Oral affection with piercing

Oral affection with piercing.

Oral affection with piercing

Piercing on a female body can be perceived in different ways, including piercing of the language, which is at the same time the fantasy of men who love the blowjob and scare away.

As a rule, men find oral caresses more pleasant if the woman has a pierced tongue, and the negative comes from those who have not tried it, that he read about it or heard from friends.

But a woman should not expect that without being able to do a blowjob, when piercing the tongue this is compensated – the skill does not increase from this. But if the technique of owning tongue and lips is pretty good, the feeling of a partner is the presence of a piercing will only strengthen. But if a woman does not know how to orally appease a partner and has a piercing in the tongue, she is first better to practice on something and study certain techniques, because inept and the presence of a piercing can even lead to injury to the penis of the partner.

What nuances should be taken into account with oral affection with piercing?

– Movements should be tender, smooth and neat;

– When preferring gross oral caresses, it is better to remove the piercing so as not to injure the head of the penis;

– The most sensitive places are the head of the bridle and the barrel itself – they should pay attention to them;

– When stimulating the testicles, try to use only lips to avoid injury;

– it is necessary to monitor the reaction of the partner, because at any moment he can be hurt.

Usually, if a man has the extreme flesh, the head of the penis will not be too sensitive to the touch of the metal. But if a man is not cut off, his head will be too sensitive to such touches, and since the earring, being in his mouth, still has a temperature less than a tongue or lip. This can cause discomfort and even irritation in a man.

Also, one of the important factors for a blowjob with a piercing is thorough oral hygiene.

– After the puncture of the tongue was made, it is worth abandoning kisses and oral caresses, until the wound completely heals;

– If the ejaculation occurred in the mouth, it is necessary to remove the piercing and rinse it with an antiseptic agent, as well as rinse the place of the puncture.

Remember that a woman has the right to decide what she wants, and not only in order to give a greater pleasure to the partner. All sensations are purely individual in nature, and it is not known how your partner will react to the piercing of the language.

Oral affection with piercing

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