Shunga intimate cosmetics: how to create, species why it is worth choosing shunga?

Shunga intimate cosmetics: how to create, species why it is worth choosing shunga?.

Shunga — One of the best manufacturers of intimate cosmetics

Shunga — These are not only erotic engravings of Japanese masters of past centuries. It is also the name of the Canadian brand, known throughout the world, as a manufacturer of high -quality cosmetics designed for sexual pleasure and intimate hygiene. No wonder the company’s products belongs to the category of lux. Give any shunga set is not ashamed of a love partner, girlfriend, friend.

The design of each shung cosmetics packaging is unique. And the contents will appreciate everyone who wants to make diversity and sensuality into intimacy. The composition of the means of natural oils and minerals without the addition of animal products. Products are safe for use, many means are even edible. In addition, Shunga cosmetics are not tested on animals.

What cosmetics does the Shung trademark produce

The company makes more than 50 items of intimate means for exciting, enhancing the attraction, extension of sexual intercourse, good sliding. And Shunga massage oil is considered one of the best tools for erotic massage. SHUNGA body oil consists of a natural oil base with the addition of aphrodisiacs and natural flavors that increase sexual desire.

In the Shung cosmetics collection:

  • massage oils;
  • massage candles;
  • stinging shower gel shunga;
  • anal and vaginal lubricants;
  • oral edible lubrication;
  • exciting creams for men and women;
  • powder for erotic games;
  • vaginal narrowing.

Shunga massage oil contains organic components for relaxation and sexual excitement. When the hands of a massage therapist, greased with aroma, will begin to caress the most intimate places of the partner, all extraneous thoughts will evaporate. And each part of the body will enjoy the warming effect and aphrodisiacs added to the massage oil shung. Partners can use shunga oil for erotic prelude or make a sex massage with bringing to orgasm, if they just want to tease.

SHUNGA lighted flavored massage candle will create an erotic atmosphere in the bedroom, filling the room with exciting aromas. But a candle, when it begins to melt, can also be used as a massage oil for an eromassage, and as an attribute of Sado-Mazo games, if you drip warm molten wax on the body’s body.

SHUNGA lubricant is suitable for vaginal and anal penetration. Schung lubrication is carried out on a water and silicone basis, used not only for classic sex and anal, but also suitable for fisting. Schunga water lubricant is better to buy for sex toys from silicone and cyberc. And for fisting and erotic devices of glass, stainless steel, plastic purchase a shung lubricant on a silicone basis.

Edible shunga lubricant is suitable for blowjob and cunnilingus, can be used for a pose 69. Luburbicants are completely made up of organic components with the addition of natural flavors that taste pleasant.
SHUNGA exciting cream for men causes blood flow to the genitals, which leads to a stable erection. The cream also helps to extend sexual intercourse and get a more powerful orgasm that both partners will like.

Where to buy the products of the Canadian brand Shunga

A large selection of intimate cosmetics of the Shunga trademark is offered by Eroshop intimacy store. You can choose cosmetics for yourself or for a gift in the catalog of the online store. View all brand products and put in the basket everything you like. To buy Shunga funds with delivery in Moscow or regions of Russia, place an order on the site.

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