How to use lubrication during intimacy

How to use lubrication correctly?.

If the natural moisturization of genitals is not enough with sexual contact, soreness appears. Then artificial means come to the rescue, thanks to which pleasant sensations are guaranteed to both partners who know how to use grease correctly.

How to use lubrication during intimacy

Basic rules for using lubricants

Moisturizers often influence the full pleasure of intimate relationships: they can be done both on your own and buy a ready -made one. Before applying the latter, it is necessary to scrupulously study the instructions attached to the tool. It is always advisable to take into account the contraindications, to control the duration of the achieved comfort. Ointments must be applied to the mucous membranes with a thin layer.

Such funds implement pharmacies in the form of several types of drugs. The silicone intimate gel is more common, as well as substances on water or oil -based. All products have one task – to reduce the friction of the skin during sex. This action is ensured by increasing sliding. After that, the surface of the genitals is no longer able to damage. High -quality lubrication is used to prevent the risk of developing microtrauma during intimate contact. At the same time, women who understand how to use such a lubricant provide it with the replacement of the missing vaginal secretion.

It is also necessary to use a gel in order to additionally protect the genitals from infections. The composition of many lubricants contains antibacterial ingredients. They maintain activity after the walls of the vagina hit the surface, destroying pathogenic microorganisms present there. This action helps to reduce the risk of the spread of sexual diseases.

Application process

How to use lubrication during intimacy

When using artificial lubricants, it is required to fulfill certain rules for their use:

  • use the composition to both partners;
  • When sexual contact involves protecting a condom, the product should be applied to the product;
  • If the lubricant contains an indication “anal”, it is not recommended for oral sex. In such gels there is an analgesic substance unpleasant to taste;
  • As soon as sexual intercourse is completed, the lubricant must be washed off with warm water and soap.

With one hand

Women need to study in advance how to use a lubricant when she does not have free palms. The tool is applied to the palm of the man, in the area of his navel or back when he lies face down. Then they lubricate the surface of their labia and the barrel of the guy’s member. Moves make smooth, slow and free. The epidermis is the most sensitive part of the human body. If a wet wrist moves along it, excitation is transmitted according to the nerve endings to the brain, provoking additional pleasure.

With two hands

How to use lubrication during intimacy

If both hands of women are free, the lubricant needs to be applied to the hands, slightly rub them in order to warm up the grease. Then they begin to perform delicate stroking the male penis, moving from the head in the direction of the base of the penis, leaving warm moisture on the foreskin.

It is recommended to allow the partner to lead your movements himself in order to understand exactly what touches give him maximum satisfaction. You can apply the composition on hand, covering it with a zone from wrist to elbow joint. After that they start massive manipulations, rolling the phallus of a sexual partner between their own forearms.

Without hands

A woman may ask her beloved to provide one or both of his palms at her disposal. Good sex provides only free behavior. In order not to use their own hands, pour a little money on the fingers of the partner. After that they move them on the surface of their own genital organs, causing additional excitement from clitoris caresses.

Tips for using intimate lubrication

How to use lubrication during intimacy

There are some interesting recommendations on how to use gel senxis:

  1. Ask your beloved to sit so that the angle between the body and legs is approximately 45 °. Give its penis to a state of stable erection. Apply a little lubricant to the zone located above the base of the penis. Take the phallus with your hands, dip it, pressing it to the puddle to prepare the organ for further manipulations.
  2. Pour the liquid from a small height into your own palm so that the guy sees how a viscous stream flows on it. Pull the product between the fingers, achieving a well -auditable squelch sound. When the solution heats up, turn your arms over, watching how the grease will slowly flow onto the excited trunk of your boyfriend. Use the maximum liquid composition for such an event.
  3. Ask a partner for sex
    lubricate your chest with a moisturizer. It is necessary to warm it up for it to have a duffed remedy over the entire surface of the boobs. Next, place its genitals in this area and masturbate a member, holding it between the hemispheres.

Precautionary measures

How to use lubrication during intimacy

Before using any lubricant, you should learn more about what cannot be done categorically so as not to turn intimate intercourse into a problem. Separate partners, if necessary, moisturize insufficiently moistened genitals use a massage cream. However, its use causes many disputes among specialists. Most of these funds often have warm -up ingredients. They provoke the heating of the skin, accompanied by the expansion of gaps between the vessels. Because of this, muscle blood flow increases. The fabric begins to relax, so after contact of the male member with the vaginal mucosa, severe edema develops. Therefore, doctors do not recommend the use of drugs intended for other purposes with sexual contacts.

Having studied how to use lubricants, it should be understood that the most important thing in this event is to achieve comfort for both partners. The correct use of lubrication will improve the general atmosphere of intimate relationships, increase the degree of excitement.

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