The benefits and harm of masturbation for male and female health, the cause of masturbation

The benefits and harm of masturbation for male and female health, the cause of masturbation.

The benefits and harm of masturbation for male and female health, the cause of masturbation

A natural need or a sinful act of self -satisfaction and vile handwritten – what masturbation is? What phrases in childhood parents say, making a masturbating child? The hair in the palm of your hand will grow, the corn will tear, the hand will fall off. Only none of their horror stories come true, and we understand this in adolescence, and in adults we come to taste. To be honest, in nature an independent reset of tension is present in many animals, and they are not at all a shame. Why be ashamed of us, reasonable people?

There is nothing to be ashamed, but the fact is that some comrades claim that regular masturbation harms our psyche and physical health. Is it really possible to blind and turn into a monster from “playful handles” or moderate handwritten even necessary for the body? We’ll talk today On the benefits and dangers of masturbation for male and female health, and also dispel many myths and prejudices in this area.

The benefits and harm of masturbation for male and female health, the cause of masturbation

Why are boys and men masturbate

From infancy, boys have a tendency to masturbation – this is laid down by nature and is considered the norm. When sucking the mother breast, they experience physical pleasure, and not only from a sense of saturation. After the child is interested in his genitals and for the first time gets pleasant sensations from random manipulations. In adolescence, the level of testosterone jumps up strongly, the penis grows, night pollutions happen, which is why the guy begins to masturbate consciously. Further stimulations occur in order to relieve tension in the absence of sex with the opposite sex. The instinct of reproduction and continuation of the genus is one of the most powerful, as well as food, because masturbation serves as a kind of backup for intimate life in adulthood.

The benefits of masturbation for male health

Many men openly admit that they regularly throw off steam, “chasing the bald”. The guys themselves do not see anything shameful in this, because the youthful increased sexuality is almost nowhere to put, and this gives rise to a lot of aggression in the behavior. And what is a pleasant activity alone with oneself to damage to society! We also think that masturbation has many more advantages than minuses. It is better to masturbate than to be a tough!

A simple way to relax

The first plus of male masturbation – removing sexual stress is simple and free. There is no need to persuade Masha, Lena, Ira, to spend money on them, to listen to delusional female stories only in order to merge the excess sperm. If the descent of the cylinders does not occur on an ongoing basis, the male body suffers much more than from handwriting.

In the end, many men work far from home, have a tight employment schedule in which it is simply impossible to organize contacts with women due to the features of the profession. And in this case, Dunyashka will be the only assistant.

Awareness of their desires and sensations

In many articles we write that through masturbation a person learns his sexual needs, finds erogenous zones, sets certain schemes for achieving orgasm, etc.D. When you know your body, it is easier to make contact with your partner and enjoy.

You can learn to manage ejaculation only through practice, and the easiest way to do this is through masturbation. Not every girl is able to provide the young kid with constant access to the body, but you need to train for someone. Self -satisfaction is the best way in which you are not afraid to appear suckers.

Improving self -esteem

Lack of sex hits a lot of self -esteem. Men is no exception. First of all, a trained dude is able to surprise the girl with skills, in the second – with his endurance, for which it is necessary to preliminarily lower the accumulated excess of “love” by hand. The more you are sure of your abilities, the easier sexual intercourse is given.

The benefits and harm of masturbation for male and female health, the cause of masturbation

Improves mood

Orgasm always gives many positive emotions that are provided by the produced hormones of joy. The brain and body at this moment are high in the same way as the gray substance of the heroine drug addict. Only, you see, the difference between drugs and natural sexual intercourse is large.

Reduces aggressiveness

A man without normally organized spermely becomes aggressive and nervous. Sleep is disturbed, mood is spoiled, excitation processes clearly prevail over the processes of inhibition, and this greatly affects communication with all others. Here you have one more plus in the piggy bank of the advantages of masturbation.

Reduces the likelihood of developing oncology and heart problems

Stagnation of seed fluid leads to the formation of foci of infection in the prostate. And constant stagnation even lead to cancer. The general blood circulation of the genitourinary system also worsens, the production of male hormones decreases, impotence develops, but regular relief of stress helps to avoid these troubles, as well as heart disease and blood vessels.

Minimum of the risk of STD

Yes, individual male individuals prefer to get a buzz on their own, rather than coping it is not clear with whom. They are pushed to this step of experience for health and the absence of a constant proven girlfriend.

Masturbation, which is periodic and not replacing ordinary sexual intercourse with a partner, has only a positive effect on the health and mental state of a man.

When male masturbation is harmful

The cause of serious disorders can become only if it replaces normal sexual intercourse, and the man becomes dependent on it. Than frequent masturbation is harmful?

  • It causes an increased emission of adrenaline, glucose and other substances that provoke depression, anxiety, strong load on the pancreas.
  • There is a loss of head sensitivity due to regular and prolonged irritation.
  • There is a change in the spectrum of sensations with sex with a girl (the female vagina is not able to squeeze the penis as much as much).
  • There is a decrease in sperm quality and infertility develops.
  • Sexual neurosis appears (frequent pollutions, burning in the urethra, pain in the lower abdomen).
  • There are disorders of the psyche (moral breakdown, irritability, a sense of oppression and shame, insomnia, etc.D.).

Passion for masturbation leads to problems with the nervous system, others, physical health, sexual life, adaptation in the professional sphere. An abnormally frequent act of self -satisfaction only harms! If you masturbate several times a day, then the beneficial and nutrients necessary to produce seed fluid will be required in a larger amount, which can provoke exhaustion. The guys quickly have a dependence on masturbation, which will further prevent a full -fledged sexual intercourse, therefore, dear boys and men, we are not fond of!

The benefits and harm of masturbation for male and female health, the cause of masturbation

Why do girls and women masturbate

Alternative sex, that is, masturbation, in women is also the norm. Of course, there are those who do without sex for almost all their lives, but this is a rarity. Even married ladies after two three days of abstinence do not mind shaking. Someone simply does not have a partner, other men are not as passionate as we would like. Like boys, in childhood, the stimulation of the genitals occurs by accident, then hormonal bursts in puberty pushes them to conscious masturbation in order to study their body, reset tension, after all.

Abstinence in women is as harmful as in men. And what just do not masturbate cute ladies: combs, fruits, vegetables, bottle of cosmetics and perfumes, toothbrushes and, of course, rubber phalluses are used.

For the complete enjoyment of masturbation, you will need just a high -quality vibrator or dardymitator that can not be compared with any improvised means! A pleasant situation, the lack of unnecessary thoughts, relaxing music, porn and a rubber member of the size you need to help you relieve stress without unnecessary troubles with male desires. Independent affection for girls are simply necessary!

By the way, the quality of orgasm does not differ from the pleasure that the lady receives with full vaginal sex. Sometimes, the beautiful ladies with inept lovers have the only chance to experience it – masturbate.

The benefits of masturbation for women

Subject to hygiene and without abuse, masturbation is useful for female health and psyche. And do not be ashamed that you periodically want to relax alone with your body. You give him what is required!

Voltage removal

Physical and mental stress increases noticeably in the absence of regular sexual contacts with the opposite sex. This is the natural need of the body, and if you deny or reject it, you will get a lot of side effects in the form of psychoses, neurosis, aggression and female sores.

Accessibility at any time

No need to wait for a man in your life or come home from work, and whether he will be in the mood. The presence of a guy does not mean at all that you will receive orgasms. Without attachment to the male and his desires, skills, you get that gamut of sensations that are required specifically for you. High-quality vibrator from a sex shop and your own hand-wound will provide a lot of sex-you no longer begs affection and do not try to meet the male requirements regarding the appearance.

The benefits and harm of masturbation for male and female health, the cause of masturbation

Increases resistance to diseases

We are talking about colds, viruses, fungi, female sores, general immunity, condition of the cardiovascular sphere, because the production of hormones of happiness during female orgasms gives an increased level of antibodies in the blood and just a good mood. A person in a vigorous mood is always less likely to get sick.

During sex and discharge, blood circulation in the pelvis is accelerated, and this is the prevention of many female diseases. With frequent orgasms received from masturbation, hormonal balance stabilizes, the muscle muscles of the vagina is strengthened.

Help during menstruation

In some women, sexual thrust increases precisely during the period of bleeding, when for most penetrating sex is simply unpleasant. Clital stimulation will help to get satisfaction without sexual intercourse with a man. And, by the way, an orgasm obtained in the first days of menstruation carries an analgesic effect. Do not drink analgin, better pick up a rubber member and go to the crib!

Studying your own body

No man can reveal your potential as well as you yourself! Masturbation helps to find and probe all the sensitive places on the body, also the girls have the opportunity to try different types of orgasms alone with them in order to understand the mechanism for their receipt. In bed with a man, you can direct him in the right direction.

The flight of fantasy

It is not always possible to find a man with a man – nevertheless, another person distracts nearby. And sometimes I really want to imagine something sort of-fervent and vulgar! With a partner, not any porn dare to start, but in proud loneliness – at least homosexual orgies in the BDSM style!

And do not believe the stereotypes that the lady is obliged to receive an orgasm only during sex with the opposite sex! Just with the penis it turns out much less often, because almost all women jerk off, and no less than males.

As you can see, female masturbation in normal mode acts as an adaptive way to relax.

The benefits and harm of masturbation for male and female health, the cause of masturbation

What is the dangerous female masturbation

Like men, excessive enthusiasm for handwriting in women is reflected in the psyche, health and quality of sex with a partner. Ladies become nervous, hysterical and capricious if their needs cannot be satisfied at the first call. Some individuals who are very hooked on their own five, even at work, manage to masturbate: they introduce vaginal balls and end them all day, retire in the toilet, cross their legs and try in every possible way to get the desired sensations.

The habit of ending in one or two ways leads to the fact that a girl cannot reach a peak from contact with a man, no matter how hard he tried. Sex with a partner ceases to please. Doctors focus on the fact that during masturbation, the girls concentrate on receiving pleasure in a particular erogenous zone, most often this is the clitoris. If for a long time to reach orgasm in this way, it will be much more difficult to enjoy traditional sexual intercourse. With a man, you can finish clitrically only in some poses and with certain movements.

The most unpleasant consequence may be an infection brought by dirty hands or sex toys. Both that and the other must be washed, preferably exactly before the upcoming act of the house.

As already mentioned in other articles, in some pairs, joint masturbation is often practiced. For such people, mutual stimulation of erogenous points is just a way to diversify the process of sexual intimacy. Medical science does not consider self-satisfaction with something pathological. Within reasonable frequency, physiologically and psychologically full -fledged people can self -satisfaction. Engage in masturbation in moderation and you will be the most healthy!

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