Masturbation and masturbation is a sin or not

Masturbation in different religions.

Ancient people suggested that it was passion that rules the world, so they believed that during a sex, when a person is at the peak of bliss, he rises to heaven and meets with the Divine Spirit. So, sex is a certain force that all people are endowed.

Masturbation and masturbation is a sin or not

Mastard through the eyes of religions

But the ancient society, as well as modern, was ambiguous to masturbation. Until now, many religious communities have the opinion that masturbation leads to various physiological disorders, although scientists have long recognized the desire for sexual discharge through masturbation by a quite natural desire for a healthy person. In this article, we will talk about the connection of religion with sexual joys and consider, masturbation sin or not.

Orthodox religion

Judges masturbation very categorically: she equates her to sins “against herself”, as well as a sexual act with the face of her gender. All these acts are considered unnatural and are condemned, so the committing them should repent and confess in the church. Thus, in Orthodoxy masturbation sin.


It was also believed that handwritten is sin. In addition, this action could previously be punished. Interrupted sexual intercourse is also sinful, t. To. The whole strength of a man goes into the ground, and does not enter where God needs, t. e. In the bosom of women to continue the human race.  Note that in the Bible itself, no line is written about the owned. Catholics believe that during masturbation, a person interacts with the devil, which is certainly a sinful. Basically, masturbation in the religions of the followers of Christ is condemned.


The sin of masturbation definitely criticizes. There is a parable in the Torah, which says a man who did not want to fertilize his brother’s wife and therefore did not end in her. This is not a house, but this is a sin, since the human seed should not disappear, it should go to the female bosom and give birth. Judaists believe that sperm is an invaluable liquid, t. To. Human life cannot be appreciated. In addition, the release of this fluid without the desire of conception was equated with bloodshed, which itself is a strong sin.

Masturbation and masturbation is a sin or not

Islamic theologians

The majority also recognize the sin of the handwritten. But Muslims can atone for their guilt and be forgiven if masturbation took place at the time of a great desire and was made to avoid even more sin – adultery, or if a person does this to relieve sexual stress, but not indulging in him. Muslims claim that the genitals of a man in any case should belong to his harem, concubines, and not himself, t. e. He should not perform sexual intercourse with himself.

Religion Taoism

Masturbation and Taoism are connected by completely different bonds, here otherwise interpret this sexual action. So, the Taoists believe that masturbation activates a certain qi energy. But despite this, ejaculation should not occur, because in any case, throwing the seed unnecessarily is unacceptable. Thus, they practiced holding their life energy. Many rituals did not do without sperm, it was considered sacred and with the help of it were consecrated by various amulets.


They were engaged in collective handwriting. They believed that in this way they give rise to the renewal of a new still incomprehensible power of man.

Ancient people

They also masturbated. Until now, archaeologists find drawings on the walls of caves and stones that depict a masturbating person. Primitive tribes believed that the eruption of sperm is a symbol of fertility.

Earlier, people have already thought about the benefits and dangers of various sexual acts, some of the societies were deified of masturbation, and some on the contrary despised and condemned her. But today, sex is not a forbidden topic, and we know that there is nothing reprehensible in the ownership, especially in those moments when you are not married/not married or do not want to indulge in carnal joys outside or side.

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