How to end without jerking off: methods without hands and masturbation

How to finish without jerking off?.

Masturbation implies the stimulation of the genitals and erogenous zones in order to obtain pleasure and orgasm. But it is not always possible to bring itself to orgasm with the help of hands and sex toys, we are talking about male masturbation, with which you can finish without touching the genitals. What techniques do in this case practice? How to finish without jerking off? You can find out more about this in the article further.

How to end without jerking off: methods without hands and masturbation

Ways to achieve orgasm without hands and masturbation

Most often, in order to end without masturbation, people practice different alternative techniques, which belong to the maladaptive form of masturbation. These are those movements, manipulations and methods that are completely dissimilar to sexual intercourse. For example:

Masturbation with water. Both a man and a woman in the bathroom or soul can practice technique. If this is a bath, you need to lie in it so that the genital area is located directly under the tap of water, spread the legs to the sides and turn it on, directing it to the genitals. Or use the shower head, spraying water to the penis/vagina. You can caress yourself by approaching and driving water, increased pressure, temperature changes.

How to end without jerking off: methods without hands and masturbation

Friction. In this case, a man or woman rubs with their genitals about different suitable items – a pillow between the legs, a roller from a towel, a back of a chair or sofa, a vibrating washing machine in the squeezing mode and much more. Some manage to end even from friction of the genital organs on the tight fabric of underwear.

How to end without jerking off: methods without hands and masturbation

Compression and crossing of the legs. Rhythmic compression of the legs, their crossing, tension of the groin muscles leads to an flow of blood, increased sensitivity of the genital organs, and as excited to myom -compressive orgasm grows.

Anal stimulation. Without direct contact with the genitals, an orgasm and a mass of pleasure is possible if you influence the anus. To do this, you can use special sex toys, such as balls or vibrator.

Nipples stimulation. Most often, women practice such a way of getting pleasure and strong orgasm, since their nipples have increased sensitivity. You can caress the chest with different improvised objects, fabric, ice cubes and even sex toys. Often, men also prefer this method of stimulation to achieve an orgasm without contact with a member.

Not so long ago, another type of orgasm achieved without sex and masturbation was officially established and adopted – Korgasm. It is inherent in more than the male half of society, we are talking about unintentional ejaculation against the background of intense physical exertion and sports.

Rules and tips

To masturbate without touching the genital organ with your hands, it is important not only to know acceptable techniques and methods, but also to adhere to precautions. They relate to the following points:

  • hygiene – genitals and everything that will be in contact with them should be clean and disinfected;
  • Lubrication – regardless of how stimulation will occur, erogenous zones and involved objects must be lubricated by a special lubricant so as not to injure the skin;
  • improvised objects – You cannot use dubious objects to stimulate erogenous points, otherwise you can harm health and injure;
  • moderation – too intense and rough mechanical effects can cause irritation, scratches, bruises and even fractures;
  • periodicity – maladaptive forms of masturbation can be practiced extremely rarely so as not to provoke the development of the reflex of ejaculation from unnatural stimulation (leads to anorgazmia).

Non -standard methods of masturbation, when a man or woman experience an orgasm from indirect contact with the genitals, is appropriate, but much less often than the usual techniques. Otherwise, the body can get used to unnatural techniques, which will negatively affect sexual life in the future. The habit of incorrect masturbation will be extremely difficult to overcome.

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