8 secrets of cool male masturbation

8 secrets of cool male masturbation.

Many men begin to masturbate in adolescence, and try to complete the process as quickly as possible, worrying that relatives and friends will find them behind this occupation. This habit can spread to adulthood, but masturbation can improve and strengthen the sensations from it in many ways. It is worth noting that neglecting these ways, men miss brighter and more strong orgasms that masturbation can give them.

1. Stimulation of the perineum of the perineum is the area between the penis and the anus, which is full of nerve endings and is very sensitive. Try to press a vibrating sex toy to the crotch, stroking the penis with the other hand. It can be a wand massager or vibration massager of streamlined shape. If you do not neglect the stimulation of the prostate, for additional pleasure you can use a stimulator of a prostate of an ergonomic shape with a process to stimulate the perineum.

2. Additional anal stimulation in the anus is concentrated a huge number of nerve endings, which makes an anus and perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum) is an incredibly sensitive zone. If you want to paint masturbation, use prostate stimulator.

3. Change of compression force and speed of movement If it is difficult for you to achieve orgasm during intimacy with a partner, this may be due to the fact that you squeeze the penis too much and move too quickly during masturbation. Such friction speed and compression speed, as a rule, cannot be achieved with a partner, and therefore problems arise. To prevent this from happening, change the speed of movements during masturbation, alternate slow and fast, and also experiment with compression force to get used to ejaculation with different effects.

4. Stop temporary stop during masturbation can help achieve more intense orgasms. Try to masturbate until you understand that ejaculation is about to occur, and then take a short break so that the erection is a little weakened. After that, continue. If you do it three or four times before receiving orgasm, you will experience a stronger ejaculation.

5. Change of hands probably tried to change your hands during masturbation. Perhaps you even tried to make mythical technique “Stranger” (sit on the arm until it is numb, and then use it to simulate the feeling that a stranger hand gives pleasure). But we suggest using the second hand differently.

1) Take the penis with the index and thumb and make spiral movements.

2) Grab the penis with both hands and move them in a spiral in different directions.

3) Take two fingers under the head and make rhythmic pressure.

4) Grab the penis with two fingers and, making short-term compression, move your hand up and down.

5) massage the head separately.

6) Use the movement of your fingers resembling a flute game.

7) Do not forget about the stimulation of the scrotum – stir it and carefully pinch it.

8) Use two hands, placing them with your palms to the penis so that it turns out to be between them.

6. Use Fleshlight or other masturbator masturbators Fleshlight can really significantly improve masturbation. The most popular are masturbators in a tube that slide along the penis, imitating the sensations of real anal or vaginal sex. To free both hands, you can use a special phone holder.

7. Stimulation of testicles in testicles is almost as many nervous endings as in the penis. While individual preferences and sensitivity play a big role in what stimulation you like more, many men find that more intense orgasms occur with rhythmic stimulation of the testicles before ejaculation.

8. The lubricants experiment with lubricants. Since their choice is quite large, you can experiment as much as you want. Try oil and hybrid lubricants that will provide prolonged sliding. Special lubricants for masturbation will also give you the perfect prolonged sliding. And a huge selection of additional effects of lubricants (for example, such as warming or cooling) can give new incredibly pleasant sensations.

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