Ganzo condoms: Hyde on stylish protection | Condoms

Ganzo condoms: Hide for stylish protection.

Ganzo condoms: Hyde on stylish protection | Condoms
Ganzo – British brand producing stylish and high -quality protection. It’s simply impossible to pass by these condoms. Bright design, colorful box with bizarre winding lines – packaging literally hypnotizes the buyer and attracts it in his basket. And, despite the fact that you can sometimes find them only in sex shops, these are products that undoubtedly deserve attention. Motto "Ganzo" – "Style and reliability", And they correspond to him. In addition, these are condoms in which everything is really enough. If ribs are well tangible, if pimples – then where it is necessary, if with additional grease, it means that it will be really slippery. Want to know more about each type of this brand? Then catch our Ganzo product guide.

Main characteristics

In terms of basic characteristics, these condoms are in no way inferior to top stamps.
All products are made of high -quality latex, which is deprived of an unpleasant odor.
Each condom, before getting to the shelves of stores, is thoroughly controlled by electronics, excluding the possibility of damage to the condom.

The range is quite wide. Which is important, condoms are produced directly in England.
Some brands often transfer production to third world countries in order to save. But with Ganzo – everything is different, This is really English quality.

Standard dimensions: 183mm/53mm/0.06mm.
Some models may differ in thickened, or, conversely, thin walls.
You can purchase a small pack with 3 condoms, or at once a large package, in which 12 pieces. In each box you can find an insert with detailed instructions and assortment.

And the bestest thing is Ganzo more than a democratic price. In this case, quality is on top!

Review of Ganzo condoms

Ganzo condoms: Hyde on stylish protection | Condoms

  • Ganzo Extase condoms
    Extase condoms are designed specifically for women. Their dotted surface allows you to stimulate each area of delicate pussy.
    It is worth noting that almost all leading brands have condoms with ribs and dots, but they all differ significantly. In some, points are located only in certain areas, others have a lot of them, but they are small, and sometimes the points are opposite too thick.
    Ganzo was able to find a middle ground and released a really spicy product.

    Extase ribs are located on the head, and not at the base, like other brands, points in the middle. The main effect in them falls on the first 6-8 centimeters of the vagina. It is there that all sensitive nerve endings are located.
    But be careful, these condoms are felt, and strongly. No pain and discomfort, but if there are problems with natural lubrication, it is advisable to use lubricant, to slip well and not rub.
    And like a life hack: Try to massage a member with a condom clitoris, From this, goosebumps will run through the body, verified!

  • Ganzo Juice condoms
    Flavored condoms. Each has its own interesting color. It can get caught red, yellow and orange, so if you want to add bright colors to sex – Juice what you need. The aroma is fruit, sweet and at the same time unobtrusive. . Ganzo has no such problem. The smell of condom gives fruit lubrication.

    There are three aromas in total: strawberries, banana, tutti-freighty.
    Who is not in the know, "Tutti Frutti" – This is a unique aroma, which is essentially a mixture of all kinds of berries and fruits. Yes, you probably tried it in childhood, in different desserts, and, of course, in chewing gum. The aroma is pleasant, light, delicate – the most for sex.

  • Ganzo Classic condoms
    Well, classic – she is in Africa classic.
    Standard protection, which, however, can not do. Sometimes I want to take a break from everything unusual, and return to standard sensations. In this sense, Classic is a clean sheet.

    By the way, Ganzo products use a silicone -based lubricant. And this means that she:
    – Does not evaporate and does not dry out at the most inopportune moment. Lubrication on the silicone is one of the most persistent, they accompany sex from its beginning to the very end. That is, you can not be afraid that suddenly everything will dry out.
    – Ideal for intimacy in water. It doesn’t matter if this is a bath, a pool or a pond. Such a lubricant can be washed off only with liquid soap or a special tool, She is not afraid of water.
    – Leaves no stains on bedding. The lubricant is not sticky, the composition is more like a pleasantly sliding massage oil.
    Gives additional protection. Bacteria, and indeed any microorganisms cannot live in a silicone environment, and this is an undoubted plus.

    It is important to remember that silicone lubricants are not compatible with silicone toys. So put this condom on them.

  • Ganzo Long Love condoms
    Long Love is a long love.
    If the partner quickly ends, his penis is too sensitive – with them this problem can be fixed. The lubrication of this condom includes benzocaine. It reduces the sensitivity of the penis, but does not decrease sexual desire.
    As a result: he still wants to, but can last longer.

    Sometimes you can hear that a man, taking advantage of the extension protection, is faced with a bad erection.
    Yes, this really can happen. If there are problems with an erection, benzocaine can aggravate it, but only until the grease with it is washed off.
    Therefore, remember some tips:
    – Extending condoms are designed for men with increased sensitivity and good erection.
    – If there is also increased sensitivity and erection problems, prolonging the cond should be used paired with an erective ring. Erective rings help to maintain a member in combat readiness, benzocaine will not affect the erection in any way. The main thing is to choose a ring that can be used along with a condom.
    – Do not use prolonging agents (sprays, gels) along with Long Love protection. The lubricant that is in the condome is more than enough for long -term sex.

Ganzo condoms: Hyde on stylish protection | Condoms

  • Ganzo condoms Ultra Thin And Sense
    Both episodes help to fully feel a partner, as if nothing shares you. Sensations with them are obtained as natural as possible.
    In general, Ultra Thin is the same condoms as Sense. They differ only in thickness.
    Ultra Thin is 0.045 mm. Sense has 0.05mm. Which to choose? Solve only to you. If you observed supersensitivity, then the thinner, the better.
  • Ganzo Ribs condoms
    Condoms RIBS, they are Twister, these are two in one – ribbed surface and warming grease.
    As for the ribs, they are located almost over the entire surface of the condom, starting from the head to the very base. It turns out full -fledged stimulation, and both partners can feel it at once.
    I would like to note that even Ganzo’s ribs are carefully thought out. They are brightly exposed, but at the same time soft, no stiffness, but the sensations are as strong as possible.

    But the bomb of this series is a warming lubricant. Not a fire, but pleasant warm sensations are provided.
    You can warm each other even on the coldest days with them, and new, original notes will appear in sex.
    RIBS – combine all the best qualities of the Ganzo brand. Bright, juicy, safe, convenient to use and original, with them sex will be really very hot!

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