Vaginal lubricant (vaginal lubrication)

Vaginal lubricant.

Vaginal lubricant (vaginal lubrication)
Vaginal lubricant: vaginal discharge, like oil, there is wet, juice, wet, oil between the buttocks, French liquid, love juice, oil in a pot with honey, girlish ointment.

During sexual excitation, the walls of the vagina are filled with blood and release small droplets of secretion, which form vaginal grease — lubricant. Its amount, which is distinguished during sexual arousal, in different women is different. In addition, it is different in different periods of life — During and after menopause, it decreases. This lubricant supports the moisture content of the vagina and the chemical balance in it, which helps to maintain a healthy state of its walls, and also facilitates the entry of the penis into the vagina.

It includes components such as uterine mucus, thawed cells, secretion products of the walls of the vagina, lactic acid, complex alcohols, cholesterol and various other sour compounds. The taste and smell of vaginal lubrication in different women varies, which depends on many factors.

Men and women who know a lot about oral caresses of the female genital organs may like or not like her smell and taste. As in the case of seed fluid, some argue with the fact that this taste can be changed by a certain diet. There are few examples confirming the justice of this opinion, therefore, if the rejection of nicotine, alcohol, meat and asparagus — Not for you, you can use a variety of fragrant lubricants that are sold in abundance in stores, or just drip something like a man’s juice on a vulva… pleasant impressions!

Artificial vaginal lubricant.

Artificial lubricants play in sex a crucial role, much more important than any other accessories. Not every woman has a sufficient amount of her own lubrication for the convenience of sex, but even women who have enough her, on some days of the month, her lack of lack. Its quantity sometimes depends on how excited it is, but on the type of her body. Dry friction during sex irritates (and not stimulates) both the genitals and partners, so in order to avoid any discomfort, you must have a lubricant tube with you. It is better to use water -based lubricants, since analogues on an oil basis destroy the rubber and violate the protective properties of condoms.

Specialized sex shops sell lubricants with various smells that will arom in your sexual contacts. If you are excited by a wet and sliding friction of the penis, then the lubricant should be your first accessory to achieve such excitement.

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