What is a fetish in simple words?

What is a fetish in simple words?.

The fetish is an obsessive interest, love or adoration of any object or lesson. Often the object of a fetish is that it is considered atypical, strange or unacceptable. In general, two categories of fetishes are distinguished: related and not related to sexual desire.

In most cases, fetish is associated with sexual attraction. Items, a certain sensation, appearance, or the very part of the body of the partner, which is traditionally not considered sexual – these are examples of an object of this type of fetish. Smells, texture, the surface of the object – everything that is associated with sensory perception – it is necessary for a person who has his own fetish.

This is an integral part of his sexual life, as it appears in his fantasies or should always be nearby to touch, smell, but anything. Sensations obtained from certain influences on the body are also the main component of pleasure and emotional discharge. But in fact, you can build anything in the fetish: everyone has its own hidden or obsessive ideas.

The most frequent is foot pheny-sexual attraction and fantasies associated with the feet. Fetish on full, on thin, low, fetish on tattoos, piercing, for a short haircut – many examples. Many people choose a partner based on the correspondence to those treasured fantasies and appearance features. Wardrobe items and shoes are not inferior in popularity, and most often these are underwear, stockings, high -heeled shoes and so on.

Many people need a “complete immersion” in the topic, and they acquire or think about clothes for that very special occasion to themselves and the partner, and someone even likes to reincarnate into the animal, about which there are many jokes. Fantasy here is really endless, and it is even embarrassing to write about a lot within the framework of this article. However, we will not condemn anyone: you have a sexy fetish – this is your right, get pleasure from it, we understand how you value your secrets.

However, the fetish can be absolutely “innocent” and may not be connected with sex and obtaining physical pleasure. The fetish in this case is a great interest in something, what is often called passion: “Dancing is my passion!”

Of course, to build a fetish that is not related to sex, love not only for dancing, but also for any other business, as well as an object: crazy love for makeup, astronomy, plants, speeds, cold, heat, and dark timeday, hunting, animals (in the purest and most harmless sense of the word) – here the fantasy is as unlimited as in the case of a sexual fetish, and there are no frames and prohibitions.

A person lives by studying a phenomenon or subject, this is his main hobby, which takes most of the time, he is ready to talk about him for hours, because he always has something to tell. Or his entire house is forced by certain objects, he has a huge collection or he is ready to buy what interests him, and many consider it at least eccentricity.

Does all this mean that the fetish is absolutely normal? Depending on what is the norm for you and whether this concept is needed at all. If a sexy fetish does not cause inconvenience and discomfort to you and your partner, then why not? Let it be your common secret, the highlight of your relationship or your personal love and secret. The unexpected fetish is absolutely harmless.

Its only drawback is that your environment can theatrically sigh and roll your eyes when you get a conversation about violets, varieties of sphinxes, types of cheeses, your collection of threads or temperature on Jupiter for the hundredth time.

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