Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom, and if it suddenly broke?

Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom, and if it suddenly broke?.

Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom, and if it suddenly broke?

No matter how they say that a condom is the only safe way of barrier protection, people who became parents through his fault, not so little. Today we will consider a very urgent issue that millions of people are asked from year to year – Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom?

Everyone knows that the advantage that the cond has, unlike other contraceptive means, lies in its ability to simultaneously protect partners not only from undesirable conception, but also protect from SDPP.

But one thing can be said for sure: not one of the existing methods aimed at preventing pregnancy is capable of giving one hundred percent result.

The greatest, but far from one hundred percent minimization of the risks of undesirable fertilization, it was precisely the manufacturers of condoms.

Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom, and if it suddenly broke?

Is it possible to get pregnant using a condom during sex

When using condoms, force majeure may occur. The most common situation, when a woman managed to get pregnant through a condom, is the damage to the product itself and a partner’s seed fluid in the vagina. Often such a phenomenon occurs even if the contraceptive was correctly dressed.

Some couples make an unforgivable mistake, believing that a latex product for barrier protection can be stretched to infinity. Passionate hot partners who prefer aggressive hard sex can violate the strength of the condom – at the time of the condom rupture, they, as a rule, do not notice what happened. No one is safe from this situation, therefore, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the condom in the process.

And yet, is it possible to get pregnant, so protected? Statistics states that in every 50th case of using a contraceptive there is a pregnancy. This accounting is kept by scientists over the past decade.

Compliance with all instructions and the correct use of the product do not allow you to get one hundred percent guarantee of protection. But if at the level of research the probability of getting pregnant with a condom is about 2%, then, turning directly to the population during a sociological survey, one can be horrified: in almost 15% of cases, women were pregnant when the partner ended up in a condom. To doubt whether it is possible to get into an “interesting position” with contraceptive, no longer has to.

It turns out that we have a false opinion about the real effectiveness of condoms. In addition, this method of protecting the best ways to protect against pregnancy and STDs in the ranking of the best, experts determined only the 5th line by placing it there after sterilizing any of the partners, the installation of intrauterine spirals and the use of hormonal oral contraceptives.

Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom, and if it suddenly broke?

What errors on the use of condoms do men and women make

But whatever scientists and statists say that you can get pregnant using a condom, it is easy to trace a simple pattern: in all cases ending in conception, couples made the same mistakes:

  1. Constantly wear latex products in pockets, messengers of cars, wallets – this cannot be done, since alternating exposure to temperatures and moisture content of external media can disrupt the strength of the condom.
  2. They open the packaging with their teeth, or inadvertently use knives, cutting objects, leaving inconspicuous punctures and cuts on contraceptive, because of which you can easily get pregnant with a condom.
  3. Use expired latex products, which cannot but affect the qualities of the condom and the inability to guarantee successful protection.
  4. They put on a contraceptive not at the beginning of sexual contact, but only, feeling the approach of the ejaculation.
  5. The same product is used to re -. The instructions for the use of any condom clearly say: you need to use it only once.
  6. Use two condoms at once, relying that they certainly do not threaten them: not an infection, nor pregnancy. In fact, the probability of damage to the contraceptive is an order of magnitude higher.

In what cases can you get pregnant by protecting the condom

Some couples hope that the sperm that remained in the condom is a guarantee of their security. In fact, during sexual intercourse, long before ejaculation, the so -called prefamen – fluids in which sperm may be released. Then you can get pregnant, for example, if a partner prefers to wear latex products, approaching orgasm.

If a condom with a filled sperm -collar broke, the chances of fertilization in a woman with normal reproductive functions are great than ever. Similarly, you can get pregnant when the condom remains inside the partner is the most common result of the wrong choice of product size.

Some couples passionate about passion for each other completely forget about the presence of a funds for barrier protection on a male penis and continue to make love. This increases the risk of seed fluid entering the genital organs of a partner.

The elementary rules for choosing latex condoms will help to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and unnecessary experiences:

  1. Try to avoid the use of ultra -thin products. Such “elastic bands” are less reliable, in addition, affect the sensitivity of the penis during intercourse as well as their denser analogues.
  2. When choosing a contraceptive, do not forget about the width of the penis. The product must fully comply with the parameters of the organ.
  3. Products with antennae, ribs and pimples are also popular. Is it possible to get pregnant using such condoms? Extraordinary does not make them less reliable, on the contrary, such condoms should try for the variety of intimate sensations.
  4. Condoms whose manufacturers promise to prolong sexual intercourse, in reality dull the sensitivity of the penis, it is advisable to refuse to use these.

To protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and minimize all potential risks, you must follow all the recommendations specified by the manufacturer. A huge role in the process of using the condom is played by the previously selected lubricant. Gels-licenses to improve sensations sometimes contain components that adversely affect the quality of contraception itself. For example, in no case can you use lubricants created on a fat basis – such means destroy latex. And to reduce the risk of pregnancy will help nothing more than a special spermicide lubricant.

Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom, and if it suddenly broke?

The torn product is subject to urgent replacement, you should not save on the quality of contraception. Elementary knowledge about the rules for using a condom will not allow partners to make mistakes that increase the risks of an unconnected pregnancy.

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