Masturbation with an electric toothbrush

Masturbation with an electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes have recently become quite popular. The vibrations of such a brush can lead you to the use of the product during masturbation, and you may even want to buy nozzles for a toothbrush. But is it a good idea?

Why is masturbation with an electric shock harmful to health?

The toothbrush is always in the bathroom at hand and there is a feeling that its vibrations can give many pleasant moments during masturbation. But this is not so. Vulva is much more sensitive than the gums, and the moving bristles of the brush can seriously damage it.

Even if you do not notice this during masturbation or hold only the back of the brush head on the clitoris, the bristles can cause tiny gaps of the mucous membrane. In addition, bacteria remain on the already used brush. The combination of bacteria and injuries will quickly lead to extensive inflammation of the intimate zone, which must be treated.

The situation with the introduction of the brush into the vagina is even more dangerous. Even if you pre -change the nozzle of the brush, bacteria will still be present on the brush that can get into the vagina. This can lead to inflammation, urinary tract infections and, in the worst case, even to painful inflammation of the phallopium pipes.

Remember that an electric toothbrush cannot be a suitable replacement for the vibrator. You want to enjoy exciting vibrations, but the restrained appearance of the stimulant is important to you? Put the toothbrush to the side, we have the perfect options for sex toys.

What are alternatives?

1. Mini-vibrators. Masturbation with the help of an electric shock can be quite popular due to the fact that such a product does not attract a lot of attention. But do not forget that vibropuli and some mini-vibrators also have a restrained and minimalist design. There are even mini-vibrators made in the form of lipstick. You can leave such a vibrator in the bathroom as the toothbrush. In addition, mini-vibrators take up very little space, so you can wear them in a purse.

2. Cliter vibrators. Such toys are designed to stimulate the sensory zones of your body, especially the clitoris. As a rule, they have a small size and have a neutral look without a hint of intimate use.

3. Funny vibroostimulators. Vibrators designed for external stimulation can be in the form of ice cream horns, rubber ducks and even decorative hearts. By the way, vibrators with a funny appearance are very popular precisely because they are cute and, when looking at them, thoughts about sex do not come.

4. Vibrators in panties. If you want to use such a sex toy, it is better to initially choose the model that can be controlled at a distance using the remote control or smartphone. So you can quietly regulate the power of vibration. Often stimulating such vibrators can enjoy even in crowded places.

Do not use an electric toothbrush for masturbation. The same applies to other items. Why take risks if there are alternatives that are also invisible and can give much more pleasure? Turn yourself with a sex toy, which was created for only one goal: to make you pleasantly.

Masturbation with an electric toothbrush

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