Does masturbation help with prostatitis

Does masturbation help with prostatitis.

In recent years, society has more and more loyal to masturbation. A couple of decades ago, handwritten was considered something shameful, humiliating. Now many scientists are speaking in favor of masturbation as a way of preventing many diseases. In this regard, the question arises – whether masturbation helps with prostatitis and is it able to prevent its development?

There is no talk of treatment, because in the case of serious disorders in the work of organs and systems of organs, it will be extremely difficult to get rid of the disease alone with masturbation.

Urologists recommend immediately applying for diagnosis and consultation in the first suspicion of prostatitis.

Masturbation – prevention of prostatitis and whether masturbation helps with stagnant prostatitis

It is important to understand that prostatitis has two causes. As they say, all troubles from the lack of balance.

In the first case, too active sex life without a condom leads to infectious prostatitis, in the second lack of sexual activity causes stagnation and, as a result, stagnant prostatitis.

Of course, the first patients are not up to masturbation and frequent sexual contacts protect the body from some problems, but the risk of infectious infection increases.

But the second do not have a sexual partner and refused masturbation, become a victim of stagnant prostatitis.

In this case, masturbation as prevention of prostatitis is not only possible, but also strictly required. Such patients are attributed to prostate massage, including in order to force it to work, which will ultimately lead to the removal of the acute form of the disease.

It is logical to assume that such patients need masturbation for a kind of load on the prostate gland. For this, a special prostate massager is used, which can be used at home. If it is not, you can go to the clinic to this procedure as a doctor’s appointment.

It is the absence of this load that becomes the cause of the disease. Scientists were able to draw this conclusion thanks to the development of diagnostic devices.

The business is that earlier the diagnosis sounded simply as inflammation of the prostate gland and no one divided the disease into infectious and stagnant, so it was treated simply speaking what and from what.

Now the treatment regimen is different and the methods of prevention are also. In this regard, answering the question – whether masturbation helps with prostatitis, it is important to start undergoing an examination and visit a doctor who will establish an exact cause of.

However, if a person does not lead a sex life and does not masturbate, then it is generally understandable, it remains only with the help of analyzes and consulting a specialist to confirm the diagnosis.

If the cause of prostatitis lies in the absence of regular sexual activity, then doctors write out prostate massage – the procedure is extremely necessary, but not everyone is ready to pass it in the clinic.

For the prevention of these problems and when they appear, you can go the other way – buy a massager for a prostate and perform this manipulation of the house, independently.

Is it possible to masturbate with prostatitis

When the diagnosis has already been made and the treatment has begun, masturbation is able to enhance the effect – as some urologists think.

The fact is that when you got into the pit, the first thing to do is stop digging. Stagnant phenomena must be excluded, for this some procedures are prescribed, well, of course, sexual contacts, or masturbation, in the absence of a partner.

Scientists are different about masturbation with prostatitis revealed, but everyone converges in one-it is impossible not to masturbate, but it is important not to overdate.

Masturbation is a mechanical effect on the genitals and, with an excess of this effect, injuries are possible, both external and internal. To deplete the iron intentionally also to nothing.

In everything you need to learn how to observe the balance. Two to three times a week is considered the best option. If masturbation is more often, then you should contact a sexologist.

How and what to masturbate for prostatitis prevention

Conventional mechanical masturbation is also quite effective, however, the task of the prevention of congestive prostatitis is to influence the prostate.

For this, there are special prostate massagers made of quality materials, taking into account all the anatomical characteristics of the body.

There is an opinion that anal sex in all its manifestations will be useful, but it is worthwhile to understand that such an approach to the prevention of stagnant prostatitis is similar to burning a village in search of a needle in one of the stacks. What do we know in which one and on which side.

Prostate massage is the most effective method of preventing stagnant prostatitis. Do not forget that before any treatment and prevention, you need to consult a doctor.

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