TOP-6 poses for female masturbation

TOP-6 poses for female masturbation.

TOP-6 poses for female masturbation

For some reason, it is generally accepted that from partnership sex a woman experiences more satisfaction than from masturbation, although statistics talks about the opposite. Self -satisfaction – This is not just a guaranteed way to get an orgasm. Masturbation is good for health and allows a woman to understand and reveal her own sexuality. Therefore, the next time, left alone with you, just use one of the six proposed poses for masturbation.

Than masturbation for a woman is useful?

Sexologists say that the more you masturbate alone, the more likely it is to get an orgasm during sex with a partner. Women who are experimenting with vibrators and poses during masturbation know their erogenous zones and understand that they are leading to orgasm, and therefore feel more confident and more relaxed in bed. Such women do not hesitate to explain and show the partner how and where to caress, so that they feel strong excitement and experience an orgasm.

Regular masturbation also increases immunity, relaxes, soothes menstrual pain and acts on the body relaxing, which is especially important for good sleep and relieve stress.

The best poses for female masturbation

No. 1 – on the hill

TOP-6 poses for female masturbation

How to do this: you need to conveniently sit on the bed on your stomach, putting a roller under you, a few pillows or a blanket. «Milk» From pillows should be located under your hips and stomach, between the legs. Right up on your knees. Use your hand or vibrator (both separately, and together) to give yourself pleasure.

Why will you like this pose: because of the pillow, your hips will turn out to be raised, and your legs muscles will be tense, which is why you will feel unusual. This is one of the most popular ways that will make the day the day is more colorful.

No. 2 – on a chair

TOP-6 poses for female masturbation

How to do this: you need a chair with a back and without armrests. Slow down as conveniently as possible, lean on your back and put the pelvis a little forward. Put your legs wide, hook your feet by the legs of the chair. Now you can start the most important.

Why will you like this pose: sitting on a chair with wide legs, you will get access to those zones that were inaccessible with conventional masturbation. When you feel the approach of orgasm, try to slide your feet over the stool legs – This will provide you with additional stimulation due to the contraction of the muscles of the hips. This pose for experiments with oral vibrator is especially good.

No. 3 – in the shower

TOP-6 poses for female masturbation

How to do this: while in the bath, put one leg on its edge, or lean your back against the wall, bend your foot at the knee and take it to the side. For stimulation, use your hand, stream of water from a shower or your favorite waterproof vibrator. But be careful! Resort to this method only if you are sure that during the orgasm you will not dizzy and your legs will not joke. If there is no complete confidence, sit down at the bottom of the bath, spread your legs and lift the pelvis. This option is safer.

Why will you like this pose: taking a shower relaxes you, so getting an orgasm is getting easier. In the standing position, access to all erogenous points of the external genitalia is opened. On the other hand, you have to make efforts in order to hold the body in an upright position: this is a good training for the vestibular apparatus and the muscles of the pelvis, which in this case are in a natural position. In addition, if the arrangement of the shower allows, it becomes possible to adjust the pressure of water from the weak to the strong and change the distance from the watering can, pulling or bringing the orgasm thus bringing.

No. 4 – Sex star

TOP-6 poses for female masturbation

How to do this: imagine that you – Popular pop star that performs on stage. To enter the image, put on beautiful erotic lingerie. Now you need to kneel and deviate as much as possible. To maintain balance, you can rely on the wall or on the hand. Masturbate with your fingers or toy. Periodically change the position of the body, leaning forward.

Why will you like this pose: you can find the optimal position of the body by changing the angle of inclination and using different types of sex toys: for internal (dildo) or for the external (vibration, vibro-fibers, oral vibrators) stimulation. Do not forget about other erogenous zones. Try playing with clamps for nipples or stimulating them with your hands. And if you masturbate in such an exotic pose in front of the mirror, you will get an orgasm twice as faster!

No. 5 – snake

TOP-6 poses for female masturbation

How to do this: go down on the bed face down. Spread your legs wide, bend them at the knees. Rely on a bent arm. You can also put the pillow under the chest to free your hands. Use a vibrator or fingers;Help yourself moving your hips.

Why will you like this pose: when you move your hips back and forth with hand masturbation, you provide additional clitoris stimulation due to friction. Anal stimulation is also convenient in this position. You will receive an unforgettable sensation if you use a dildo-realist for vaginal stimulation and vibro-foam for anal. Just don’t forget about the lubricant!

No. 6 – Rodeo on the pillow

TOP-6 poses for female masturbation

How to do it: put a pillow on the bed or on the floor, and then just saddle it so that the labia can touch the surface under you. Use your hand or toy and move your hips.

Why will you like this pose: in this position, blood flow to the pelvis is ensured, which enhances excitement and brings the orgasm. Try to use a vibrator in this pose and move your hips not only back and forth, but also in a circle and up and down, and describing «Eights». You can also experiment with pillowcase material — sensations from velvet, cotton or non -traditional latex completely different.

Remember: the better a woman knows her body due to masturbation, the easier she will be to get the brightest orgasm during full sex.

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