Is it possible to refuse masturbation

Is it possible to refuse masturbation.

According to doctors and psychologists, masturbation is useful – if she is not abused, and she does not grow into a mental disorder. However, some people refuse masturbation for reasons of a moral and ethical nature-including in order to save their erotic energy for a loved one. Alas, for the body the consequences of such a refusal may be too serious. Today we’ll talk about whether it is possible to abandon masturbation.

Is it possible to abandon masturbation without health risk

The process of self -satisfaction is beneficial for our physical and mental health:

  • We get discharge in the absence of a sexual partner;
  • Young people know their body, get acquainted with its most sensitive points, learn to receive orgasms;
  • Inside the pelvis and in the genitals, blood circulation is normalized.

Masturbation also relieves headaches. In an attempt to explain this phenomenon, scientists put forward several versions.

Perhaps the suppression chains are activated in the brain. As an option, pain can be suppressed due to the activation of the hypothalamus site. Women feel pain less acutely if stimulating the back wall of the vagina – this is part of the body’s adaptation to childbirth.

Refusal of masturbation deprives us of all these “bonuses”. Suffering from the lack of sex, we are sad and nervous, we become less productive in work.

However, in men, side effects are sometimes more significant than just a bad mood.

Refusal of masturbation increases the risk of prostate cancer

According to statistics, under the age of 40, the presence of at least 21 ejaculation monthly reduces the risk of prostate oncology by a third.

Reasoning that frequent masturbation, on the contrary, provokes prostate cancer does not have scientific confirmation.

Moreover, doctors themselves strongly recommend to men prostate massage, which completely eliminates the possibility of developing congestive prostatitis. You can see what massagers are here here.

A living partner does not excite

A man gets so accustomed to self -satisfaction that the touch of another person seems to him lethargic and unpleasant.

This is especially common in those who include porn during masturbation. The problem is easily solved: as soon as the partner understands what erogenous points of the lover should be influenced, the erection will return. In this case, a temporary rejection of masturbation for the sake of sex together will only benefit.

Regular ejaculations contribute to the normalization of blood pressure in men, prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases. The positive effects of masturbation on health are not as pronounced as sex with a partner – but it is better than nothing.

Is it possible to refuse masturbation and what is it useful?

The benefits of the refusal of masturbation bring much less than the guardians of morality await. Firstly, it helps to prepare for sports or communication in high colors with an aggressive rival. A week after the beginning of complete abstinence, the concentration of testosterone in male blood and saliva becomes a peak.

A person draws on physical activity, struggle, competition, which allows you to achieve good results in the competition. However, in the course of long abstinence, the production of a male hormone, on the contrary, decreases.

Secondly, the risk of irritation of the skin or injury of the penis comes down to zero. This is relevant only for those who intensively masturbate several times a day.

If the erect member is sharply bent during masturbation, this will lead to its fracture due to the rupture of the blood filled with blood.

You can diagnose a fracture according to only visual signs: the male organ swells, darkens and becomes like eggplant. Only a surgeon will be able to return it to its original state.

During sex with a partner, a fracture is also possible – but in practice it most often happens during masturbation.

Finally, the lack of self -satisfaction before meeting with your loved one will allow you to properly prepare for a date in both emotional and physiological terms.

Decide for yourself for how long to deprive yourself of sex – for three days, for a week or for two weeks. After conscious abstinence, your love night will be especially hot and incomparable.

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