What are realistic masturbators from men from? Which material is better and whether a special ear is needed

How real. From which realistic masturbators are made for men.

What are realistic masturbators from men from? Which material is better and whether a special ear is needed

Masturbators in the form of copies of vaginas and anus are growing popularity. Despite the realism of toys, disputes do not subside. Why is Ultra Realistic material become sticky, how to store it, how the materials of different manufacturers differ? If any question was missed – Set it in the comments.

What is thermoplastic elastomer?

Almost all manufacturers of realistic masturbators use thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is known for elasticity, flexibility, strength and wear resistance, more pleasantly pleasant to the touch. Thermolastoplast replaced silicone, rubber, flexible plastics, does not contain phthalates, is used in medicine.

What are realistic masturbators from men from? Which material is better and whether a special ear is needed

In fact, there are a large number of TPE varieties. The fact is that on the initial basis of the elastomer, each manufacturer adds new components, creating actually new material and its own khau.

► SUPERSKIN material – Fleshlight Inc production toys.
This is the most elastic of all TPE, stretches very well, has a delicate soft texture, does not contain phthalates. With incorrect storage of super «Sin» the appearance of white spots and divorces from the adoptive additives responsible for velvet.

► Ultra Realistic 3 – Doc Johnson production toys.
It imitates real skin, flexible and elastic, not toxic, hypoallergenic, has a pleasant aroma. The ultra realistic is quite porous, which is why it requires thorough cleaning and disinfection – It is better to use a rena that vagina with a condom. Separate details, for example, vaginal lips have a particularly bright color, which with constant use can be washed off. In general, UR 3 is stored better than products from all other materials.

► Fanta Flesh material – Pipedream production toys.
The easiest option of all TPE is characterized by uniformity, smoothness and elasticity. With prolonged dry storage (3-4 months), the edges can begin to crumble, but in general it is insignificant.

► CYBERSKIN material – TOPCO SALS production toys, USA.
Cyberskin is a delicate silky, but at the same time dense and hard, it is best imitates human skin, practically cannot be distinguished from the present, quickly acquires body temperature. Cyberskin is endowed with molecular memory, t.e. The product is easily stretched and quickly restores its original appearance, does not lose the form and shape throughout the entire period of use.

Using a computer program, point injections of the material are made because of which products from cyberskin have different density, t.e. Vaginal lips remain soft, and the area of the pubic bone is solid – Very realistic! Although it is fair to say that the detailing of the color is very modest. This material is most afraid of the effects of heat and light.

► Futurotic material – California exotic novelties toys.
Realistic elastic material, porous, flexible and elastic, retains shape, stretches well, durable. The material is well copying the anatomy by color and shape. It is stored relatively good.
In general, all these materials have approximately the same characteristics, with small improvements from manufacturers.

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