Caught up with masturbation, what to do?

Caught up with masturbation, what to do?.

Caught up with masturbation, what to do?

Most people at different ages are engaged in masturbation. This process is intimate, but it often happens that you have to retire in a variety of places, and the risk of being caught at the most inopportune moment increases. In such an awkward situation, both sides are embarrassed. What to do? How to brighten up the moment?

What to do if you are taken by surprise

How to behave correctly at such a moment depends on the situation. The case is very unpleasant, but you still have to get out of it. What to do if you were burned in the next situation:

Beloved person. A partner can greatly humiliate such a moment, he can calculate that you are missing and feel humiliated. If in your relationship everything is fine and regular sex, then it must be explained that masturbation – This is a way of self -satisfaction, independent of sexual life with a partner. This is a quick and easy way to discharge. Moreover, if the second half has a headache, then self -satisfaction – Option for caring for forced sex.

But if there is no sex, but masturbation is present, then you need to sit down at the negotiating table and Find out the reason for what happened. In no case should you shift the guilt of the partner. You need to try to find a way to solve a serious problem in sexual relations, compromising both.Caught up with masturbation, what to do?

Parents. Most often, at a young age, everyone is engaged in self-satisfaction due to the lack of regular sex and a large number of sex hormones. Parents, before entering the teenager’s room, you need to learn how to knock. If the awkward moment has occurred, in no case should you swear and scream. There is nothing wrong with that. There is no harm from masturbation for the body, so you should not engage in moralizing.

At work. This is definitely not the place where you need to engage in masturbation. But if they burned here, it all depends on who it was:

  • Boss. Everything will solve the character of the leader. Do not go an apology and requests for non -exposure. If you have not immediately fired, most likely, he will no longer raise this topic either with you, all the more with his colleagues.
  • Colleagues, friends. They are unlikely to knock on the leadership. Gossip will spread and grow in paints. To brighten up the moment, you need to try to joke, in no case should you make excuses, they still will not understand. We must come to terms with the fact that an unpleasant nickname «for eyes» It will appear in the team. If a woman burns her girlfriend, perhaps everything will cost an ordinary conversation, and the tips on how best to do this.
  • Colleagues of the opposite sex. Everything is more serious here. Women will not be able to understand masturbation not their man. No one else will communicate. In the eyes of women colleague, masturbation will look like something humiliating. Perhaps it will be better to change the work.

If you really want how to masturbate unnoticed by others

Main – choose the right place and time. It is necessary that in the next 5-15 minutes there is no one next to a chosen secluded corner. Bedroom, shower, your own room, a back payment at work –Suitable for intimate solitude, but it is necessary to make sure 100%that no one will go there in the near future.

Caught up with masturbation, what to do?

Sexual relaxation More and more gaining momentum. Many begin to engage in masturbation in crowded places. Like this? There are many devices from a sex shop that help in this process:

  • Vibrating anal traffic jams. Suitable for both men and women. Control remotely from a smartphone or a special remote control make their use convenient. Silent vibration and minimum sizes are invisible to others.
  • Vibrating egg. Ideal for women. A silent device controlled from the phone will be imperceptibly under the laundry. A convenient tail allows you to easily get it if necessary. The vibro -yard has various forms, the quality of the material and the vibration modes.
  • Vibrating panties with remote control. Women’s device for caressing clitoris, guster G and sphincter using vibration. Ideal for public places.

The use of such toys will help to enjoy masturbation for a long time in public places, and the probability of being caught with them is reduced to zero.

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