All you need to know about silicone lubricants

All you need to know about silicone lubricants.

Silicone lubricant is a waterproof lubricant safe for use with condoms and ideal for long -term sex. Many people love silicone lubricant for not becoming a sticky, like some water -based lubricants. Since silicone lubricant is waterproof, it is great for intimate moments in the bathroom.

The silicone lubricant, as a rule, costs more than a water -based lubricant, as it contains more expensive ingredients, but it is worth it. Prolonged sliding that silicone lubricant gives, means that you do not have to constantly add grease, and the consumption will be less.

It is important to note that it is impossible to use a silicone lubricant with silicone sex toys and made of cybercolor, but it is ideal for glass and plastic toys, as well as for sex.

What is the difference between water and silicone grease?

If a water -based lubricant, its main ingredient is water. In silicone lubrication, the main ingredient is silicone (usually dimetikon).

What is the consistency of silicone lubrication?

The silicone on the skin resembles oil, but is easier and less sticky. The silicone lubricant is much more pleasant than a water -based lubricant, which can often be slightly sticky.

How long is the silicone lubricant absorb?

Silicone lubrication is not absorbed. It remains in place until she is erased or washed off. The lubricant on a silicone basis does not dry out in the air and, again, is not absorbed, so it must be removed independently, and not wait for it to disappear.

Which silicone lubricant is better for beginners?

If you want to experiment with silicone lubricant, first you can try lubricants from the PJUR brand.

Why is a silicone -based lubricant more expensive than a water -based lubricant?

Yes, a silicone lubricant is more expensive, however, since the ingredients are of good quality, you will find that such a lubricant is very economical due to a long -term preservation.

Is it safe to use silicone grease with condoms?

Yes. The use of silicone lubricant with condoms is completely safe. In fact, condoms that are pre -lubricated are usually covered with silicone lubricant, so that you could use them without even suspecting it. Silicon and latex are perfectly combined with each other, and latex clothing lovers often use silicone grease to give outfits shine.

Is it easy to wash off silicone grease?

Silicone lubricants are easily washed off the skin with water and soap, but silicone can stain the tissue.

How to get a stain from silicone lubricant?

If you accidentally left a stain from silicone lubrication on bedding, clothes, etc., Follow the step -by -step guide to remove such spots from fabrics:

1. Apply a little more silicone lubricant on the spot. You can do this even if the stain has already dried up – silicone polymers will still contact each other. Leave the spot for half an hour.

2. Prepare a mixture of 50/50 in a bowl of liquid for washing dishes and household degreaser. Apply abundantly the mixture to the spot with a sponge. But it is recommended to check that the dyes of your tissue will not be sensitive to the solution. For such a check, apply a little mixture to the inner seam.

3. Leave the mixture on the spot for 5-10 minutes.

4. Rinse. If the material is quite thick and dense, you may require a step 2 repetition to completely reduce the spot.

5. Wash the thing, as usual washed before that.

Is it possible to use silicone grease with silicone sex toys?

Silicone lubricants with silicone toys are not recommended, since the reaction of the toy material to the lubricant can be different. Better to warn than then regret a spoiled sex toy. Recently, We-Vibe and Pjur became partners, and after long-term compatibility tests, it was announced that WE-Vibe silicone toys can be used with PJUR silicone lubricants, and that it is safe.

Is it possible to use a silicone lubricant with Fleshlight sex toys and other similar?

Realistic materials are often contained in silicone, therefore it is not recommended to use silicone lubricant with realistic sex toys made of materials imitating human skin.

Why else can you use silicone lubricant?

Silicone lubricant is an excellent massage lotion, and since it is compatible with condoms (unlike oil), it is ideal for erotic and intimate massage. As mentioned earlier, the silicone lubricant is great for latex clothing to give it a mirror glossy surface. Silicon is also the main component in the means to lubricate metal products, so it is convenient to apply it to the hinges if they become rusty and creaky, or, for example, to the skateboard bearings so that the movements are more smooth. In addition, silicone is also contained in many cosmetic products. Using a small drop of such a lubricant will protect the ends of your hair and give them a shine.

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