How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms..

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

Condures, elastic bands, condoms, product No. 2, barrier contraceptives … As soon as people do not call the most reliable means of protecting from unwanted pregnancy and STD! It would seem that it is difficult to buy it in the closest pharmacy and have sex with a pretty girl, nodazhe with rubber products have nuances. And so that the protective “spacesuit” sits like a glove, and at the same time does not interfere with you to enjoy both of you, it is better to get acquainted with the set of recommendations, How to choose a condom and its size in length and width.

So, dear readers, today we will talk about contraception, and we will choose good condoms: in quality, color and smell, with pimples and without. Let us also consider the features of the use of condoms with the so -called “antennae” and other popular variations designed to improve the sexual life of partners and give them incredible pleasure from the process. Latex condoms as a method of protecting from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are considered the most reliable and proven. The assortment of these products is so large that on the issue of choosing a decisive role, as a rule, does not play size.

At the end of the article you will find a rating of the highest quality and convenient condoms with which sex with any size of the penis will be at the height!

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

Types of condoms: what they make from, shape, color, purpose

The first thing we usually pay attention to when buying any product, especially the funds of barrier protection, is its quality. In order not to make a mistake with products, it is important to know something about leading manufacturing countries and suppliers:

  • European condoms won an excellent reputation. Their products are most often confirmed by the sign “Ce”.
  • Low -quality products are considered condoms from Asia. Before you choose a condom, read the package: if it is better to refuse this purchase on the barcode 890 (Indonesia) or 899 (Indonesia).
  • Latex has its expiration date, and therefore at this moment it is necessary to pay sufficient attention. An expired condom can easily break during sex.

From which condoms make: latex and polyurethane

Inexpensive and sufficiently strong material for the production of condoms is considered latex, Therefore, shelves of pharmacies and shops are littered with them. Latex is elastic, quite capable of taking the desired shape even under different temperature conditions, it can be painted in any color and made luminous. They are widely available and combined with popular water -based lubricants, which are recommended as hypoallergenic. They have a good sufficiently heat -conductivity, because the feeling that you have sex in a spacesuit with an inanimate object.

But allergies may appear on Latex, both women and men suffering from hypersensitivity. Unfortunately, latex condoms are not compatible with other types of lubricants, and these are extra troubles with a detailed study of the label of related tools.

The most unpleasant moment is the smell of such condoms, very strong and even repulsive. When mixing with vaginal discharge and male lubricant, sometimes a very vile amber.

Of course, the most affordable and well -known manufacturers of latex gums are Durex, Contex, Domino, which are lying from all Dixies and five shelves. Less commonly, you can find a “Japanese” type Sagami Rubber, Okamoto or “Germans” in the person of Vitalis.

They are more perfect Polyurethane condoms. They are very thin and retain high sensitivity in the most passionate moments of love. Thermal sensations remain at the level: you almost do not feel the barrier in the form of a refrigerating skin of an elastic band. Only the heat of the vagina and the penis of the partner! And for all their subtleties, such contraceptives are torn less often than latex brothers. But here, of course, there is a nuance: it is necessary to choose a condom strictly in size, otherwise the “punctures” are quite likely.

Polyurethane condoms completely lack the smell, and this cannot be ignored to one of the main advantages when it comes to protected oral sex.

They also have disadvantages, and this is the price, low availability and small awareness of the buyer about manufacturers who are guided by the release of polyurethane products No. 2. Most often they can be ordered in a sex shop online and less often offline. The list includes companies such as the Japanese Sagami Rubber, Vizit, Durex. The condoms make condoms even less often From tactylon – material similar in its properties with polyurethane. Find such a walking distance from the house is almost unrealistic!

Lambskin -an option for those who love all natural and organic, or differently skin of a lamb. Condoms from the leather of the lamb can be presented? We are not, and that’s right, because in fact they are made from the guts of this facial animal. Unknown, expensive. Strange, in fact, an undertaking … although it is possible that the experimenters-explosions sleep and see how to pull a piece of sheep on a member ..

For vegans, condoms were generally created Based on natural licaritsa – They are without milk casein and are considered the most environmentally friendly. Well, everyone has their own preferences. Moreover, they have been published since 1988, so not such a new! Condomi (Germany) at the head of such an idea, and picked up the idea of Contex, Glyde, and other rivals.

By the way, all subtle contraceptives have one drawback – it is difficult to roll them along the length of the penis. Some caring manufacturers make special ribbons for convenience.

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

What form there are condoms

Contrivates are mainly two forms: cylindrical and anatomical. The first resembles an elongated cylinder with a drive, the second – tries to repeat the contours of the male member as naturally as possible. Almost every manufacturer can find a series of funny condoms that take bizarre forms and are decorated with additional elements in the form of antennae, flowers, etc.D. For sexual diversity and role -playing games – a completely suitable option, but not on an ongoing basis.

Colored and flavored condoms for special sex

The color and aroma of the product may also vary. The use of such unusual condoms helps to diversify intimate life and satisfy any needs. Do not worry: flavored or color contraceptives are no different from classical quality and strength. But this type of condom is an ideal solution for a blowjob, in case of a partner’s unprofitable oral sex, a partner’s unrealizable. Nice fragrances start even more, therefore, when the young lady gets to business, usually she enjoys.

The most popular taste “fillers” are banana and strawberries – the smells of these fruits are more than the rest, but in any case, you need to choose flavored condom based on the taste preferences of the partner.

If the size of the condom needs to be chosen only natural, t.e. corresponding to the real, then the color may not be. Transparent and translucent contraceptives are often replaced by blue, green or black. But keep in mind that this type of penis can not only distract the partner from the process, but also cause laughter.

Condoms with pimples, antennae, vibrator and other options

In some cases, pairs choose extravagant latex products with pimples or other additions. In particular, such condoms guarantee more acute sensations to a woman. But often ladies refuse to use specific condoms, giving preference to classic ultra -thin elastic bands. Most women explain their choice by the fact that, making love, they would like to feel inside themselves precisely a member of their partner, and not the bells of contraception.

Products with antennae – this is an even bolder solution. Neat, small elements located, as a rule, at the base, help a man stimulate the female vagina during the entrance to it. Sometimes they are on condom in such a way that a man has the opportunity to influence the girl’s clitoris.

Fans of truly acute sensations and diversity can find for themselves whatever your heart wants. Especially popular and extraordinary condoms can be called:

  • Contraceptives in the form of animals. An interesting option, but not functional: most often such products are acquired as a souvenir, or as a comic present.
  • Small condoms. A feature of such condoms is special processing them using copper and zinc sulfite. With regular use of luminous condoms, a man may develop an allergic reaction.
  • Contraceptives for special sex. In the composition of latex, such products have an anesthetic that can reduce pain and reduce sensitivity. Sex with “analgesic” condoms is really good for both a man and a woman, since sexual intercourse lasts in this case longer.

A real fashion squeak can be called vibrating condoms. Their difference from all of the above condoms is the presence of a built-in mini-vibrator. You can’t call them the best yet – choosing such a technical invention, you should know that it works no more than 10 minutes. In addition, it is impossible to use lubrication when it is used.

Types of condoms depending on the purpose: vaginal, anal, oral

Depending on what sex you will have, it is worth choosing a barrier of protection. Of course, the classic option would be condoms for vaginal hetero-testing. They, in essence, are universal, and differ only in the qualities that are described above.

What condoms for anal sex exist

Condoms for anal sex have a very dense texture due to thickened walls. Of course, this is a necessary measure, because friction in the rectum occurs more intensively due to the lack of natural lubrication and narrowness of the anus compared to the vagina. As a rule, the thickness of the walls of this condom is from 0.07 to 0.1 mm, unlike 0.06 in elastic bands for classics. And inconspicuous microcracks in the process of active anal penetrations can occur, and this is a direct path to infection if the protective agent gives an outline.

Almost every manufacturer drew attention to the release of several series of condoms for sex in the ass. Some even try to increase sales due to proper positioning: condoms for gay par. In general, the list is not small: CONTEX Forced, Lifestyles Extra Streght, Durex Extra Safe (these friends go with additional lubrication for gliding smoothness), Vitalis Strong and others. Almost all condoms for anal sex are made of durable latex. Not many trademarks decide on polyurethane or tactilon.

Keep in mind that the sphincter is intended exclusively for the processes “to exit”. Trying to deceive nature, do not forget to stock up on a lot of lubrication. If the “door” is not open due to strong reflex compression of the anal ring, wait 30-40 seconds-do not take a ram.

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

What condoms for oral sex exist

There are two types of condoms in this path: for blowjob and cunnilingus. Both types almost do not contain lubricants, since it tastes, alas, bitter. In shape, color and material, they do not differ from condoms for classic sex. The only difference is oral barrier contraceptives thinner.

If there is no gum for a blowjob at hand, just turn out the condemine inside out the lubricant inside and caress the partner without prejudice to health.

For Kuni, special latex or polyurethane wipes are sold, which are attached to the face of the bandage, and at the level of the language they have a deepening. A surface in contact with the organs of a girl has a ribbed or pimpled structure that enhances sensations from stimulation with a tongue. These same “covers” can be used for rimming (anilingus), which also requires protection, especially with new partners.

Do not forget that all types of condoms are disposable barrier contraceptives that are disposed of in the garbage bucket immediately after use!

Condoms on the composition of lubrication

The lubricant in condoms facilitates penetration, it can also contain taste and aromatic additives. Depending on the composition of the lubricant, the elastic bands are divided into:

  • Water -based classic, almost universal for everyone;
  • spermicidal, the components of which reduce the activity of sperm, thereby removing the risks of pregnant;
  • anesthetic with benzocaine to extend the act;
  • warming up for a greater degree of excitement;
  • flavored and taste.

How to choose a condom size

And now the most important thing for both men and women: how to choose the right condom by the size of the penis. We mean not only its length, but also the width, because some men have a wide member along the entire length or have a thickening in the middle, closer in the head, sometimes “mushroom -shaped” virtues with a large head are found. So you will have to choose a condom in size with a landmark for several parameters.

Each country produces contraceptives in its size line: the average dimensions of a member in men of different countries and nations are different. As a rule, the widely accessible size of condoms, which does not belong to any of the lines, has 53 mm in a girth and is designed 17-19 cm in length. We can say this is an international standard.

How to calculate the length and width of the penis for buying a condom

The width of the condom indicated on the packaging is not an indicator of the diameter of the penis, but only half of its circle, t.e. width – length of semicircle, not diameter.

To get accurate data, we measure the penis in two places in an erect state: at the base, at the junction between the head and the barrel. Then we fold everything, divide in half (this is the average indicator). Now we divide the resulting figure by two more. Here you have the length of the semicircle of the condom. We hope that it is not difficult for you to measure the length from the base to the tip)))

For latex products, you can take with a margin of 2-3 mm, for durable or too elastic we take the size of the size.

European size

The main supplier of rubber products No. 2 are European countries, and their length and width range are as follows: from 49 to 56 mm (t.e. 31-33 mm of the real thickness of the male unit) in width and no more than 18 -19 cm in length. Given the size of European men, 70-80% of them are satisfied with the acquired condom.

Asian size

Boys from Asian countries have a more modest size of the penis, which is not surprising: the constitution of the body is also noticeably inferior to European “heroes”. But the condoms produced there are made by order of Europe, so the sizes are the same.

American size

As a rule, the range of width is from 49 to 54 mm. The average length is also 18-19 cm. But the dimensions are less or more in other series and markings, like previous manufacturers.

What are the sizes of condoms

So, catch all sizes that exist for different condom manufacturers!

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

As you can see, the picture also indicates the letter marking – you can also focus on it. Just do not flatter yourself and take 1-2 sizes more, proudly lifting your nose in front of the saleswoman. When buying an elastic band is not in size, you risk spoiling sex, because such contraceptives are torn, jumping away, rubbing, shaking, shortening sexual intercourse, reducing sensitivity and fading in every possible way at the most pleasant moment!

There are narrow and wide condoms. Here are their brands and series:

  • narrow-52 mm Vizit, Sico, Viva, Innotex, Contex, 44-49 mm Sagami;
  • wide – CONTEX XXL (57 mm), Durex xxl (57 mm), Size (57, 60, 64, 69 mm), Sagami (58 mm).

Go to our sex shop and choose all the above and below Krutyat condoms, because here they are always in stock! Any size, color, material, manufacturer, lubricant, additional effects – to your taste and wallet. We are for safe sex!

Rating of 10 best condoms

So, we made a rating of the best condoms for men with sizes from small to great! Save!

Polyurethane condoms Sagami Original No. 6

One of the thinnest and most elastic – Japanese condoms Sagami Original No. 6 from polyurethane. No rubber barrier during sex, all the sensations of naturalness are preserved! They withstand the largest loads even with very piquant poses or when changing them. Smooth, in classical form with the drive. In general, for the most attractive – the most! In packaging 6 pieces. For large men!

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

Okamoto Skinless Skin Super Lubricative condoms

Transparent latex condoms for men with an average size. Classical form, double non -pericide lubricant for better protection against “surprises”, increased elasticity, excellent sliding in any poses. By the way, a quite affordable price for packaging in 10 pcs. The thickness of the layer is significantly reduced, which gives realism of sensations.

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

MY SIZE condoms, 5.3 cm

Relatively inexpensive German latex condoms for men with medium sexual dimensions. The cylindrical shape, strength, elasticity, almost complete absence of the smell of “rubber”, which is still necessary from condoms for every day ”? Personally, we liked the fact that they easily roll along the length of the barrel and sit tight with any movements! Punches are excluded! In packaging 10 pieces.

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

Unilatex Ultrathin condom set

The Spaniards offer us condoms of the international size of the Unilatex Ultrathin from latex and position them as the most reliable and durable, albeit not distinguished by increased thickness of the walls. The amount of grease is small, but this does not spoil the sensitivity during passionate frictions of the partner. You will not even feel that there is something on his penis: warm, natural relief-everything remains with you. Packaging is enough for many nights of love, because it has 144 pieces!

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

Condoms for a large member XXL – Durex

And here are condoms from the well -known Durex brand – for very large men and their no less large “tools”! Like, British classics: latex, lubrication, average strength and elasticity, smooth surface, without an unpleasant odor. By the way, they are increased not only in length, but also in diameter of the penis – as much as 56 mm! With them, sex will be really safe in any position and with any intensity of movements. Pack of 12 pcs.

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

Ganzo Long Love No3 condoms

And here is the effect of prolongation on the way – another Briton Ganzo Long Love No3 with anesthetic! Also latex, also a classic with a drive, the average dimensions and thin smooth walls of 0.06 mm. In fact, nothing special, but for those who quickly merge all passion, come up with a bang! Of course, 3 pcs in packaging is the perfect amount for a test drive.

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

Sitabella Extender stimulating Nazadka-preservation chocolate miracle from SK-Visit

Sitabella – a latex condom in abundant lubricant, to stimulate a partner. On its tip are cute antennae, which will pleasantly tickle the internal walls of the vagina. Subtle, made in a color version, without an active smell, affordable in price, does not cause allergic reactions. There are only 1 piece in the package, but for the experiment there is no more. Then you can buy if you like the effect!

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

Condom with antennae and pimples the deep bomb – Luxe Maxima

And Luxe has a double stimulation option – mustachioed and in pimples! Latex thin “friend” in exclusive design and individual packaging))) The partner is also a bonus – a sealing ring for a long erection. Not otherwise than a deed bomb in your bed! Inexpensive, but tasteful. For boys with an average size, they are very suitable.

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

Double lubrication condoms – Sagami Xtreme Ultrasafe

But these guys from Japan are suitable for anal sex! Latex, a lot of lubrication, compacted walls, smooth surface, soft sensations, natural sliding – thus penetrating the ass is much easier. We advise. Average size, suitable for the majority. 10 pieces in the package at a very sweet price for the “Japanese”.

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

Conversation with warming lubrication Sagami Hot Kiss

Cool Japanese condoms in very pretty packaging for men with different sizes! Thin, polyurethane, with a special warm -up grease for a woman’s warmth and an additional sliding, which will not hurt at all if the problems. As always, guys from the east come up to everything with a special look. 5 pieces in packaging at a ridiculous price! We haven’t met this yet!

How to choose condoms by size, width, for the first time. Rating of the best condoms.

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