That such is realistic vaginas masturbators

Realistic vaginas masturbators. What is it, how to use, reviews.

Realistic vaginas masturbators is a male sex toy, which allows you to get true pleasure and unforgettable orgasms at any time thanks to a well-thought-out design and the complete repetition of the anatomy of the female vagina.

Realistic vaginas masturbators as an alternative to a partner

For many reasons, a man does not always have the opportunity to lead a full -fledged sex life. .

Unfortunately, simple mechanical masturbation often ends with injuries, which is very undesirable. The industry of goods for high -quality intimate life has prepared a real gift for men, making an analogue of the female genital organs from high -quality materials.

The difference is tactilely not felt and the simulation of sexual intercourse is the most realistic. A feature of this type of masturbation is that the man performs the usual actions and the brain, in principle, receives the same signals as with the proximity to the girl.

This is important because mechanical masturbation with hands often turns into problems with an erection in the future. The body gets used to the fact that the orgasm is achieved by irritation of the foreskin, and not the reciprocating movements of the penis inside the vagina.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that a realistic masturbator-vagina is the only full-fledged alternative to a girl. The material and structure of the toy are almost identical to the living organ. Of course, from the point of view of psychology, this is not entirely the same thing, but it is much better than masturbation with hands and all the more better than nothing.

Realistic vaginas masturbators: features and advantages

The key advantage of a realistic vagina is that it is made from cyberc. The material is created from unique thermoplastic rubber imitating human skin, it is completely safe for health.

The material is characterized by softness, silkiness, a dense and elastic internal filling is provided, which allows a man to experience the whole spectrum of pleasure. The masturbator is completely soft, gentle, it seems that it comes to life when touching. But it has no similarity to spreading jelly.

A realistic vagina has the main advantages – it is moderately porous, does not stick, does not have a specific smell, and according to tactile sensations, it exactly repeats the real skin. If you add a little water -based lubricant, a man will not distinguish it from the wet and hot real pussy.

The outer part of the realistic vagina of the masturbator is usually embossed with recesses, so it is convenient to hold the toy when using. If the hands are in grease or water, the masturbator does not slip out of the hands. In some models, 2 special ears are provided on the sides, into which you can insert vibropuli to get a completely new kind of pleasure.

The entrance to the toy in models of vaginas-cellular is performed in the form of small and delicate pink sponges. They do not fully repeat the structure of the girl’s labia, but they look neat and seductive.

The input differs elasticity, entering it, the man experiences all the pleasure of penetrating into a tight, excited pussy. Then the passage expands slightly, the inner surface has its own relief, so that the stripes gently massage the penis from all sides.

At the end of the device there are elastic pimples for active stimulation of the most sensitive zone – the head of the penis. As a result, a man experiences several types of stimulation that provide incredible pleasure.

How to use

There is no through opening in a realistic vagina, which creates a suction effect. Such a masturbator literally sucks a member, squeezing and massaging it along the entire length and gently stimulating the head.

If a man wants to get a maximum of pleasant sensations, you should use vibropuls. Such sensations cannot be achieved either with manual masturbation or during sex with a girl. Vibropuli provide deep, uterine stimulation, which is mainly aimed at the head.

You can use a realistic vagina anywhere – thanks to the compact size, it can be taken on a trip, transported in a car for quick relaxation, keep on a bedside table in order to get an indescribable pleasure at any time.

Such a masturbator will fit in any baggage and will not let me get bored away from the house during tourist trips and business trips.

A realistic vagina-Maspurbitator will be a wonderful toy for steam that prefer experiments, you can use a masturbator for warming up or auxiliary stimulation, trusting the management of your beloved.

For partners who, due to circumstances, spend a certain time far from each other – the masturbator will become a worthy alternative to random ties with unforeseen consequences. The toy is indispensable for men who prefer diversity, new sensations and amazing pleasure.

What are

The most common option is made in the form of a pipe. It is convenient to hold it in your hand and in general it is very easy to use it. As a rule, the toy is not through, due to which the effect of vacuum is achieved. Cheap goods are not too high quality cyber skin, otherwise all are approximately the same.

There is a full -size option. This is when the toy is not only the vagina itself, but also. Looks like a full -fledged female body with buttocks, anus and vagina. Some especially expensive options even contain the legs and backs of an artificial lady.

In this case, sensations are as believable as possible. By the way, they are not very different for the price, it’s just a matter of taste. Someone likes to touch the ass during intercourse, only a vagina is important to someone and nothing but her. The taste and color, as they say, are different felt -tip pens.

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