Methods of male masturbation

Methods of male masturbation.

With male masturbation, you can use various sex devices, complement the process of anal masturbation, and in general you can experiment with pleasure, as you like.

Male masturbation technique without the use of additional devices:

1. Classical «fist»

The easiest way – Squeeze your fingers around the barrel and move «up down», imitating frictions. It is necessary to provide maximum contact of the hand and penis.

When adding a lubricant, sensations become not only more comfortable, but also realistic.

2. At an angle

The hand must be placed at an angle to the barrel, while 4 fingers should be located on top of the barrel, and the thumb is placed under it. The option is ideal for men with a small penis size.

3. Anal sex

On the couch or on the bed, you need to squeeze the member with your hand. Then turn over, rest the hand into the sofa or bed and begin to spill into the hand with force, moving the hips. Just continue these movements «up down».This pose differs in that sexual intercourse is imitated, thanks to the hips. This causes completely different sensations.

4. Head and stomach

Using a lubricant, you need to lubricate the stomach from the inguinal hair to the navel…Well, or where is your cock reaching. Gently press your fingers on the bridle to press the penis to the stomach. And now make the movement of the pendulum – On the right and right, left-to right.

5. Imitation rider

Lie on the bed, floor or sofa. Lubricate your hand abundantly with a lubricant. Take the penis in the hand, and begin to move your hips up and down, keeping your arm immobility as much as possible.

6. Alien hand

A very famous way. Sit on the hand to be numb. After the result will be obtained, proceed to friction movements, applying any practice.

Methods of male masturbation

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