Masturbation in relationships – treason? Opinions of men and women | Informative

Masturbation in relationships – treason? Opinions of men and women.

Masturbation in relationships – treason? Opinions of men and women | Informative
Men and women perceive masturbation in different ways. We decided to find out the opinion of our readers, it was divided. And there is no correct or erroneous position, everyone perceives self-satisfaction in a pair in their own way.

Hard male position

The position of a man is very defined, he believes that “giving himself 100%” to another person is a serious mistake. Entering a relationship, a person should have his own interests, daily routine, friends and life that exists without a partner intervention. Because when relations begin to fall apart, the only person who can console you is you yourself. And sex with yourself is the norm, not a pathology.

Love yourself

The man recalls that at the beginning of his relationship his girlfriend advised him if he feels the need to relieve tension, just tell her. However, over time, she fulfilled her promise less and less, explaining this by the fact that she did not want. But at the same time, the act of masturbation was perceived negatively, the reaction was negative.

Psychologist’s opinion: It is important to discuss the sexual needs for a couple, and if there is dissatisfaction, look for compromises. Conviction is not a way out, you need to look for a joint solution.

Masturbation is natural

The most inconvenient thing is that she refused a man in her intimate photos that would help him relieve tension. It seemed unpleasant for her that there were generally fantasies. And it is she who denies them.

Psychologist’s opinion: The attitude to masturbation is formed by the environment, often it is not adequate. Parents do not discuss this topic, the woman herself does not always understand how to react. And here it is important to discuss this moment, make it clear that porn does not replace relations. That viewing is not dangerous for her, does not cause cooling feelings that jealousy is inappropriate.Masturbation in relationships – treason? Opinions of men and women | Informative

Female attitude and resentment

According to the girl, masturbation is an addition to sexual life, there is nothing wrong with this. However, if one person does not have enough sex in a couple of sex, and the second does not satisfy this need and prefers to masturbate, then this is an occasion to clarify the relationship.

Psychologist’s opinion: Each couple establishes their own rules for sex. And “correct” can only be for a certain union. If there is discontent, it does not need to be silent, it is worth discussing and finding a solution.

Why is it necessary?

A woman is sure that any masturbation of married people is an unhealthy behavior that requires correction. That there should not be a man or woman to deliver her contentment, because for this there is a partner.

Psychologist’s opinion: Most often condemn the masturbation those who themselves did not learn to enjoy it. Masturbation of an adult is not a pathology, but the norm. Most people do this, although they do not often advertise. The condemnation of the process is found, often associated with children’s prohibitions.

Masturbation is good

According to experts, masturbation is not only good for health, but can also help a person to know his body better and thereby positively affect the whole sex life. Understanding his needs, a person can convey them to his partner, which can lead to an increase in joint activity.

According to the study, people who are engaged in masturbation can boast of a more complete sexual life than those who prefer not to do this. Masturbation in relationships is normal, it is not necessary. But if there is any discontent, it is worth discussing it.

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