. If you or your partner do not have a fetish to put spicy foods on the genitals, it is better to never use it in the bedroom. Otherwise, you will need a therapeutic ointment, not a lubricant.

Oil It is worth using with caution in sex, as it can ruin latex condoms and silicone sex toys.

Complex dishes. There is nothing wrong with the experiments, but come up wisely to the compilation of the menu. Soups, side dishes, salads are not only quite difficult to eat from the body, but their smells, the texture will distract the partner from the game.

How to prepare for a solid

Like any other sexual activity, playing with food requires little preparation. Take care to enjoy the process, not disappointment:

  • Talk to a partner about the fetish: find out how he relates to this topic, whether it agrees to participate. If he does not mind, what products he likes, in what role he would like to find himself – the upper “taster” or lower (provide his body for applying food), or maybe everything at once?
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables before starting the game.
  • Prepare the room: cover the bed or floor with bedding, which will not be sorry to throw away after the end of the game. Or use special vinyl sheets. Put wet or dry napkins next to you. Another option is to arrange a rally in the bathroom so as not to worry about a possible mess.
  • There is unpleasant from a dirty plate, so be sure to take a shower before “set the table”.
  • Check with your partner if he has allergies to certain products to avoid possible health problems in the process.
  • Any products are prohibited from entering the vagina or anus. If vegetables and fruits are stuck inside, medical assistance may be required to remove them. Food containing sugar causes a violation of the internal microflora of the genitals.

Additional tips

Sneps – sweet fetish or translation of products | Questions about sexual practices
The game with food affects several of our senses at once: Food should not only be tasty, but also beautiful, have an exciting smell, and it also pleasantly feel on the skin. Do not forget about the rumor. Turn on romantic music, whisper tender or vulgar words in your ear, do not forget to moan or even champ.

Try any products, poses and sex toys (mini-vibrators, anal traffic jams) to The pleasure was diverse.

Do not be afraid to get dirty, It will be dirty anyway. And even if something went wrong as I would like, do not be upset.

What can be used for continuous, except for food

If you do not want to bring food to bed, there are some interesting options to stain yourself or partner. You can find them in a regular sex shop:

Edible underwear made of a variety of materials – jelly, chocolate, chewing sweets or rubber bands. Dress your partner, but not just disrupting your clothes, but eat it.

Flavored lubricants – This is the choice of people who do not like a mess, or are simply not interested in combining food and sex. Such lubricants have many different tastes and allow you to try continuing without risk to get very dirty.

Edible. Arrange the evening of body art: write compliments on each other’s bodies with the help of flavored powder and fluffy brush, and then kiss and lick your creativity.

Massage oil or cream. Give your loved one sensual massage, touching his body and erogenous zones not only with your hands, but also with lips and tongue.

There are no special rules for sexual games with food, each couple can come up with and do everything that wants to. This applies to the choice of products and personal restrictions.

The combination of food and sex in bed brings pleasure, but this delicious fetish has one minus. Smating the cream, chocolate or honey on the body, it is very difficult not to smack yourself and leave the bed clean.

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