Intimate lubricants: select correctly

Intimate lubricants: select correctly.

Intimate lubricants: select correctly

LUBRICANTS (gel brushes) – These are real assistants in sexual joys. Intimate lubricants not only provide more comfortable sensations and improve sliding, but also bring new notes to sex. Which lubricant is better to choose? How to buy a lubricant, which is suitable for your sexual needs? Let’s figure it out.

Types of intimate lubricants

Vaginal, anal, oral, exciting, cooling, warming, increasing penis, narrowing vagina, prolonging sexual intercourse, aromatized, antibacterial and even for electrical stimulation – What lubricants are not in Intimate store! Eyes scatter from such a large choice, and fantasy throws piquant paintings, how can these lubricants can be used. But, before buying lubricants, it is worth knowing that they are several types:

  • Gel lubricants – The most popular, as a rule, are produced on water -based. Gel lords are easily washed off with water, compatible with various contraceptives, after them there are no traces of linen and clothing. For vaginal sex gel lubricant – the best choice;
  • cream lubricants – very tender lubricants, give unforgettable sensations to both partners. But they are categorically incompatible with condoms, so not every pair is suitable;
  • Silicone lubricants – Provide long, smooth sliding. Are not absorbed into the skin, so you will not have to reach behind the lubricant at the most inopportune moment. One tube is enough for a long time. Silicone lubricants are hypoallergenic.

Intimate lubricants: select correctly

Separately, it is worth saying about anal lubricants. They are made taking into account the specifics of this type of sex, have a thick consistency, have anesthetic, disinfectant, soothing, relaxing muscles effect. In their composition, you can often see natural essential oils: tea tree oil, lavender, mint, cinnamon, etc.D.

As for the manufacturers, here the choice is not limited only to CONTEX and Durex lubricants. Luburbicants from German brands, such as Pjur, EROS are in great demand due to their high quality, especially good lubricants are available for anal sex. Also from popular brands: Kanikule, Jo, Hot, Yes, Swiss Navy™ and others.

Intimate lubricants: select correctly

Well, finally, it would seem, a simple, but important question: how to use grease?

  • Before sex or/and during it, apply a small amount of lubricant to the genitals, distribute evenly.
  • At the end of the intimate action, rinse the genitals (you can with soap or shower gel) to remove lubrication residues.
  • If the lubricant is not intended for oral sex, then you should not use it for this.

We wish everyone pleasant sex!

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