Male masturbation: interesting methods and improvised means

Male masturbation – all secrets.

Male masturbation: interesting methods and improvised means

The act of self -satisfaction is so overgrown with anti -scientific myths that there are still figures who accuse masturbation not only of human spirituality, but also for his physical health. The church still stigmatizes masturbation as one of the most serious vices, and medicine not so long ago renounced obscurantist ideas about the nature of this phenomenon. At the end of the 19th century, John Kellog, a doctor from the United States, treated addiction to masturbation in men by sewing the foreskin, which made an erection with painful sensations. In 1927, the Tver printing house released a brochure entitled “masturbation”, where self -satisfaction was recognized as a dangerous disease, as well as in the book of Jonathan Brown from 1860, in which Mr. Brown writes that masturbation can lead to dementia. By the way, he proves this by the fact that during masturbation, a person falls into trance states and his face becomes meaningless.

Currently, sexologists have ceased to demonize masturbation, recognizing it with an important part of the intimate life of a healthy person. She comes from the knowledge of her own sexuality – the study of preferences in bed and reactions to certain caresses.

According to statistics, 90% of men masturbate – that is, the vast majority. Masturbated those who are not in a relationship and those who have a partner, this is a universal lesson. Classic massage of a member with a tightly compressed palm can be diversified by applying small tricks.

Explosive orgasms from masturbation

Fridge massage: a man makes pressing movements on the seam of the head of the penis, the most sensitive place on the penis. This is unlikely to lead to orgasm in itself, but it will diversify the affection well.

Endless entrance is a technique owned by girls who visited sex training. This method of stimulation of the penis differs in that it is carried out by both hands, which alternately slide from the tip of the penis to the base. The head with this method is stimulated especially actively, since it is not closed by the foreskin.

By making standard reciprocating movements, it is better to make them in a spiral-this increases the effect on the cornice of the head. Those who have not slept with a woman for a long time can simulate sexual intercourse with a partner, if they masturbate, lying on their stomach, with a high -quality masturbator, the illusion will be more complete.

Well, the most courageous do not lose, having tried masturbation with an anal stimulant – it has long been known that prostate massage increases the strength of orgasm in men many times. It is not at all necessary to buy thick corks, there are small thin anal stimulants with a corrugated surface that will enter the most undeveloped ass without difficulty.

How to make a masturbator from improvised means

For a bright orgasm, you will need 2 sponges for washing dishes and condom. The sponges need to be put in a narrow glass, placing the abrasive side to the walls, and place a condom between them. The edges of the condom are pulled onto the edge of the glass, and the inside is generously lubricated with a lubricant. To help you can take your favorite porn video and – a trip to the country of pleasure is ready.

The glass should be taken with strong walls so that in the paroxysm of bliss not to crush it with your hand, and it is a lubricant, and not oil or shaving gel in a condom.

A homemade masturbator can also be made with a towel, spinning it tightly in a roll and placing it in the middle of the condom. As in the case of a glass, the condom is pulled on the edges of the towel and generously lubricated from the inside with a high -quality intimate lubricant.


You should not masturbate with the help of a deodorant, carrots, cucumbers and other dubious objects. They are able to sit tight in the anus, grief of the masturbation will have to go to the emergency room, and, blushing, ask for the help of doctors.

Doubtful experiments with putting pasta, wire or fishing line into the urethral canal are just as better set aside – all these items can not only injure the urethra, but also get stuck in a member, which is again fraught with going to the doctor.

Masturbation is a good prevention of prostate diseases – it provokes the supply of the pelvic organs with blood, which reduces the risk of prostatitis and other tumor diseases of this gland. For men in age, this lesson strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and reduces the risks of urinary incontinence. The main thing is not to get carried away and not replace with masturbation all other methods of sexual activity.

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