Metourbus methods for women

Metourbus methods for women.

You might think it’s just. Climbed there, Shmyg, Shmyg, and-Oh-oh! aaaa! – ready! It can be so simple. Or maybe not very … For a woman there are almost as many ways of masturbation as women in the world. They stimulate the genitals, but they can also excite touches to all parts of the body. Each woman has its own methods of “trial and errors”, but in order to make some variety and give the piquancy to your self -satisfaction, some techniques of masturbation are given below. The methods and techniques under consideration belong to genital stimulation. To enhance stimulation with genital masturbation, many women like to caress the external and inside of the hips, female breasts, nipples, stomach, feet, face, ears, hair, neck and shoulders.

Work with hands

Many women try to use a variety of hand movements, although not all of them prefer to masturbate with their hands. There are several ways.


A common way is the use of one, two or three fingers to stimulate the clitoris, small and labia labels, perineum and/or anus. This is done either by vertical sliding movements up and down, in circular movements of the IE side to the side or, most often, by a combination of all these movements. Women masturbating hands like to use various movements with different speeds and pressure to regulate and select the degree of their reaction to sexual stimulation when an orgasm is reached.


Some girls prefer to adjust the pressure on the clitoris and labia through their fist. You can place a fist either at the top of the vulva on the clitoris head, or in the middle of the vulva between the labia. Depending on the preference, the fist can be placed by the thumb joint on the clitoris, when the index finger moves along one of the lips, or the joint of the bent index finger on the clitoris, when the end of the thumb is on the labia and slides over them. And in these cases, the variety of pleasant sensations is achieved by vertical movements, circular movements, movements from side to side or their combinations. Often in girls who are accustomed to masturbate in one specific rhythm and direction, the change of ordinary movements is caused by a strong and bright orgasm.


Many girls who prefer a stronger pressure to achieve orgasm can apply the masturbation method with a palm. She can begin to masturbate with her fingers and, as sexual arousal grows, then go to stimulation with the palm. Although other girls masturbate from the beginning to the end only with their palms. As a rule, with such masturbation, they make this the basis of the palm. If you use your palm hill to stimulate the clitoris, then the fingers will be free and they can stimulate the labia, crotch or enter them into the vagina. The use of the method of stimulating the clitoris with the palm makes it possible to simultaneously caress the labia with your fingers and insert your fingers into the vagina. In many women, this method of masturbation causes a strong orgasm.

Inverted “V”

This is the technique of masturbation with fingers. Using two fingers, usually index and middle, located in the form of an inverted letter V, so that the ends of the fingers are facing down, away from the body. With these two fingers, it massages the large labia of the vulva, holding the inter -backing membrane on the clitoris. . Girls like this method, since the sexual tension of the pelvic muscles is created, which leads to a very strong orgasm. In this method, all attention is not reduced to the clitoris, but it participates in almost every movement.

Water procedures

Now we will consider methods of masturbation using water that many women like. The effect of flow, tingling and water pressure on the clitoris and labia often causes a strong bright orgasm and even multiple orgasms.


If you are lucky and you have a removable shower head, then at your disposal a home “entertainment center”. Take the shower head and move it along the vulva, labia and clitoris. Try adjusting the pressure of water and the direction of the flow. If your shower head can switch to various modes, try using different vibrating streams. You can take the shower head further to obtain delicate tickling sensations or bring it closer for more stimulation. You can also move the shower head with rhythmic circular movements, in vertical and horizontal directions, the change in the speed of movements will allow you to regulate the time of achievement of orgasm, and you can learn a lot about your reaction to sexual stimulation.


Compared to the shower head, the bath is a more sophisticated method of masturbation, since you need to take a convenient position under the tap tap, but the bath allows you to relax much better and get a softer, gentle orgasm. (Your bath should be equipped with a mixer.) Lying in the bath, set up buttocks under a stream of water from a beauty, lift the kogi above the tap and push them out. Tilt the pelvis so that the water stream falls directly onto the clitoris. To enhance stimulation with water, you can spread the labia with one hand. If the bath is only half filled with water, it will be more convenient for you to lie on your back, and if there is more water, then rise on the elbows. You can create an atmosphere more suitable for a fantasy flight if you light candles. You can also take your favorite erotic book and really “take a steam”.)))))))


If you have the opportunity to use personal spa (there are often spa in the bathrooms of good hotels), you can pleasantly relax in such a bath and place the clitoris opposite the jet. Be careful because the water stream can be strong and injure. Often women note that they have never had such an orgasm as in spa. Jet pressure similarly to the vibrator, but the sensations when exposed to water differ. Some women describe their “water” orgasms as a voluptuous trembling throughout the body.

Sex toys

It is difficult to imagine the variety of devices offered to women for masturbation. With various submarines of masturbation for women, a large many toys have been invented, which are used for both external and internal stimulation.


Most vibrators are produced with the possibility of speed adjustment, and you can also choose the intensity of stimulation you need. Many women like the strong stimulation of the small and large labia at high speed and the delicate stimulation of the clitoris at low speed. You can do stronger or weaker pressing them on the skin to adjust the degree of excitement and bring it to the verge of orgasm, to then feel such an orgasm that you have never experienced before. If you first masturbate with the help of a vibrator, you can be surprised at how bright, strong and lasting your orgasms can be. You open a new world of pleasures. It should be remembered that a long “game” with a vibrator, especially in the positions of the switch “High speed”, “fast”) or “very strongly” may disappoint you a little. These sensitive fabrics are not adapted to very intense stimulation, they should be treated more tender. Some women do not like to touch the vibrator to their clitoris, because it is painful for them. Try to place the vibrator on a bunch (under the skin) immediately above the clitoris. This can cause you an explosive orgasm.
During masturbation by a vibrator, always use lubrication, as the rapid friction movements of the vibrator can dry the skin or cause painful friction.

Some vibrators can be introduced into the vagina, while others are designed only for external stimulation. When buying a vibrator, make sure your choice. If the barrel and the toy head are not smooth, do not insert it into the vagina, since you are not at all interested in jirling for yourself, so that a piece of plastic is stuck there there.)))

Modern vibrators are more powerful than they were before, but if you are at a loss in choosing such a vibrator, get a general purpose vibration massager. As a rule, they are the same power as clitoral vibrators, or even more.


This is a flat rubber vibrator in the form of a butterfly, which is used for vulva, labia and clitoris. Some models are equipped with shutters on the “legs” and “belt” to hold the vibrator in the right place, so they can stimulate all the mentioned erogenous zones at the same time.

Dildo (artificial phalluses)

Vibration is not suitable for everyone. Some women want to use a dildo while acting on their clitoris and labia with fingers or vibrator. Dildo are produced in different shapes, sizes and colors. Introducing a dildo into your vagina, try to move them back and forth at different angles. If you find the most pleasant movement for yourself, you can try it the next time when you deliver it with a partner.

The dildo is magnificent for women with the zone g. They can be used to massage the walls of the vagina and G-zone, which will lead to a very strong internal orgasm. be careful. Always (!) Confuse that those objects that you enter into the vagina are sterile, not toxic and harmless.

The effect of temperature

Also, methods of masturbation for women include the use of heat. Women in this are not like each other;Some prefer the effects of heat, while others prefer the cold. In case of water masturbation, many women say that they like warm water. (Never direct very hot water to Vulva – you can damage the fabric, and it hurts!) When using vibrators and other “toys”, some women keep them in the refrigerator in order to feel “cold” pinching from them at the beginning of masturbation, and “melt” with the vibrator as they heat up with them. Some women also like to apply ice cubes to the labia and clitoris. Others cannot stand it, so try different options and make your choice. Some women put ice before orgasm or alternate a warm vibrator and an ice cube that is very acutely felt by the skin, where the vibrator was just. The contrast of temperatures extends the time of pleasure, bringing you to the verge of orgasm, and when it finally comes, .You feel it in the form of a stream of heat and pleasure pulses.


Many girls say that they discovered this technique of masturbation by rolling through a pillow and friction about it, and they like this method most. They sit on top of pillows, plush bears, folded blankets or any soft sleeping accessories. You can lie on your back, stomach or side with a pillow between the legs. Move the pillow back and forth. Or vice versa, you can simulate with her “sexual intercourse” or rub on it, thereby masturbating without the help of hands.


Girls who are excited by soft supple objects usually like to masturbate fruit. There are many ways of masturbation for women with fruits, but the most preference is given by mangoes, bananas and kiwi, due to the fact that they have a soft inner side of the peel with their own “lubrication”. To diversify the sensations created by your fingers or a plastic toy, try to rub the banana or mangoes with the inside of the peel of the peel. Sliding will quickly quickly lead you to orgasm.


If you are tired of severe exhausting studies and want to gently “play” with you, you can use a clean pen, some kind of makeup brush or fresh flowers. Lightly stir your vulva with a brush, pen and/or flower petals. You can enjoy the tickling of the clitoris without any pressure. This method will take more time to achieve orgasm, but probably you should wait)))))

On horseback

Women can masturbate, sitting riding literally on everything. Of course, the first way of “races” is on a horse. Sit on a horse, hold firmly in the saddle – and go! Well, if you are not a horseman, there are many items for you, which can also be riding. You can sit on the edge of the bed, on the edge of the washing machine during the work of the centrifuge, to the edge of the bath – anywhere, you just have to imagine many home items that you have not yet christened ”.

Favorite technique of masturbation “riding” is often called “groats on the seam”. If you wear jeans or other dense fabric trousers that have a thick seam between the trousers, sit on the massage rug and rot the back so that the vulva is turned downward. Rotate your hips so that the clitoris rubbed up and down across the seam. Your hands are free, and this can be done even sitting at the desk.

A variety of “racing on the seamstress are” races on the thigh “. As a rule, women do this better after self -teaching this technique: sit right in an armchair, crossing your legs. Squeeze the hips together in a pulsating rhythm so that the pressure is felt on the clitoris. This will gradually lead you to orgasm. Some women think this is too long. Others such stimulation seems insufficient. Although after training, this can be an excellent entertainment at boring subboty meetings.

Anal masturbation

Many girls, like men, like anal masturbation. The principle of anal masturbation for women is the same as for men. All the methods of masturbation existing for women cannot be described, but now you have a general idea of them. Show fantasy and enjoy your sexuality.

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