Cutting vaginal products | Review | Cream, grease | Reviews

Vaginal narrowing tools: our review.

Cutting vaginal products | Review | Cream, grease | Reviews
Narrow pussy – the limit of dreams. With her both he and she remain as pleased as possible. She gives her a maximum of sensations, because when the walls of the vagina completely wrap the penis, stimulation of all nerve endings occurs, orgasm becomes longer and saturated. For him, a narrow vagina is a dense girth of a penis, and hence his full stimulation during sex. But no matter how elastic the vagina is, it is subject to changes. This can happen after childbirth, or even by virtue of age. And sometimes a woman is naturally wide, and the number of sexual partners here does not play a role. But you can solve this problem! Moreover, for this you do not need to go to surgical operations. It is quite competently to use the means to narrow the vagina. A huge number have been developed today. In a short time they help narrow the pussy and add many new and unique sensations to the usual games. We will talk about these funds today. Go!

Who may be needed?

  • Women in the postpartum period.
    The vagina is very elastic. Even after childbirth, it can come into shape, but this happens gradually. And if you do not want to wait, and there is internal discomfort and obsessive thoughts by type: "Yes, I probably have too wide", It is worth buying a narrowing tool and forget about this psychological complex.
  • Pairs with different sizes.
    This happens, you meet a guy, but how does it matter, you understand, that he has an inappropriate size. For her – he has small, for him – she has a big one, so you have to adapt to each other, and this is quite normal.
  • Lovers of new sensations.
    If you get bored with standard sex, you can add novelty notes to it. For example, making contact as closely as possible. The already pussy – the stronger you feel a partner. This brings closer, and even more starts, and pleases with diversity at the same time.
  • Ladies aged.
    And it is unclear when exactly this age mark occurs. But differently or late each can begin to omit the uterus, and in general the vagina loses its tone. Often this is accompanied by menopause. But sex is useful at any age, And even if the pussy is not so tight, everything is fixable.
  • Brides wishing to brighten up the first wedding night.
    The yard has long been the 21st century, and few go down the aisle of a virgin. But when the husband and wife for the first time divide the marriage bed, this contains an aesthetics of innocence, which will successfully complement the narrowing gel.
  • Women who want to strengthen orgasm and sensitivity.
    The closer the member between the walls of the vagina, the greater the range of sensations will be able to experience. Plus, many means for narrowing help to increase sensitivity in general, excite, and as a result – make an orgasm brighter and longer.

Types of vaginal narrowing

There are several types of safe means for narrowing the vagina. Conventionally, they can be divided into two categories:

1. Classic
These are funds developed precisely with the aim of narrowing the vagina. This includes:

  • Creams. They contain a large concentration of tannins that help improve the condition of the mucosa, strengthen the walls of the vessels. Due to this, the vagina acquires a greater tone. In addition, the cream helps to get rid of dryness, gently nourishes the skin.
  • Gels. In action, they are similar to creams, but differ from them in that they are absorbed faster into the skin.
    Like creams, they are applied to the skin 10-25 minutes before sex. Both on the labia and inside the bosom. The effect can stay from 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Sprays. They are very convenient to use. Just click on a spray gun.
  • Fito-sariki. They contain only natural components. No artificial additives, full-fledged eco-tool.
    With the help of fingers, the ball is introduced to a depth of 7 cm (sometimes 3-5 cm, it will be written on the package). With a single use, you need to enter a ball about half an hour before intercourse. But you can take a weekly course, that is, insert such a ball daily.

2. Non -standard
These are various toys and devices, in the description to which you can not find information that they will help narrow the vagina. But experienced guru has already revealed their property to narrow the pussy and use it in full. This includes:

  • Anal traffic jams.
    Yes, these are the same plugs that are inserted into the ass to stimulate and feel full. There is one secret: When the cork is in the anus, it stretches and due to this vagina becomes narrow.
    Here you can catch two pleasures at the same time: from close contact and double penetration, because during sex both holes will be busy with business.
  • Vaginal balls.
    One of their main tasks is the training of the vaginal muscles. This is a kind of simulator for women. With them you can perform Kegel exercise. As you train, a woman learns to manage her pussy, And after that it can easily squeeze it at the right time at will.
  • Luburbicants. Their use in sex is sometimes simply necessary. High -quality lubricant will protect the mucous membrane from injuries, provide a pleasant sliding, and will not cause pain as in games "on dry".
    Wherein A number of lubricants It has an effect "narrowing". It is enough to squeeze the right amount per finger and grease the vagina from the inside and outside. The effect is not strong, but it appears immediately. A great option for those who are missing a little for the treasured orgasm.

On the Internet you can find a lot of information about special tablets that allegedly help to narrow the vagina.
In fact, they are not very effective. And in general, any drug administration requires special caution and preliminary consultation with the doctor. So you should not get involved in them. Another thing is creams, sprays and gels: they are designed on the basis of hypoallergenic components, do not cause irritation and do not affect the work of internal organs.

TOP of funds

Cutting vaginal products | Review | Cream, grease | Reviews
Gel-lord "Close contact" From the brand Shunga, like all products from this brand – at the height. Bright eastern style box, a tube of elegant and beautiful shape – a real gift for aesthet. But the main surprise is waiting inside. The gel with the astringent effect narrows the vagina so that both partners can experience the maximum proximity and feel each other completely.

Vaginal narrowing Vagina Tightening consists of safe components that do not cause allergies and itching. It is enough to spray it onto the inner walls of the vagina, opening the bosom, as in 15 – 20 minutes a feeling of natural narrowing will appear. Only one or two spray is enough. One of its main advantages – it is compatible with any drugs, whether it is medicinal or intimate drugs.

Gel grease "You and me" Minimini – This is essentially a lubricant who, in addition to slipping, narrows pussy. A water -based product does not leave fat spots and traces, so you can not be afraid to accidentally stain their beautiful lace panties. It is better to apply it 30-40 minutes before the vicinity, then it will run the necessary reactions and the bosom will begin to change its size. The main thing is not to overdo it, Experienced people say that if you apply too much, it will be difficult to enter.

Gel Viamax Tight – A product with a cumulative effect. That is, with each new application, you will feel more and long narrowing. The gel is made in Sweden, it includes healing herbs collected in ecologically clean areas. The product is safe, helps to increase the sensuality of the clitoris and labia, contribute to the release of lubrication. Outwardly, it looks like the most ordinary cosmetic product in a beautiful tube, so you can not be afraid that someone will see it briefly and reveal your little secret. By the way, exists and in the volume of 15 ml.

Fito-marten Vedic V-Tight – This is an Indian herbal product to improve sensations from sex and increase vaginal elasticity. The composition includes components such as: extract of mint leaves, roses, dyeing oak and alma. They help to give the pussy elasticity, make it sensitive. Plus, their rich natural composition has an antibacterial effect, so if there is a thrush or some inflammatory processes, balls will serve as an excellent medicine.

Vaginal balls Ben Wa Balls – have long become classic.
They are indispensable for Kegel exercises that help become a queen in bed. Just enter them into your bosom and begin to squeeze and relax the muscles, gradually increasing the duration of compression and pace. Great addition to narrowing gels!

We-Vibe Bloom These are not just balls, but a real innovative simulator.
The set is equipped with the basis to which the ball is attached and three interchangeable balls, each of which adds additional weight. You can start training with them while still a beginner, and gradually switch to a more serious level of complexity. The simulator is equipped with vibration, which helps to make training more effective and pleasant. With we-Vibe Bloom, you can enjoy good health benefits.

The most common questions

Cutting vaginal products | Review | Cream, grease | Reviews
Narrow the vagina is real. It is important to follow all the instructions indicated on your tool. And so that you have no doubt and misunderstanding, we have prepared for you answers to the most common questions.

  • Is it possible to have a longer effect?
    – Most narrowing gels act for 30-40 minutes. In principle, this is enough for sex.
    But if you need a long effect, it is worth combining gel and training. Periodically use Kegel simulators. With regular training, they will help to improve the elasticity of the bosom in one or two months. In the meantime, use gels, creams and sprays.
  • Are there any contraindications?
    – It depends on a specific tool or type of sex toy. As a rule, means of such action consist of hypoallergenic components and do not cause itching and irritation. But do not forget about individual intolerance. Study the composition, and if you find your allergens in it, select an analogue with other components. Additional consultation with a gynecologist is also not required.
    Creams, gels, sprays for narrowing are not related to drugs. They are developed taking into account all the characteristics of the female body and are absolutely safe to use.
  • And if there is no effect?
    – Most women feel the effect after the first use. A few minutes after applying the product, a pleasant pulsation is felt, and the walls of the vagina begin to narrow.
    But do not panic if the instructions are indicated: "Wait 20 minutes", And after 25 minutes, the pussy has not become. Each body reacts in its own way. Someone really needs a little longer than time. Do not wait, looking at the clock. Apply the product during the preludes, and proceed to caresses. You can watch porn at this time, or take up erotic massage with relaxing oils. Let the body yourself give you a signal to action. And enjoy sensual and pleasantly tough contact.

Oh yes! Large selection of vaginal narrowing tools – here. Try and you will certainly be delighted!

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