“Your hands are like wings” or what is interesting hand-fry | Practices

“Your hands are like wings” or what is interesting hand.

“Your hands are like wings” or what is interesting hand-fry | Practices
The world of sexual pleasures is almost limitless. You can experience attraction not only to a certain type of people, but even to specific parts of the body: feet, neck, hands and so on. The presence of a fetish is a great opportunity to know and reveal your own sexuality.

Addiction and fetish: what are the similarities and differences

At first glance, it may seem that the fetish and addiction in sex are one and the same, but this is not entirely.

Each person’s addictions in sex can be very different, but this does not make them a guarantor of getting pleasure. For example, if a man likes girls in high -heeled shoes, does not mean at all that this will be his fetish. It’s just his little preference.

The difference between the fetish is that a person gives a kind of object with his sexual symbol, which must be seen or touched, otherwise it does not succeed (or this is much more difficult) to be excited or achieve an intimate discharge.

Hand Fetish: What is it and what is expressed

Fetish hands (from English. Hand-Fetish) or Heirophilia is a sexual interest in the hands, while the object of attention can be their own or the hands of a partner. It can be interested in both the entire upper limb and its individual parts: fingers, palms, nails or even the back of the hands. This attraction is manifested in different ways: from the desire to simply meet with the owners of beautiful, strong, well-groomed hands to a special “worship” by them.

If there is a fetish in his hands, most likely, a person identifies for himself something specific in this part of the body.

Visual attractiveness

Wrists. More attention is paid to their size and thickness. However, it is important to remember that there are no less fans on massive brushes than chiseled, fragile wrists.

Fingers. They can be elegant, like branches of a delicate plant. Long and thin fingers look great in combination with the sleeves of a knitted sweater, and cold skin and a little goosebumps will deliver the fetishist even more pleasure.

The flip side – massive, strong and strong fingers, with large knuckles and protruding joints.

Nails. This is a separate element of Heirophilia, in which the fetishist focuses on the manicure of his partner. Sexuality of nails is explained by the perception of this area as a direct continuation of the fingers. The nails not touched with a file look clean and defenseless, attracting no less than grooming and the presence of a good manicure.

Palms. Perceiving them as a sexual object, a person can keep in mind not only their size. The color, elasticity and softness of the skin, the number and depth of lines, and other details are also taken into account. Rough corns on strong female hands often intrigue a hand-fryist’s handle even more than a magnificent bust or long legs of his partner.

Decorations. The cause of sexual excitement is often neat bracelets on elegant wrists or thin rings on long fingers. Luxurious and unusual look small rings that are customary to wear on phalanges.

Tactile sensations

Visual, aesthetic pleasure is not the only side of the handle. Tactile contact can bring much more pleasure, and the partner’s participation in this process is not always necessary:

Gloves. One of the varieties of Heirophilia is the desire to feel on your hands dense elastic skin of gloves. If you want piquancy, you can replace rough fabrics with thin lace or delicate silk.

Oral affection. Excited, and then a fetishist can get an orgasm from licking or sucking his fingers. Tender touch with the tongue enhances pleasure, and adds to the notes of primitiveness.“Your hands are like wings” or what is interesting hand-fry | Practices

Excitation from action

The handle of a fatishist often gives pleasure to performing any actions or contemplation of this process:

  • playing a musical instrument (piano, flute, guitar);
  • Modeling of clay, work behind a pottery;
  • drawing with a brush on the canvas or skin of another person and t. D.

All these actions are no less intimate for him than self -satisfaction or sexual contact with a partner. An attractive and intriguing is any activity in which the dexterity of the fingers, their strength or femininity manifests itself.

Women often like the contemplation of the emerging veins. Men less often perceive them as an object of addictions, but admiring the wrists, nevertheless pay attention to the bluish lines, peering through thin skin.

The causes of the handle

Sexy fetishes are an interesting thing for the study of which it may take a lot of time. At the same time, to definitely find out where the attraction came from precisely to the hands, it is unlikely that it will turn out.

Most often, the “roots” of the fetish come from childhood or youth:

  • tactile contact with pleasant textures (for example, fabric, massage oil, beads);
  • obtaining visual pleasure from the contemplation of beautiful hands;
  • The long, almost always cold fingers of the first partner who left an indelible mark in the memory, and now many fantasies are involuntarily associated with them.

Someone can associate hand-fluish with Freud’s philosophy and draw a parallel between the fingers and the male genital organ, thereby explaining the origins of the origin of “manual” addictions.

In some cases, the reason is the security that a person experienced when someone held his hands, stroked his fingers, massaged his palms.

Square on the hands is an integral part for the manifestation of chirophilia. A person can get incredible pleasure, without even touching anything, but only fantasizing about it.

From a psychological point of view, hand-fecish is the result of sealing feelings and emotions associated with hands. For example, a person witnessed kisses of fingers or an erotic description of this action (books, films). In memory, such a memory is fixed for a long time and, with further feeding, it develops into a sexy fetish.

What to do if you or your partner have such a fetish

As in the case of any sexual activity, the key point is communication. A simple way to carefully start a conversation on this topic is to take a partner by the palms and say: “You have such sexy hands, I so want to feel their touch”.

Tell us about your sexual fantasies associated with your hands, which part of all excites, what a partner can do to help you realize the fetish during the prelude or sex:

  • Caress your or your naked body. For the severity of feelings, you can use massage oil and a blindfold;
  • Lick, suck, bite your fingers;
  • Use sex toys: Vibropuli or Vibrations on the finger, to increase the intensity of the sensations received;
  • Arrange temperature or sensitive games: touch the skin with something cold, hot, soft, rough;
  • Binding fingers during intercourse.

Even if a partner does not share a hand-fity, you can always take care of yourself. For example, make a manicure or self -massage of the hands. To enhance tactile sensations, the following methods can be applied:

  • use various oils;
  • Glongly tingle the fingertips;
  • caress the skin with a feather, rough cloth or thin lace;
  • lower the fingertips into a container with small objects, and feeling them, try to determine the contents.

Safety Rules of Hand Feith

Love for hands is pretty safe compared to some other fetishes or kinks. However, there are moments that should remember that the pleasure is not only pleasant, but also does not harm health. First of all, observe the rules of general hygiene: the hands should be clean, and the length of the nails is reasonable so as not to scratch himself or a partner (if not stipulated by another).

And although it seems that the hand-fity is not as intense as flogging or temperature game, do not forget to ask the partner’s consent to the actions. Before the beginning of the prelude, discuss where and how you can touch each other.

Do not try to suppress the manifestations of serophilia, because the lack of satisfaction will negatively affect the general physical and psychological state. It is much more useful – competently explore yourself, your body and your fantasies in order to be able to get the highest pleasure.

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