How to put a condom on a member correctly

How to put a condom on a member correctly.

Sex is a very pleasant lesson, but also very responsible, because everyone wants his partner to receive a maximum of pleasure from the process. And what kind of pleasure it will be discussed, if at the time of complete excitement one of the partners suddenly stops, sits thoughtfully on the bed, gets a condom and begin to experiment-with opening, promotion, putting on? And if it doesn’t work out the first time? You won’t get shame … but it would be useful to know how to put a condom on a member, so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

In order not to feel the patience of the partner, it is worth learning to use the condom in advance, the benefit in the box with condomes is usually the instructions – read, study, experiment.

Otherwise, before the very start of the process, it will not be possible to extract and put on the right cond the first time, you decide not to do this at all, which may entail a lot of troubles.

Anal sex without a condom is especially dangerous, the risk of HIV infection with this type of sexual intercourse reaches 20%. So, it’s better not to take risks.

But in some cases, the instruction may not be available, for example, if you took one piece of product No. 2 from a friend in individual packaging.

In addition, in a small instruction, the manufacturer simply physical cannot squeeze all the advice and recommendations, especially since different men may have different men.

Therefore, we decided to create the most detailed and understandable instructions for you about that, how to put a condom on a member correctly.

How to put a condom on a member quickly: Stages

Before you go to the bed with the girl (to the kitchen table, to the shower, on the bear’s skin in front of the fireplace), make sure that the condoms are in the reach.

The girl will be offended and awkward if at some point you get up and run to another room (or even to the pharmacy) to take everything necessary for safe sex.

Check that the product is the whole: press slightly on the package, if it is damaged, air will come out. Damaged packaging means that the condom can also be torn, deformed, and you should take another packaging. It is also worth buying a lubricant in advance – for latex products, select a water -based lubricant.

At that moment, when you understand that it is time to put on the product No. 2, extend your hand, take the product and open the packaging, pulling your fingers by the corner.

How to understand that the time has come? Behind the condom, it is worth reaching when the excitement level is already high, but before the start of intercourse.

The most crucial moment comes – putting on a condom. There are several options: a man himself can put on a condom (while a man can lie, sit, stand), you can entrust the task to a woman.

Regardless of who exactly took on the honorary mission, the process of putting on. Find the bulge of the sperm receiver and clamp it with the finger of one hand so that there is no air left here: bring the cond with a clamped tip to the head of the penis, and roll out the product on the penis trunk with the second hand.

A woman can help – putting a condom in four hands is much more interesting. If suddenly all your efforts are in vain and the condom does not roll out on a member, then you are trying to put it on the wrong side – just turn the product and promise you that this attempt will definitely be successful.

What else do you need to know

Put on a condom – albeit important, but half of the business, so we will briefly describe your further actions: before entering the member in the vagina, apply grease to the condom’s surface (which you, of course, bought in advance).

If there is no lubricant at hand, but the partner is very excited, you can fully evaluate the idea of nature – in the female vagina there should be enough natural lubrication so that the process does not stall. Do not forget to occasionally check that the condom remained in place, and that he is a whole.

And one more important point: remember that the condom is a disposable means of protection. Throw it right after use.

If you have several partners, then for each you need to put on a new condom. Even if you have one partner, but you practice different types of sex (traditional, oral, anal), after each you need to change the condom.

Finally, the last stage is the removal of condom. The condom is removed from the partner immediately after the ejaculation: in the first seconds (and who have minutes), the member remains firm, so taking a condom, holding it with a hand, is easy. If the moment is missed and the member decreases, the condom may stay in the partner, and all previous works to put on condom will be in vain.

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