The dangers of female and male masturbation

The dangers of female and male masturbation.

The dangers of female and male masturbation

Masturbation is very pleasant and affordable. Women have invented a huge number of methods of masturbation by improvised means. The number of ways of masturbation is not lagging behind and men are not behind.

There are a very small number of situations in which masturbation does real harm.

The dangers of female and male masturbation
About the dangers of male and female masturbation, Zhenzhina fingering her dick and the girl masters her pussy

Harm Masturbation for Women

From independent caresses, orgasms come easily and in 100% of cases. And with a man it is more complicated and it happens not always.

be careful! If you are carried away and perfectly mastered techniques and techniques of masturbation, you generally You can stop experiencing an orgasm with a man.

What happens in female genitals during sex?

Male phallus affects the wool folds, massaging small labia. During frictions, they crumble, twitch, twist. As a result of mechanical friction, a member of the labia is poured with blood, causing emotional excitement.

The clitoris is located above. It is also filled with blood during mechanical irritation by a male member. At the same time, internal stimulation of the walls of the vagina occurs, including the zone of point G and clitoris. This provides erotic impulses, a woman experiences bliss, and then an orgasm.

In fact, in the process of sex, small labia and vagina experience maximum effect. And during the masturbation of maximum stimulation, the clitoris is subjected to.

If a woman is often mastered, her clitoris becomes less sensitive. She quickly and efficiently experiences clitoral orgasms, but loses the ability to vaginal orgasms, since the male pubis, hitting the clitoris during frictions, does not give stimulation of the desired quality. T.e. Sex with a man ceases to bring complete satisfaction.

You should not refuse masturbation in any case. However, you need to use techniques and methods in which the effect on erogenous zones should be as close as possible to how this happens during sex with a man:

Stimulate the vagina

During masturbation, do not forget to stimulate the vagina qualitatively. You can buy yourself a phaloimitator of the required size, preferably without vibration. Or make from improvised means (banana, cucumber, toothbrush, etc.D.). Read more about this in article 27 of the Women’s Masturbation methods by improvised means.

Stimulate small labia

If an orgasm does not occur, your sensitivity of the lips is reduced. Do not worry, it is not innate, but acquired. Training will return sensitivity. They can be fiddled, stroked, massaged, twitch. Make any movements that will cause their swelling and pleasant sensations.

Indirect clitoris stimulation

If you are used to experiencing a clitoral orgasm from intensive stimulation, try to touch it less every day and caress the areas removed from the clitoris.

In the process of masturbation, use diversity, show persistence. This will lead to the fact that you will gradually begin to experience a vaginal orgasm in a new way-with a man.

It will not be as predictable and short as from the usual stimulation of the clitoris.  It will become longer, deep and bright.

You can’t achieve an orgasm with a man? Masturbate correctly!

Harm of masturbation for men

Masturbation of men is not harmful. She adequately complements sex, she relieves stress, she prevents the development of impotence.

However, if masturbation has become an obsessive habit, if you began to experience constant excitement, it can become a constant alternative to sex with a woman. In this case, it reduces natural libido and satisfaction from sexual contact with a partner.

In general, self -satisfaction is recommended for men and women of all ages.

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