Female masturbation

Female masturbation.

Alas, the topic of masturbation for many is still a taboo. This is strange, given that even the first -grader knows more about sex than we knew at the institute, and high school students will calmly conduct a tour of our store.

Not so long ago there were times when the boys who fell on the house were scared by warts in their arms and sniffing the limbs. Girls should not even know such a word, not to mention practice. This is what perverts and prostitutes do this. And we are not like that.

Now you can’t frighten anyone with such horror films, all competent ones and know how to use the Internet to get answers to the questions that arise. But, all the same, masturbation treat as something optional.

If you have a partner, then caressing yourself is considered strange. This means that he does not satisfy you, that you are good and disperse, right tomorrow. The absence of a partner also does not give concessions. Go, look for a man, otherwise you will get used to it, and there, and there, before the shift of orientation is nearby.

Girls who are not shy about telling how many times and where, in all details, to the question of independent caresses begin to crumble and hide their eyes. So try to raise such a question in a close company and look at the reaction. Then tell us.

So, how do we girls love to give ourselves pleasure?

There are a little grief in the world that a hot bath does not heal

This is the favorite place to relax and relaxation. Not everyone allows the size of this room to put a royal bath, convenient for sex. But the classic size is enough to soak yourself.

A stream of soul or from a crane aimed at Vulva is the most popular way. We advise you not to direct the stream in the vagina, there may be a feeling of dryness. And for the environment that lives there is not very useful.

Make it more pleasant, type water and substitute a sensual place under the stream so that the water column is a softening factor.

Pay attention to the clitoris, it reacts to caressing water much more sensitive than labia or vagina. And the clitoral orgasm is considered the most powerful.

Our hands are not for boredom

Many practice caresses with fingers, palms, fists. It takes a little more time and requires certain skills. We advise you not to do it without lubrication. Of course, with stimulation, its own will begin to stand out, but until this moment you can get irritation.

Than your own handles are good, that you can adjust the speed, press power and place where the most pleasant.

Only only so that no one will disturb you, the room has a comfortable temperature so that you, when you are interested, are not overheated or not overcool.

Everyone is not contagious

Female fantasy, when the body longs to dump stress, has no boundaries. If you have taken the bath, you are not used to wandering with your hands, but the condition that you are ready to rape the first one that has come across, that is, a couple of ways to drop steam.

  • Furniture. Some practice friction about furniture angles. She, of course, deteriorates over time, but copes with a satisfying task.
  • Valiki. Or anything that you can roll sausage. If you actively get lost about such a device, then it is a stone’s throw to orgasm.
  • Vegetables. If you want exotic, take bananas. With a peel. Their slightly rounded shape will reach the point g. I want more sensations, choose cucumbers, with pimples. For fans of classics, zucchini is perfect. Just don’t forget condoms. You can’t bring the infection and it will be much easier to get.
  • Bathroom accessories. Shampoo bottles, deodorants, ordinary toothbrushes and automatic are perfect to satisfy your desires. Only make sure that they are densely closed, and you do not plan to use it by the brush as intended. And this is a rather harsh way, do not overdo it, so as not to get small scratches and do not bring infection. Although there was a story with a girl who massaged the clitoris with a brush for heels. It’s good that everything was without damage. But, hunting – more than captivity 🙂
  • Horseback riding. If a real walk is not available to you right now, it can be simulated on any suitable surface. A pleasant addition will be a dense seam that happens with jeans, the main thing is that it gets where to.
  • Tickling. Great option for very sensitive persons. You can use a feather, a brush or even a flower. Very exciting.

You can fantasize and come up with many more options: from a pencil to condoms filled with cereal and water. But, everything can be much easier. Modern girls choose sexy toys.

Toys for adults

This is where there is fantasy. The modern entertainment market for adults offers a wide selection of items that can give pleasure, even the most picky.

Intimate massagers. Most often they are very sweet and decent in appearance. They can easily massage any part of the body. But you have no idea what pleasure they can give your clitoris. This is just an explosion. If classic sex does not bring orgasms, and this happens often, these toys will become your inconspicuous helpers in the fight against stress.

Separately, it is worth highlighting Womanizer and Satiffyer. The names of these companies have long become common for a certain type of clitoral stimulants. They are like a photocopier, which means any copy apparatus. So, their toys caress your vulva with air streams and impulses. There are no doubt, but this is a quick orgasm every time!

Do not forget about a variety of vibrators and dildos. They can be used for sensual affection of the body and labia with further immersion in the vagina. Moreover, such materials are used now that closing your eyes, you will not distinguish them from the real male organ.

Another peculiar way of masturbation can be called vaginal balls. Enter them and go, you can go to a meeting with friends or to the gym. They will force your intimate muscles to strain, which will lead to orgasm. It is also good for health.

Do not forget about the panties with vibration or special liners in panties. That’s really a pleasure that is always with you. At any time you can activate them, and any boring meeting will sparkle with bright colors.

Masturbation is cool. It’s cool and informative. Do not score your head with useless thoughts, forget for a while about unconnected reports, problem relations or financial matters. Caress yourself and have fun. Just don’t overdo it and harm yourself. Do not use sharp and dangerous items that may injure you. Enjoy yourself without consequences and come to us for toys and lubricants!

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