The condom remained inside the vagina – what to do?

What to do if the condom remains inside the vagina?.

Surely with you or your acquaintances there was an embarrassment during sex, when a condom remained in the vagina of a woman. What you need to do in such a situation and how to behave? How to find and pull out a condom faster? No matter how paradoxical it sounds, but many men during sex do not even notice that the condom disappears! They probably believe that he himself flew through the window!!)))

But, seriously, there are several elementary steps with which you can effectively prevent this problem.

How to make a condom not slip?

  • It is very important to use condoms, the size of which is suitable, t.e. Do not experiment with the size of xxl if the size of a member is 15-18 cm.
  • After ejaculation, when take out a member, it is important to hold a condom at the base, which will prevent it from slipping.
  • After ejaculation, it is advisable to immediately remove the penis from the vagina, since over time it will lose an erection and decrease in volume, which will be the reason for the slipping of the condom.
  • During the intercourse itself, make sure that the condom is in place. Moreover, it is not necessary to stop during the “check” – you can just touch the condom ring with your hand or fix it quickly.

What to do if the condom, despite compliance with all the above advice, remained inside the vagina?

  • First, look for him on the bed. It is possible that he slipped and fell on a bed or sheet.
  • If you still have not eaten, you will have to get it out of the vagina yourself. To get it, the man must try to calm and relax the woman, and then put her on her back and try to get her a condom with the middle and index finger. Tip: make sure that your nails are not sharp to avoid scratches inside the vagina.
  • In the event that the first time it is not possible to get a condom, do not worry – it will not go anywhere. Squat, spread your partner’s legs, and try to get it with your fingers again.
  • If, after several unsuccessful attempts to independently extract the condom, nothing happened, do not suffer in vain and just consult a gynecologist who will quickly solve your problem.

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