How to overcome the gag reflex during oral sex?

How to overcome the gag reflex during oral sex?.

Oral sex can be a pleasant activity for all participants, when partners feel comfortable and want it. You can love oral sex, but, at the same time, feel discomfort and eventually choke. What to do in such situations and how to help a partner (-Sh)?

First of all, it is worth discussing this problem. As soon as you and your partner (-sh) will learn more about what is happening when she begins to choke, you can try to solve the problem together. If this is a purely physical phenomenon, a partner (-SHA) may think about training and curbing out gag reflexes. Perhaps phallic foods can serve as items for practice and a nutrient snack after training. You can also use oral sprays with anesthetics that cause a slight numbness of the throat. Having reduced sensitivity in the mouth, the partner (-Sh) will be able to accept the penis much deeper, thereby giving you an unforgettable pleasure.

If a partner (-Sha) wants to study in practice, let him (-a) send your penis to his mouth. Thus, he (-a) can control when, how far and at what speed your penis will move. Try different positions: kneeling, lying, partner from above, standing, etc. D., to see whether one or another position of the partner (-Sh) allows you to feel more comfortable.

Edible lubricants for oral sex are able to make intimate caresses more comfortable and safe in terms of mechanical damage for both partners. The lubricant eliminates dry mouth, irritation of the mucous membranes, sore throat, unpleasant taste and specific smell. Manufacturers of intimate goods offer a wide range of oral lubricants that can satisfy the needs of various customers.

If you understand that the problem is precisely in specific tastes and smells, you can use flavored condoms that will help in this situation. In addition, it is useful to use condoms to prevent infection with sexual transmission infections.

Some people experience psychological problems during sex, including oral. Partner (-Sh) is worried, nervous or experiences emotional discomfort when performing an action? If so, think about encouraging her to share your emotions. When it is appropriate, try to clarify any misinformation or misunderstanding, as well as respect her arguments. Perhaps, as a result of an honest and respectful discussion, you can come to a pleasant consensus. Trust, communication and consent are the key to full sexual experience – patience and confidence can help soften this process.

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