Adaptive and maladaptive masturbation: what is it, how to learn how to have fun

Adaptive and maladaptive masturbation – what is it?.

The latest statistical calculations say that more than 90% of women and men masturbate. Masturbation is an independent stimulation of the genitals and erogenous points on the body in order to get pleasure and orgasm. Masturbation synonyms – masturbation, Ipsation, malakia, jerk. In men and women, adaptive and maladaptive masturbation exists, but most often this is observed among the female half of society. What is it and how one form is translated into another, you can find out in the article further.

Adaptive and maladaptive masturbation: what is it, how to learn how to have fun

What is maladaptive masturbation

Adaptation is a person’s ability to adapt to circumstances and various processes, and the prefix “des” acts as a denial. From this we can conclude that maladaptive masturbation is an unconnected form in which a woman reaches orgasm with movements that are inconspicuous in sexual intercourse with a man.

In simple language, this type of self -satisfaction does not teach how to handle your body to achieve an orgasm. If a vagina is involved in a woman during sex, then when masturbation, the orgasm will be a clitoris. Mosadaptive masturbation teaches rapid orgasms through the clitoris, but does not train the body for orgasm during vaginal sex.

Adaptive and maladaptive masturbation: what is it, how to learn how to have fun

Women are faced with such a problem in whom the habit arose as early as adolescence due to banal ignorance and low information content. Most often, a maladaptive form involves several types of stimulation:

  • a stream of water in the shower or bathroom;
  • hips and compression of the legs;
  • different improvised means;
  • caresses exclusively only the clitoris.

The main danger in this case is anorgasmia, the habit of the body to experience an orgasm in just one way, that is, maladaptive masturbation. If a girl from an early age is engaged in this type of stimulation, in further sexual relations with a partner can arise difficulties with achieving orgasm.

Sigmund Freud also said that an orgasm from maladaptive masturbation cannot be compared with what is achieved by adaptive or simple sexual intercourse. Vaginal orgasm is much stronger, it is mature and accessible to units. Help in its achievement can workout adaptive masturbation.

Adaptive masturbation

Adaptive masturbation is conditionally correct, it provides for the stimulation of the vagina with the help of hands and different toys, teaching a woman a way to achieve a full orgasm. During caresses, those impulses are activated, as a result of which it turns out to reach a peak. Adaptive masturbation implies:

  • stimulation of the labia label, which are always involved in sexual intercourse with a man;
  • the use of a phalloimitator of a suitable size, which will look for erogenous points in the vagina;
  • the use of the vibrator so that the clitoris stimulation join the internal sensations.

It must be remembered that the orgasm from the mechanical effect on the clitoris lasts only a couple of seconds, reducing 25-28 muscles, while the vaginal orgasm cuts from 50 to 200 muscles and lasts much longer.

If you do not accustom your body to adaptive masturbation, its maladaptive form can violate the correctness of sexual impulses, body reactions, making it difficult to orgest during sex with a man.

How to convert a disadaptive into adaptive

The importance of transmitting masturbation into adaptive is understandable. Sexologists emphasize that only in this way a woman will teach herself and her body to respond correctly to sexual intercourse, reaching vaginal orgasm. Otherwise, the habit of quick and easy way to enjoy will lead to anorgazmia.

There are some tips on how to learn adaptive masturbation:

  • In the process of masturbation, the main tool will be the phalloimitator and internal impact, as is the case in sex with a man;
  • It is necessary to treat the process, not as a source of orgasm, but as a training and studying your body;
  • An important condition is strong excitement, solitude, comfortable situation, erotic films will help this;
  • First you can study your body with your fingers, caressing the small labia, clitoris and vagina;
  • You can use a vibrator that will quickly help find the point “G” inside the vagina;
  • In parallel with the stimulation of the vagina, you can caress the clitoris with your fingers, this will only enhance the reaction of erogenous zones;
  • If there are no sex toys, you can stimulate the front wall of the vagina with your fingers or other improvised means.

Over time, such actions will help a woman and her body correctly respond to caresses, reaching a vaginal orgasm. Even if at first during sex it does not work to stimulate the point of the “g” member, the partner will always be able to bring it with your own hands to such an orgasm. Only the adaptive form of masturbation is good for health, it improves the quality of sexual relations between partners.

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