Harm of masturbation for men

Harm of masturbation for men.

The harm of masturbation for men occurs when self -satisfaction prevails over sexual contacts with the opposite sex, and also occurs more often 3 times a week. In sexology, it is precisely the number of acts of owned -handed manobludia that is accepted for the norm, everything else negatively affects the psyche and physical condition of the representative of the stronger sex.

Male masturbation, from the point of view of sexology, has many advantages and is able to get rid of a bunch of problems. Deviation of self -satisfaction is not considered, rather, opposite the representatives of the stronger sex, it is recommended not to bring to stagnation and occasionally unload the psyche, which, as a result of sexual tension, falls into a state of frustration. Then where does the harm of masturbation come from for men and how to avoid it?

How many times a week can a man masturbate?

Of course, there are hundreds of questions on this topic, but I would not believe them. Firstly, obviously not everyone interviewed, and secondly, who will tell the truth? But even studies show that the vast majority of men are engaged in self -satisfaction at least once a week, about a third do this almost every day and masturbate about 10% more than once a day.

The physiology of the male body is arranged in such a way that the more often the ejaculation occurs, the more actively the sperm is produced. So, an additional load is on the prostate gland. Thus, the frequency of masturbation can increase and the need for this only increases.

On the forums I managed to find many reviews from men who resort to self -satisfaction more than 5 times in a day! From all this, it should be concluded that the amount of ejaculations is practically not limited, you just need to regularly “train” so that the body’s resources are reconfigured to the production of seed fluid.

In sexology, there are concepts of norms that share healthy masturbation from dependence and pathology. This norm is based on not only psycho-emotional aspects, but also the physiology of the male body. Scientists came to the conclusion that the positive effect of masturbation is observed at 2-3 times a week, everything else is harmful. And sometimes quite significant.

What harm of masturbation for men does it exist

And so, we found out that per week 2-3 acts of self-satisfaction with subsequent ejaculation are beneficial and favorably affects the entire male body. It is better to have a sexual partner, but if it is not, an alternative in the form of self -satisfaction is quite acceptable and even recommended by sexologists.

If a man masturbates more often, and even more so several times a day, then he risks facing serious problems. Some manifest themselves almost immediately, others have a cumulative effect. Once you have to contact a specialist to get rid of a detrimental habit.

Irritation of the urinary canal and the head of the penis

If a man does not use a special masturbator and lubricant, but reaches ejaculation using mechanical exposure to the penis, then frequent masturbation can very quickly end in injuries. This is the most common irritation of the urinary canal and inflammation of dermatitis. In medicine, this is called rubbing.

The main symptoms include discomfort, as if the foreskin is constantly itching, and frequent urge to the toilet along a small. And the more often urination occurs, the more often I want. But there is no urine. Can be confused with prostatitis, but if you masturbate more than 3 times a week, then most likely your urinary canal is annoyed.

Neurosis of a masturbation

The nervous system under the influence of the psyche is able to rebuild the body’s resources and with too frequent masturbation, attention will be fixed on sexual activity. Self -satisfaction decides only a physiological need, releasing the testicles from sperm, but does not close the need for intimacy. Not a full discharge does not occur.

The man is trying again and again. There is a dofomin, but the nervous system does not calm down, but on the contrary, it requires even more. Because they seem to have received what you need, but not quite, a little was not enough. The psyche is not able to understand that handwritten will not give the feelings and emotions that we receive during intercourse with representatives of a gentle sex.

The endless pursuit of the impossible will accelerate the nervous processes. As a result, anxiety, irritability, neurosis will arise. The development of nerve ticks, insomnia, quick fatigue is possible. The medical name for this phenomenon is a neurosis of a masturbation.

Spinal impotence

Spinal impotence is an erectile dysfunction that occurred as a result of damage to the nervous points responsible for the erection. This violation occurs most often at the age of 40 years in men who abuse masturbation.

It is characterized by the fact that sexual desire and libido is preserved, but there is no opportunity to commit an act. The member does not get up in other words. After the examination, a specialist can find a reason for lovers of owned -handedness is most often the exhaustion of the center of erection.

The first sign will be early ejaculation during intercourse with a woman, then a weak orgasm or its absence, and then the erection itself disappears. Fortunately, spinal impotence is treated, but far from always the process itself is quite long.

Stagnant prostatitis

There is an important retreat here. Masturbation is one of the ways of preventing stagnant prostatitis, because it supports the prostate gland in good shape. Ejaculation contributes to its active work and, as a result, the absence of stagnation. But too frequent handwritten gives a completely reverse result.

During the production of sperm, the prostate functions, and at the time of ejaculation the muscles are sharply reduced. This is useful exactly until it starts to happen too often.

Then the fabrics do not have time to recover, their exhaustion, inflammatory processes and an increase in the prostate gland begins.  A man develops prostatitis.

Loss of the body’s useful substances

The composition of sperm includes a large number of acids, sugars, potassium ions, iron, magnesium, nitrates. The loss of several grams of sperm 2-3 times a week is absolutely not critical, even opposite triggers the process of updating seed fluid and supports the quality of sperm at a high level.

Those who abuse masturbation are completely different from. Too frequent ejaculation forces the body to produce more and more sperm, a man loses a decent amount of necessary and useful substances.

As a result, there is a deficiency of potassium, magnesium, sugars and acids, which ultimately leads to the development of a number of diseases. For example, heart problems are a completely logical result. The quality of sperm is greatly reduced due to a banal shortage of the desired composition.

Adrenaline rush

Another harm to masturbation for men lies in the negative consequences at the chemistry level. During intercourse, the hormone adrenaline is released. Very often this is the cause of passion and trembling throughout the body, which ultimately leads to a bright orgasm of both sexes. During masturbation, the same thing occurs. And this is not bad, but again in the framework of the norm. And then continuous troubles.

Adrenaline is a stress hormone and, with its frequent development, a man becomes alarming, apathetic, often experiences fear and emotional discomfort. Stress resistance and immunity are sharply reduced.

Frequent infectious diseases, sleep disturbance, decrease in performance, increase in blood pressure, muscle pain, pancreatic inflammation, sweating. Here are only part of the symptoms of excess adrenaline in the blood.

Consequences of normalization of masturbation in men

The harm of masturbation in men is quite serious and it would be proper to avoid it. This can be done not only with the help of a partner and regular sexual life, but also with normalizing the frequency of self -satisfaction.

The first thing is to purchase a masturbator. This will eliminate the mechanical irritation of the barrel and the head of the penis, as well as the uric canal. Ideally use automatic products, they create the effect of full sexual intercourse. But it already depends on the financial capabilities.

Next, it is necessary to minimize masturbation. By the same 2-3 times per week. It is even better if the ownership will occur 1-2 times every 7 days. If you have a partner, it is not necessary to refuse self -satisfaction, you can do this a couple of times a month.

As a result of all these actions, the so -called Belov phenomenon will come. This is when the prostate gland encounters a rare ejection of sperm. Its secret is not directed to the formation of sperm, but goes into the blood, exerting an inhibitory effect on the sexual system. Thus, its activity returns to normal.

Prostate tissues manage to recover, beneficial substances remain in the body, the psyche calms down, the nervous system gets rid of neurosis. Sexual desire and erectile function of the body are stabilized.

A man feels a surge of strength, does not feel anxiety, depression and apathy. The mood is normalized, and the fixation on sex disappears. Hormonal balance also returns to normal, quality sleep is returning.

Masturbation is useful only in the correct volumes. Everything else causes tremendous harm to the body and this is no longer a joke. Groldness will not help get rid of underfort. His only task is to eject excess sperm and emotional unloading. Twice a week is enough to achieve this result.

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