Masturbation of male and female urethra: what is it, how, why?

Masturbation of male and female urethra: what is it, how, why?.

Masturbation of the urethra is irritation of the urethra with the aim of getting pleasure, often with a conscious causing moderate pain. Since the urethral channel has an elongated form, we are talking about introducing foreign objects into it. Which, in turn, with skillful treatment of them and lead to sexual pleasure.

Eloquent name

Urethral masturbation is most often indicated by the term “sauning”. It is necessary to explain its origin. Translated from English sounds – sound, sounder – echo sounder. .

The approach to examinations has been preserved to this day, but the doctors in the course of the term “bugging”. It is used for therapeutic procedures, for diagnosis. And not only urethers, but also of other hollow organs (trachea, larynx, esophagus, cervix, rectum).

Doctors use the Buzh tool in the work. It is made of durable material, of metal. Has the shape of the rod, it is tough or flexible. On this, perhaps, the similarity with sexual accessories ends, and fans of urethral masturbation left in their vocabulary precisely “Sounding”.

Why like it

Due to what a person is pleasure when an extraneous subject is in his urethra? The fact is that this hollow tubular organ has nervous endings on the inner surface.

Urethra is located near sensitive (erogenous zones). This applies to both men and women. The urethra is annoyed – they are annoyed and they.

Echoes of a pleasant sensation spread:

  • in men on the head of the penis, prostate;
  • Women in a point G, clitoral region.

At the same time, both are able to control the threshold behind which the pain begins. And, accordingly, strengthen or weaken the effect on the urethra with independent masturbation.

With the introduction of objects, the main attention is paid to the expansion of the channel. It can be soft, delicate. But also more assertive (such a version is preferred by people with a tendency to BDSM technicians). And, of course, no one canceled the most natural type of movements, reciprocating.

All the same anatomical difference in the sexes dictates the differences in the process:

  • In men, this is stroking the penis of the penis with pressing, while the irritating object is placed to the depth of the barrel;
  • In women, this acceleration or slowing of external masturbating movements with the introduced subject.

The intensity depends on the sensations and changes at the discretion of the one who receives masturbation.

Who likes best

There are observations that men are resorting to sauning more often to achieve unprecedented heights of sexual arousal. The anatomical features probably matter here.

Masturbation of male urethra

Almost the entire male urethra is located inside the penis barrel. Roughly speaking, “everything is in your hands”. In sight, under control.

There is another secret. During the sauning, the output of the ejaculate is blocked. Free from sperm or not, the owner of the situation decides. When I decided that it was time, the orgasm is much more piercing compared to ordinary sexual intercourse.

Masturbation of female urethra

Features of the body of a woman are such that the entire reproductive system is located inside, hidden from the eyes. This is one of the reasons why many couples avoid this way to masturbate. Do not feel the ability to control the process, are afraid to experiment.

Nevertheless, women of such exquisite pleasures are quite desirable, because the sensitivity of the urethra is objective. Squirt generated from the sex glands (female ejaculation fluid) is the best confirmation of this.

What is used for urethra masturbation

There is a whole direction in the production of sex toys and devices intended for masturbation of male and female urethra. When visiting special stores, it is easy to find what you need by contacting the seller for advice.

From the popular:

  • Sunders made of silicone material with balls (they play a massage role), including with vibration modes;
  • Brass urethral expanders.

Medical (pharmacy) catheters are also used.

Precautionary measures

An important point. The thickness of the device is more than 1 centimeter is not recommended. It makes sense for beginners to start with soft silicone catheter 5-7 millimeters.

The problem is objectively observed: sometimes in the absence of special devices, household items are used. For example, a handle of a toothbrush. The choice is due to the material – the relative flexibility of plastic. But in the heat of passions should not be neglected by a sanitary. Goods from an adult store are often accompanied by antiseptic.


When introducing an object-monk to the urethra, you must lubricate its rounded tip with vaseline oil. Either a grease attached to a sex toy.

Then the most interesting. Since the sensitivity is individual, it is necessary to start “catching” your sensations. Where the responsiveness on the urethra wall is the highest, that zone should be exposed.

To bring sexual experiences to the maximum, additionally stimulate other erogenous areas, including:

  • the anal hole of the representatives of both sexes;
  • a woman’s vagina;
  • The man has a scrotum, a member himself (including with the help of an erective ring, worn on the base of a member of the erection);
  • any other methods that increase the feeling of pleasure.

On the verge of foul

The pursuit of pleasant sexual pleasures is laid down by nature, otherwise it would not have affected humanity so clearly. However, commitment to extreme types of pleasure should be in harmony with healthy caution.

Urologists and gynecologists advise

As mentioned above, urethral masturbation is closely adjacent to pain. “Pleasant” types of pain weaken the sense of safety. And now not far from obtaining a mechanical injury of the penis.

The use of not clean objects can lead to infection of the urethral channel. Hence the inflammation, and not only the urethra, but also the entire genitourinary system (in advanced cases).

Sexologists and psychologists warn

Dependence on the irritation of the urethra is the factor of getting used to this particular type of sexual satisfaction. Other ways may fade, go into the background, become secondary. Alas, this is also found. Relations between the spouses are cooled if one of them has become a fan of urethral masturbation and any sexual contact reduces it to it in incision with the desire of a partner/partner.

From the first steps to skill

Human intimate life is a subtle sphere that is not subject to strict regulation. The same type of pleasure will expand to someone a palette of emotions, and someone can make someone unhappy (due to the improper implementation of the method). You need to understand for yourself: do I want this. If so, then try it is not prohibited.

What beginners need to know

Interest in the masturbation of the male and female urethra is dictated by curiosity and the search for new sensations. And they loom very pleasant for the future.

In women, the skill of irritation of the genitourinary channel is more concentrated at the entrance to it. In men, the highest aerobatics – the creation of an air traffic jam inside the channel to delay the seed stream with the entered tool.

Inattentive movements often lead to discomfort the day after the plenipation. Most often it is plowing, burning when urinating. Experienced ones advise not to run ahead of the steam locomotive, but to act carefully, gradually walking along the steps of pleasure without side effects.

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