How to choose a masturbator | Types, choice, reviews

How to choose a masturbator.

How to choose a masturbator | Types, choice, reviews
What masturbators are popular in the world and around the world? What is the difference between the most interesting models? What to pay attention to when buying the first masturbator? Features of these sex toys and recommendations for the purchase and application.

Masturbators differ in shape, sensations, sizes, materials. What types are – read in this article. Here we will talk about the most popular types of sex toys for men and the features of their choice and application.

Disposable masturbators

Disposable masturbators are devices that allow you to get a new pleasure each time. Their internal relief can be very different, and it is worth trying everyone. For the first time, such devices were proposed by the Japanese company Tenga. They released masturbators that look like an egg. Inside an elastic device for erotic massage, a bag with a lubricant. After applying the toy should immediately be thrown out. It is not intended for washing. But often people use it not one, but two or three times.

A feature of disposable models – modest cost, But vivid sensations. Manufacturers try to make use more interesting. And you can even buy a set of disposable masturbators with a different internal pattern in order to feel something new every time.

Disposable masturbators are compact, light. Just take them on travel. Something is not required additionally. Lubrication is already in the set.

Fleshlight – the best in the world

The most famous masturbators around the world are Fleshlight. The American company has created devices that really receive Thousands of positive reviews. Plus all masturbators – a realistic material, a convenient external shape and a perfectly thought -out internal relief. Fleshlight offers several dozen devices that give completely different sensations.

The line has shortened travel models, copies of porn stars, imitators of anal, oral and vaginal sex. The most common form is a flashlight, but there are models in the form of a can of beer or soda. A delicate internal structure, the ability to heat the insert with ordinary water and simple care is favorably distinguished by such masturbators among other models.

The first masturbator of this brand was released in 1998. And over 19 years, the company has become a leader in the world to create the best sex toys for men.

MEGA Maspurbators

Modern vibrators can work miracles. There are models that combine at once Many functions. For example, Twerking Butt is a sex toy connected with 3D glasses. It is controlled by a smartphone, and can recreate sensations that will be much brighter than communication with a real person.

Twerking Butt knows how to vibrate, do massage, heat up. The ass is trained in Tverking, and these shocks really excite. Two holes imitate anal and vaginal sex. And, using special films created specifically for such masturbators, you can suddenly experience everything that happens in the movie.

Similar models can have many special possibilities. The number of movements is very diverse. Sensations are much brighter than when using ordinary masturbators. But at the same time, the price of the device is also different.

Masturbators -copies of porn -stars

Porn stars excite great desires for thousands of men. And today, masturbators create famous girls on a cast of a vagina or anus. This is a real opportunity have sex with a star, which you used to see only on the screen. In this case, the relief of the vagina or anus will exactly correspond to a living person.

Copies of the genitals of the porn stars are created from realistic materials. They are very tender inside and really pleasant to the touch. Depth, relief, input features are repeated to the smallest detail, and some models even sign manually to perfectly repeat the color of the color of a particular person.

The most famous series of masturbators created by casts of the bodies of real people:

  • Penthouse Toys.
  • Hustler.
  • All Star Porn Stars.
  • Fleshlight Girl.

The price of realistic masturbators of porn stars starts at 2000 rubles. A good model from Fleshlight will cost 5-7 thousand rubles.

Sets of masturbators

For beginners it is not always clear which toy will like. That is why the sets of masturbators are created, where several models are collected, which give different sensations. The difference can be in the relief, in the diameters of the holes. The set always costs much cheaper, than a few things bought separately.

A set of masturbators is a great gift. Stylish packaging and non-compliance with some parameters-this is what can be handed to a friend, a friend, a relative. It can be both a serious and comic surprise, which will always be welcome.

How to use masturbators correctly?

After buying a masturbator, thorough processing of a sex toy is required. Disinfection will clear the device from everything that could get inside during production or transportation. It is advisable to clean with a special wedger, it will eliminate not only dust, but also bacteria.

You need to use any masturbator with a special lubricant. He will slip smoothly, and all movements are pleasant. Lubrication will prevent rubbing, accelerate orgasm approaching time. But the type of lubrication must be selected based on their material sex toy. A water -based lubricant is suitable for any type of masturbators, but it can evaporate, it is added in the process. Silicone lubricant is used only with PVC masturbators, but it is very economical, does not require adding.

Some types of masturbators are recommended before use Heat. For example, Fleshlight are ideal for this. The inner soft part for 5-10 minutes should be lowered into warm water, and only then proceed to use. You can heat the inside with a special device, it is inserted by a hole 10 minutes before the start of use, creating the desired temperature.

After using the masturbator, you need to wash. Waterproof models are often simply washed under running water. Megamasurbators are often sold with special sprinting, which allows you to carry out hygienic procedures. It is perfect to wash the toy immediately after use, so that the lubricant and biological fluids do not bend. At the same time, bacteria do not develop in them, they are easily erased from the surface. If you understand that you will not go to wash the device right away, use it with a condom.

Realistic masturbators are stored in a special pond. It retains the integrity of the material. If you do not use it, delicate material can crack, roll or just lose its properties. If the toy is not used for more than 2 months, talc will have to be changed.

Store masturbators away from direct sunny better. Almost all materials cannot make their effects. Try to clean the sex toy in places where there is no dust or dirt, so that before the next experience it is not necessary to wash the masturbator.

Remember that male sex toys are individual things. It is not recommended to transfer them to someone.

How to choose a good masturbator?

First, decide what feelings you want to experience. What is more interesting for you: oral, vaginal or anal sex. Perhaps you decide that you want to alternate the sensations. After the decision is made, the circle of possible options immediately narrow.

Decide how much you are ready to spend on the first toy. The high price of universal models with the ability to regulate pressure, create a vacuum and other sensations justified. Such a device will really delight with every use. The presence of vibration and rotation is also a good option. But all this increases the price by at least 30-40%. If you are not sure that you need these functions, buy a simple model. After using it, you will already know that it is really worth adding.

When buying, pay attention to Product material, Features of care. The simpler it is, the better. After all, not after every orgasm I want to spend many minutes in the bathroom, removing the remnants of pleasure. Remember this when buying a masturbator.

Pay attention to the manufacturer of sex toys. Famous companies guarantee good quality and complete safety of their models. Buy from trusted suppliers so as not to encounter fakes. And remember that high -quality sex is important, and you need to use only things that do not threaten health.

The price of masturbators in the world

The price of disposable masturbators in 2017 starts at 500 rubles. Purchases in the kit reduce the cost. A conventional masturbator with one PVC hole will cost 1500-3000 rubles, depending on the manufacturer. Vibration models cost from 2500 rubles, but the more modes, the more expensive.

Ordinary Fleshlight in the world costs from 4,500 rubles. Models from this company, copying porn stars, from 6,000 rubles. Options created from the casts of famous girls from other companies will cost from 3,500 rubles to 15,000 rubles.

High-tech vibrators cost more than 10,000 rubles. The more opportunities, the more money you will have to give. The price for Twerking Butt depending on the configuration from 35,000 to 42,000 rubles.

The cost of a full -size silicone doll can be more than 1 million rubles. Some American and Japanese companies offer models that are made according to the customer sketches. Their price is from 3 to 7 thousand dollars, not counting the delivery.

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