Contactly clitoral stimulator Womanizer Premium

Contactly clitoral stimulator Womanizer Premium: Review.

The assortment of the Womanizer brand has many entertaining toys and stimulants for women. Today we will consider the contactless clutor stimulator Womanizer Premium, which is considered an elite model in its class. This toy is perfect for pleasant evenings alone, and as a complement to sex with a partner.

This toy belongs to the category of Laksher, which is clear from the name. She is for women who value themselves and are ready to purchase an expensive accessory for true pleasure. The price of the Womanizer Premium clitoral stimulator ranges from 20 to 25 thousand rubles.

Contactless clitoral stimulator Womanizer Premium: Features

Womanizer Premium contactless clitoris stimulator is a compact, but powerful clitoral vibrator. The toy gives pleasure with the help of a vacuum movement of air and waves.

Most women are enough for two minutes with this small device to achieve a bright orgasm. This technology stimulates not only the clitoris head, but also its deeper parts, providing pronounced pleasant sensations.

Womanizer Premium case

The plastic case is covered with velvety material pleasant to the touch – the new Womanizer development. The convenient body shape lies well in the hand, does not slip. The nozzles are made of silicone – gentle and pleasant to the body.

The standard stimulant nozzle has a size of 1.2×1.4 cm. The second nozzle of increased size has dimensions of 1.9×2 cm.

Management Womanizer Premium

This toy is controlled using buttons located on the case. Womanizer Premium has 12 degrees of intensity. The speeds switch smoothly, not spasmodic, like inexpensive contactless stimulants.

A special sensor on the front of the case recognizes the contact with the skin and turns on the toy. If you take Womanizer Premium from the body, it will stop the work.

The sensor determines not the warmth of the body, but moisture – for example, if you bring it to a dry warm table, it will not turn on. But with contact, for example, a toy will turn on with a wet foggy mug.

This function is called Smart Silence, and earlier in Womanizer toys it was not used. Womanizer Premium is a very quiet stimulant, although in complete silence the sound of a working motor is still you can hear.

In contact with the skin, the sound drowns out, but without this the device does not work – this provides comfortable silence during games from Womanizer Premium.

Autopilot Womanizer Premium

The most interesting feature of the stimulant is the “autopilot” function. The user sets the intensity – for example, up to 4 speeds – and includes an autopilot.

The stimulant decides when to add power, and when to reduce it. Such sensations are more close to sex with a living partner whose actions, rhythm and speed cannot be controlled.

Unexpected transitions from one degree of intensity to another can pleasantly delay the orgasm. The first speed of the toy is very delicate, so sudden weakening of stimulation can add fire and interest in entertainment with Womanizer Premium.

Contactly clitore stimulator Womanizer Premium: Technical characteristics

The stimulator works on the battery that supports up to four hours of continuous operation. It is charged using a magnetic USB charging.

On the one hand of the cable is a small platform with magnetic elements, and on the other, a standard USB separation that can be connected to a computer, to the network (through the adapter) or to the Power Bank. There are no connectors on the very body of the toy. It is waterproof – you can use a stimulator even in the shower, sauna, pool or bathroom.

The choice of three colors – white, red and black. There is a golden strip on the black and red, on white – silver. All of them are supplied with a black velvety bag for storage.

Womanizer premium equipment

Together with the device, the customer will receive:

  • two removable nozzles of different diameters;
  • soft textile bag for storing the device;
  • instructions;
  • Magnetic charging.

All this is neatly packed in a presentable box, where each item has its own compartment, so the Womanizer Premium clitoral stimulator is perfect for a gift.

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