5 best intimate lubricants for extension of sex | Informative

5 best intimate lubricants for extension of sex.

5 best intimate lubricants for extension of sex | Informative
Women need to get orgasm much more time than men. Lubrication for extension of sexual intercourse help solve the problem of early ejaculation. With them, your partner will no longer be upset that you have finished the process, and its excitement has just begun to gain momentum. Lubrication – Proglotors prolong sexual intercourse for tens of minutes, during which time your woman will have time to experience more than one orgasm. But it is worth remembering that the prolongators do not contribute to slipping and easy penetration – for this it is necessary to use special lubricants.

Cream Prolongator you and me "Longsex"

Cream for those who want to get intercourse of sexual intercourse, but do not want to pay a large amount of money for this. A small grease bottle is enough for a long time, because only one drop is enough for use. The cream is equipped with a dispenser with which you can accurately measure the dose for application. It is not recommended to apply more a certain portion, otherwise the sensitivity will decrease. Rubing it into the skin is recommended 10-20 minutes before sex. The composition of the cream is natural, therefore it is suitable for use with any condom, lubricants and sex toys. It is very important to use a condom with creams of this type, since the cream can reduce the sensitive female erogenous zones.

Cream "Harmony is a suite" Prolongator for men

Incredible cream that can extend sexual intercourse for half an hour. The cream has the effect of mild anesthesia, which freezes the male genital organ, but does not reduce the sensitivity of the head. You will enjoy the process, surprise your partner with his duration and not think about extraneous things in order to delay sexual intercourse. This cream goes well with any condom and latex toys. It is recommended to use this cream no more than one to two times a week.

Long Play Prolongator Cream

Low price and excellent quality – this cream boasts this. Unlike other prolongants, begins its action 10 minutes after application. The composition of the cream is so simple that it can be used with any latex toys and condoms. For the first use, it is enough to apply only a drop of oil to the penis and rub it with masturbating movements. Then, you can use more cream if you want your sexual contacts to last about an hour. The amount of cream used will not affect potency.

Spray for men Lovespray Marafon

The spray begins to act instantly. It is enough to spray it over an important male organ and you can already begin the marathon of love. You can apply the spray in any quantity: the more applied, the longer the sexual intercourse will last. The spray can slightly reduce the sensitivity of the penis head. In addition to prolonging action, the tool has another property: it eliminates unpleasant odors and softens the skin of male dignity. Can be used with any condom and sex toys.

Cream Prolongator ” Long Time ” ‘Series” Sex Expert ” for men

The cream allows you to delay ejaculation for 30-40 minutes. Your woman will be delighted with the duration of sexual intercourse! The basis of the cream is tender and light, and the genital organ includes the substance. The cream is applied to the bridle and foreskin, then you need to wait until the action of the cream is about 15-20 minutes. The product does not have an unpleasant odor and bitter taste, so if you wish, you can always start to have oral sex, without the need to wash off the cream. When swallowing, the cream will not cause unpleasant sensations in the stomach and oral cavity. The cream is completely hypoallergenic, does not cause rash, itching and redness of the skin. You can buy Other prolongants. They differ in the manufacturer, volume, aroma. Our store has a huge selection of high -quality intimate lubricants for any case.

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