How to make Cooney – Kunilingus technique

How to do kuni right?.

In order to truly be able to give a partner sexual pleasure, only the presence of a penis is not enough. After all, the use of hands, lips and tongue in tandem with a member can bring a much wider range of pleasure. Believe me, perfectly the technique of cunnilingus you have mastered will give an unforgettable sensations to a woman. After reading and putting knowledge into practice, you will understand how to make a Cooney and then the caresses of the clitoris, vulva and perineum will not just become a way of excitement, but a separate type of satisfaction of your passion.

How to make Cooney – Kunilingus technique

Previously, such a technique was considered one of the most difficult, this is primarily due to the fact that the female vulva is quite diverse and from time immemorial was considered a mysterious genital organ of a woman. In this article, we want to dispel this myth a little and tell about the possible ways of oral sex that any man who dreams of losing pleasure for his woman can fulfill.

General Kuni Instructions

It can be immediately noted that there are no special rules in this oral sex. But if you are a beginner in this matter, then we want to tell about a certain algorithm for its performance. Pay attention to our recommendations: they are not complicated at all, but they will help you figure out how to do Cooney correctly.

How to make Cooney – Kunilingus technique

So, important points:

  1. You must approach this type of sex seriously and relaxed. Make sure your girlfriend feels comfortable, and she wants cunnilingus herself. It’s no secret that often women are sometimes shy about asking him on their own, because they can be complex because of the structure of their genitals or an unpleasant odor. A sexual partner should disperse a girl in such beliefs, and try to give pleasure as much as possible during oral sex. 
  2. Do not forget about the prelude before this type of sex. A sufficient level of excitement will allow the girl to relax and much to desire orgasm.
  3. The whole process to orgasm can last up to half an hour, so take care in advance about a convenient pose for kuni. Determine one of the simplest techniques of owning your language in the female bosom, we will bring them below. But most importantly, you need to remember that you should be as gentle as possible with your partner.
  4. Particular attention must be paid to the anterior adhesion of the labia. Often this spike is ignored from the part of the sexual partner, but it is actually very close to the clitoris, which means she needs to pay maximum attention, lick and suck her.
  5. Be prepared in advance for the climax from your delicate touch with a tongue to a woman’s vagina. In order to enhance the sensation from obtaining orgasm, click her denser legs. Yes, this action will help to significantly increase the degree of pleasure.
  6.  During the process, do not often change the pace and rhythm of movement with your tongue according to your partner’s vagina. Thus, if you already know what it enjoys, then it is better to continue your stimulation technique. The exception is only when the girl herself asks you for this.
  7. During oral sex, women prefer to stimulate the clitoris on which, in fact, the achievement of orgasm depends. Sometimes men stick the tongue between the labia inside – this action is not always approved by the female sex. But if your woman still experienced positive emotions from such penetration, then continue in the same spirit.

Remember that when a man makes cunnilingus a woman, it becomes a step closer to her, to her emotional state. After oral sex, you will better understand your partner. In addition, such sex is one of the ways of evidence of your unconditional love.

The technique of ideal cunnilingus

Earlier we have already said that the main thing is that the partner is relaxed and feel desire and tenderness on your part, and then your actions with a tongue will necessarily give her pleasure. Let’s figure out how to make kuni before orgasm.

How to make Cooney – Kunilingus technique

Oral sex often begins with kisses of the lower abdomen of a woman, then a man smoothly moves to the hips and outer labia, and then directly to the zone of the vagina, then you can proceed to the appeal of the clitoris. The caresses of this part should be tender and neat, the surface of female genitals is very sensitive and does not tolerate rudeness. It is always necessary to start with soft touches of the lips and tongue, it is also better to touch the entire surface of the tongue, and not the tip, as this may seem very annoying.

After the woman is very excited, you can move from caresses around the vagina to the clitoris, you can also increase rhythm and assertiveness. You can fully cover the clitoris or tongue with lips. Some women like it when her partner rhythmically pulls her lips, as if sucks her lips.

There are several forms or techniques with which you can give the girl oral pleasure:

  • The most common and popular technique lies in a number of movements with lips, sucking, kissing the clitoris, which can also be combined with massage of the inner part of the vagina with fingers;
  • Another way includes active movements in the language in the girl’s vagina, that is, there is an imitation of friction. Additionally, you can stimulate vulva with your nose;
  • A very rare Kunillingus technique is under the conditional name “buzzing”. It consists in the fact that the partner’s lips are tightly adjacent to the woman’s vulva, then he begins to growl or buzz. Thus, the lips begin to vibrate, and this vibration begins to excite the sensitive places of a woman;
  • A man stimulates female pleasure by massing the large labia with his chin.

How to make Cooney – Kunilingus technique

Thus, there are many methods and cunnilingus techniques, however, it is necessary to know the most basic methods of stimulation. Not all women have tender clitoris stimulation can cause strong sensations, especially this is visible in the early stages. Therefore, the partner must understand and know the preferences of his woman. Cliter caressing is the easiest way to bring the girl pleasure. It is worth starting with neat and delicate caresses of the labia, then the radius of movements can cover the entire crotch. Movements should be smooth without haste, you can use the tip of the tongue, lips, nose or chin. In the future, the rhythm can be accelerated, and pressing can be more persistent. You can do cunnilingus alternately softly and hard: it will depend on the reaction of the girl.

For greater pleasure, you can use your fingers or enter the toy into the vagina to stimulate the point G and a. It is important for a man to understand that this is a very intimate moment for a partner and to be confident, she needs to see that the process is pleasant and her man, including. 

An interesting historical moment: the empress at HOU introduced Cunnilingus as court etiquette. Thus, she wanted to build a woman on a pedestal and humiliate men. The existing fellation (blowjob) demonstrated male dominance, so oral affection for a woman symbolized the coming of a new era. The Chinese ruler forced all officials and courtiers to show respect for her personality through Kuni.

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