What are the sizes of condoms?

What are the sizes of condoms?.

Buying rubber product No. 2 often turns into many difficulties. Some are afraid to pronounce the word “condom” in a pharmacy, others try their best to find the brand that they are used to, and the others are confused in centimeters and diameters. How to do not fall out of the “cap” during sex and at the same time manage to climb into it without unnecessary torment? Today we’ll talk about what are the sizes of condoms.

Why is it so important not to be mistaken?

In general, a lot depends on the manufacturer of the product. Men know well how products of various brands differ among themselves. Many, despite the size, is quite difficult to put on, because the gum is too tight. There is also the opposite situation – during intercourse, now and then it is necessary to correct the condom, since he categorically refuses to hold.

Based on this, we come to the conclusion that it is important to guess with the size for two reasons. The first – if you choose a too large product, then during sex it can simply fly away and then all unpleasant consequences will come. It will not constitute any particular difficulties to get a pent from a girl of labor, but unexpectedly for everyone, and first of all, to become a father, you can easily.

Moreover, it is very inconvenient. Constantly distracted to return the capricious condom to the place you are unlikely to want. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity – a person puts on a rubber product, but even from the outside it looks like a cellophane bag on a pencil. At the base is not fixed, at the end it hangs out. Not a condom, but some kind of flag!

It is no less unpleasant to make mistakes in the other direction. Will certainly be put on, only how much work will be spent? The elastic band squeezes the base of the penis and then you can forget about ejaculation. To some extent, it is even useful, your sex is guaranteed to last more than 20 minutes, but will you be happy with such intercourse?

But this is not the most unpleasant. A condom, which is much less than the necessary, is easily torn. It is this situation that becomes the most frequent when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy. You are convinced that you are protected, but in reality everything is quite the opposite. You must be aware of the risks of infection with sexual infections in such layouts.

What are the sizes of condoms in the international classification?

Several sizes of rubber products are recognized in the world. To be precise, then 5 of them. This is S, M, L, XL and XXL. The difference between them is not so great, but in practice the error can do expensive, as mentioned above. Therefore, let’s analyze each separately.

S – calculated the length of the penis up to 17.5 centimeters. If you rely on the average size of a member in the world, then we can say with confidence that most men are suitable for most men. However, there are certainly representatives of the stronger sex with more impressive dimensions. Width – up to 5 centimeters.

M – Suitable for those whose genitals are from 17.5 to 19 centimeters in length. It is also quite an average indicator, so condoms with marking M are in demand. They can be just if the penis is a little less than 17.5. The main thing is not for a lot. Width up to 5.6 cm.

L – from 18 to 20. Not too popular size. Those who use Emka can acquire this, but in general it is more likely for statistics. Holders of really large genitals more often take XL. Although, maybe it’s just to boast. Width up to 5.8 cm.

XL and XXL they differ only in the width of the product. The length of both of them is in the range of 19-22 cm. If someone has even more, then you can safely abandon contraception, boldly multiply, because there is an opinion that the size of the penis is inherited. Width from 5.8 to 6.9 cm.

Make a contribution to female happiness. However, these are all jokes, because in practice the meeting with such an unit ends with painful sensations during intercourse in a gentle sex. Not the best reason for envy.

How to measure your penis?

The problem begins long before going to the pharmacy. First you need to determine the real size of the penis, so that later you can choose the corresponding letter on a pack of condoms. And the main difficulty is that everyone wants to get results more interesting. Here 13 even sounds indecent, but it is worth playing a little ruler and on it is already 17. Anyone is more pleasant.

On the Internet, I managed to find a huge number of methods of measurement. Naturally, the process should be carried out in an erect state, but then there is a nuance. The line should not be applied from above, but from below. So, to get data from the head to the testicles. Such results reflect the “working” area of the penis.

If you want to increase self -esteem a little, then do the opposite. From the tip to the pubis, and then press a little so that the ruler sticks into the stomach as deep as possible. You can share the result with your girlfriend, sending her a dicp, but when buying, still start from the true indicators. Otherwise, you are tortured to put on, correct, educate unwanted children and be treated from an unknown infection with anyone. Sex is the case, everything can happen.

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