How to use a condom – watch a video online

How to use a condom correctly.

For several millennia, the condom remains the most popular contraceptive during sex, which protects us from unwanted pregnancy and infection with various transmissive diseases. Today, they differ in size, color, species, which can be purchased without problems in any supermarket and in a pharmacy. Despite the fact that it is the most common and popular contraceptive means, many still do not fully realize and understand how to use the condom correctly. Therefore, now we are somewhat important tips on its use.

  • It is better to store in a dark, dry and cool place.
  • It is important to pay attention to the deadline for their implementation.
  • Before putting it on, it is important that a member is in a state of erection.
  • Put on the head of the penis to its very foundation.
  • To reduce the risk of rupture to a minimum, you can in the condom by dripping a drop of lubricant in the condom itself.
  • After ejaculation, it is desirable to stop any frictions right away so that he does not slip and does not stay into the vagina of his partner.
  • Make sure you use a suitable condom size.
  • So that during sex, do not get off the rhythm in order to put on it, you can turn it into an erotic view. For example, you can put it to the music or use luminous models.
  • If he still exploded, it is advisable to immediately throw it away and put on a new.
  • In order to diversify sex, you can take flavored condoms and lubricants. To avoid the occurrence of infection, it is advisable not to use flavorings with sugar content!
  • Try to use water -based lubricants. Instead of a lubricant, you can also use petroleum jelly, lotion, aloe oil, etc.D.

What should not be done:

  • There is no need to use several condoms at once in order to protect yourself from pregnancy or infections 100%. Because of this, they are more often eager.
  • Use the same.
  • Condoms made of sheepskin skin (Lambskin Condoms) are thinner and add greater sensitivity, but do not protect from pregnancy and diseases transmitted sexually.
  • Do not store it in any “fire” case in the wallet and in the back pocket of the trousers.
  • Do not throw the used condom into the window or in the toilet. Wrap it in toilet paper and throw it into the garbage urn.

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