5 myths about masturbation | Informative

5 myths about masturbation.

5 myths about masturbation | Informative
Masturbate 9 people out of 10. And this occupation is not something shameful or forbidden. But a lot of people are sure that this is not worth doing. Let’s figure out what myths about masturbation exist, whether there is truth in them?

Myth 1. Masturbation harms health

This is a mistake, self -satisfaction does not affect health. From this process, skin color does not worsen, vision, hair does not grow on the palms, the intimate interest in the opposite sex does not decrease.

Masturbation is a process of studying your own body and a way to relieve sexual stress. She is practiced by men and women, many from a young age.

Obtaining an orgasm helps to relax, get distracted from problems, improves mood. The development of hormones of pleasure improves the emotional state, reduces stress. Therefore, diseases from the process do not need to wait.

Myth 2. Masturbating is ashamed

95% of men and 89% of women tried masturbation. Someone regularly uses this method, someone rarely. But very many hide it from others. This is due to social norms. In society, this topic is taboo, it is not accepted to discuss it.

Children begin to masturbate early, some even before puberty. Touching genitals are pleasant even at the age of 7 years. And often babies begin to touch themselves in any circumstances, stimulate the body even among other people. This is very frightened by parents, they prohibit such a process, arguing that it is “ashamed”. Perhaps they themselves are really ashamed of such a child’s behavior.

After such a ban and the rapid reaction of mom and dad for the rest of his life, a person continues to associate masturbation with something forbidden and feels guilty for her. But the process is natural, and not dangerous.

Myth 3. Masturbation spoils sex with a partner

There is a legend that if a man masturbates a lot, then then he will simply not have enough strength for sex with a woman. It’s a delusion. These are completely different processes, and everyone has their own advantages. Masturbation does not exclude the desire for intimacy with other people.

If a woman masturbates, she also does not lose a desire to make love. On the contrary, this allows her to “wake interest”. It is believed that girls practicing masturbation are more likely to experience orgasms with men.

Self -satisfaction is very useful when lovers have different temperaments. If one needs more than the other, it can be compensated for by receiving pleasure alone.5 myths about masturbation | Informative

Myth 4. If there is a relationship, there should not be masturbation

Sex in pairs and self -satisfaction are different actions. Pair experiments are more energy -consumed, while there is an emotional contact. In the process you need to monitor the reaction of the partner, help him or to achieve pleasure. It’s difficult and long.

Masturbation can be very short. It is not necessary to adapt to it, play a role, pay attention to someone. This is contact with your own body, the realization of your desires.

One process does not exclude another. Therefore, there should be no condemnation for such actions. Statistics claim that family people have sex with them less often due to the presence of paired sex, but at the same time masturbation does not exclude completely. It is less, since there is simply not enough time or not a suitable atmosphere.

Myth 5. Men are allowed, but no women

In society, men are loyal to the self -satisfaction. There are jokes about this, the process is promoted in films. This is written off to temperament and sexual activity.

A woman is attributed to modesty and much less interest in intimacy. Therefore, it is “indecent” to engage in masturbation. At the same time, it seems to everyone that it is easier for a lady to find a partner for sex than a man, and in case of desire, she can choose a partner in minutes. But all these are errors.

A woman can be very interested in bodily contacts, may experience more desire than a man. At the same time, society limits it in the possibility of starting the novel “One Night”, it seems affordable, but is condemned. As a result, masturbation is present in the life of both sexes. Everyone has it, but it is advertised by units.

Masturbation is a process that does not need to be afraid. This is a way to find out your body, open erogenous zones and enjoy. Men and women need her. And so that she gives a maximum of sensations, stimulation should be performed with sex toys.

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