Reusable condom: from ancient Egypt to the present day

Reusable condom: from ancient Egypt to the present day.

Reusable condom: from ancient Egypt to the present day

The history of the condom has many centuries, and you will probably be surprised to learn that most of the time condoms were reusable. We do not know when specifically and who invented this means of male contraception, but the condoms existed in different eras among different nations. Even rock drawings made more than 10 thousand were found. years ago, which depict a condom.

Ancient Egyptian Czech

Perhaps one of the most ancient references to the condom is contained in the ancient Greek legend of the Cretan ruler of Minos, which sewed it from the bladder of the goat. True, this contraceptive was supposed to be worn not by the ruler, but by his partner.

But the ancient Egyptians used linen «Covers» With ties. Of course, this method of protection was not very effective, but this idea was used later, in the Middle Ages, when syphilis raged in Europe in Europe. The product of the flax was covered only by the head of the penis and was attached with the help of a garter. Before use, this condom was soaked in a special composition and dried, and after – Washed. The linen case really prevented infection with syphilis, but he still did not protect from pregnancy.

At the same time, there were condoms from the guts and blades of different animals. For example, there is a documentary evidence that in the 15th century, condromes from the lamb intestine were imported from China by Dutch merchants. And in the countries of Asia at this time along with «leather» condoms also used silk paper products.

Individual sewing condom

The condoms from the intestines were very expensive, so they were available only to the highest society and the wealthy part of the middle class. After the invention of vulcanization, it began to gain momentum and production of rubber condoms, but it was not universal. Firstly, condoms were all the same as roads. Secondly, they were made individually for each man: the doctor measured the diameter of the penis and made an order. Thirdly, the first rubber condoms were uncomfortable: they were worn only on the head of the penis, which caused them poorly and fell at the most inopportune moment, and also greatly dulled the acute sensations.

Soon, the production of condoms became mass: it was then that the standard dimensions were invented, and the rubber product closed the entire penis. Despite the censure and disapproval of moralists, contraception began to spread widely.

However, the rubber products were not destined to dominate the market for a long time: after 1920, latex products supplanted them both due to low cost and due to better reliability and sensitivity.
Nevertheless, «leather» condoms are sold to this day.

Reusable condom: from ancient Egypt to the present day

Leather, latex and polyurethane

Of course, these days «leather» condom – This is rather a souvenir. It is made exclusively from the cecum of the lamb of a certain age, carefully rejecting too thick or thin areas of the intestines, and therefore its cost is great. In addition, it will not work to buy such a product in the nearest pharmacy: you have to order from Europe.

Those who tried to use «leather» a condom, they say that the sensitivity in it is much better, because the gut conducts heat well, but they warn: this product will protect against unwanted pregnancy, but you will not be insured against STDs, because the intestines are too large to impede the passage of bacteria and viruses. And also due to the features of production in «leather» Condom no tank at the end.

Most of the reusable condoms are today made from latex and polyurethane. Their main difference – This is the thickness of the walls, which reaches 3 mm, which is 50 times thicker than the usual disposable. Of course, because of this, the sensitivity during intercourse is dulled. But they can be used more than once (each model has its own service life), so that the cost of protection is reduced by 2-3 times. Therefore, they are very popular in countries where the population is predominantly poor (for example, in India).

Reusable condoms prevent an undesirable pregnancy and protect from sexually transmitted diseases. Typically, these products are sold complete with the remedy for cleaning and water -based lubricant.

Some Silicone nozzles on the penis can also perform a reusable condom. There are even special silicone condoms-drifts that are used for medicinal purposes to increase erection.

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