8 reasons to have oral sex. Why do you need oral sex? Pros for women and men.

8 reasons to have oral sex.

8 reasons to have oral sex. Why do you need oral sex? Pros for women and men.

Oral sex makes our life better – This is proved in practice by many pairs. But in some cases it happens that someone alone is not ready to caress a partner «there». To persuade or demand ultimatically blowjob or cunnilingus is traumatic not only from a psychological point of view. A person who is configured against such caresses, from disgust can even tear out. Meanwhile, there are many reasons using which, you can try to explain to the partner that oral sex – it’s good, not dirty, not contagious, not dangerous.

No. 1 – Oral sex strengthens the relationship

This is true. Sexologists (and just married couples) can give many examples from life that will confirm the fact that a blowjob made can literally save a family from a divorce in time. There is still such a beautiful female rule – Even if there is practically no strength, time and space for sex, you can find a few minutes for fellation. Cunnilingus, unfortunately, does not concern – It is more difficult to fulfill and is necessary more in order to allow a woman to experience the whole gamut of pleasant sensations.

No. 2 – contributes to psychological rapprochement

Having learned all the hidden towns of a loved one, walking his tongue through moist hollows and seductive roundings, giving tenderness and passion, lovers experience an unprecedented rise in feelings and harmony. Over time, of course, this will not be such an acute impression, but the feeling of proximity and complete trust will remain for each other forever. And this, believe me, is very valuable.

No. 3 – the opportunity to diversify sex

New poses – This is always interesting. Perhaps this is what will be able to seduce a partner – The desire to try something unusual will be stronger than the fear of performing unpleasant actions that seemed unpleasant. If curiosity overlives disgust, the task will be fulfilled!

No. 4 – long prelude

Oral sex can be started with the adoption of a bath together. Then both will be sure that the genitals are pure and they have a natural smell that can cause, at first, rejection, but then it will disappear. Bath (or shower), kisses and hugs, caresses, hair, hair, lips and tongue – This is an incomplete description of the process. Neither blowjob nor cunnilingus (at least, at the beginning), do not do without such preparation. Subsequently, when the couple will completely study each other’s preferences, it will be possible to choose the pace – Start sex with a blowjob, continue traditionally and finish, for example, cunnilingus.

8 reasons to have oral sex. Why do you need oral sex? Pros for women and men.

No. 5 – brighter sensations during orgasm

This is noted by both men and women. The clitoral orgasm often lasts longer vaginal, and in rare cases it is the only way to enjoy the only way. The man tactile sensations during fellation bring to orgasm a more complete, sometimes a few seconds longer than usual.

No. 6 – Pregnancy Protection

This is an ideal option for teenagers who eager to taste all the charms of sex, and do not want to use condoms. However, even adult couples often end sexual sex with oral sex so that everyone is satisfied. For example, a woman receives her portion of orgasms in ordinary poses, and a man at the end makes a blowjob gratefully. Everyone is convenient, no one will become pregnant.

No. 7 – Exit during critical days

Anal sex is not shown to everyone. And 4-6 days of menstruation, a loving couple worries with difficulty. The feeling of attraction and libido do not disappear anywhere. Therefore, the lady will have to come to terms with the fact that her orgasms will visit her later. Cute «will play» On it later.

No. 8 – the ability to give each other tenderness

This feeling likes not only romantically tuned women, but also in love men. Give each other love and it will be accepted and appreciated.
Now you know what to present to your beloved or beloved in order to get the long -awaited oral pleasure.

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