Oral sex and its types – for men and women

What is oral sex.

The second half of the 20th century became revolutionary for many areas of activity, including sexual emancipation. Since then, people have become easier to perceive talk about sex and all that way. If you recall the old days, even the youth of our fathers, then they will confidently say that talking about sexual satisfaction is a forbidden topic for any meeting. But we already live in the 21st century, and we know what not only sex is, but also its varieties.

Oral sex and its types – for men and women

In this article we will analyze with you what oral sex is. First of all, oral sex is a kind of pleasures, the essence of which is to use the mouth, including the language to achieve an orgasm of a partner. Thus, one of the participants in such a sexual act or both partners simultaneously caress the genitals with the tongue and lips. We will explain how to have oral sex for maximum mutual pleasure.

How women relate to oral sex?

The question of women’s attitude to this type of comfort has no unambiguous answer, because they all have their own character, temperament, etc. P. In addition, there are women who are very subject to the opinion of other people, under the influence of the latter, believe that all types of sexual caresses are something obscene and overshadowing their reputation. There are also those girls who simply disdain such caresses and are afraid that their partner invites them to engage in such a sexual intercourse. Any such problems can be solved either with the help of a psychologist or an experienced sexual partner. Fortunately, today there is a special profession – a sexologist who is engaged in the destruction of fears, as well as complexes of people who are afraid of experiments in sexual terms.

Oral sex and its types – for men and women

But still, many women are quite liberated in this matter and always see only positive aspects in it. For example, such love joys may contain the following advantages:

  • Oral caresses allow a woman to control the situation. So, she is a dominant in all her actions. It can even manage a man, since at this moment he is completely relaxed and, with the correct submission of information, he will be able to do everything that you tell him. Tricky women with the help of such caresses demonstrate complete submission to the partner, and at the same time understand that they have full power over him.
  • The girl in this way can raise self -esteem from her sexual partner.
  • Many girls are pleased to fulfill the desires of their man, they also enjoy this from this.
  • Women, knowing that they give maximum pleasure, then they can ask anything from their man. In addition, basically the guys want to make response to their partner.

We can say that the sensations from such sex differ slightly from sensations with vaginal sexual intercourse, and men note that affection for their mouths give them more pleasantness.

How men relate to oral sex?

Oral sex what is it for a man? First of all, beautiful oral sex can not only bring physiological pleasure, but also psychological. For a man, such an act is needed most often at a subconscious level. Sexual caresses and tongue speaks about the trust of partners to each other. A woman allows her to touch the most intimate place of her body, as well as a man allows his partner to pick up the most secret and tender mouth that he has.

For a man, the yell may mean the following:

  • He thus emphasizes his role in the dominant in relations;
  • Mutual oral caresses cause incredible positive emotions. This is all because of the reliefs of the tongue and pharynx, as well as, of course, skillful handling of a member and labia.

Oral sex and its types – for men and women

Oral sex is as another proof of a woman that she admires her sexual partner. And this, in turn, raises male self -esteem, and the man is satisfied, as a result of which he is capable of committing grandiose acts in bed.

Types of oral sex

We will deal with the varieties of oral sexual act. A person has already learned a lot during the period of gaining sexual experience. Today there are many methods and positions in which oral caresses are performed. In addition, there are many porn films that will easily teach you how to use various intercourse techniques to obtain maximum pleasure. Do not be very surprised at the acrobatic abilities of porn actors, because they do it on purpose to surprise your viewer. Do not repeat what you cannot do due to your physiological development. In any case, the main thing is your health, both physical and mental.

Let’s try to highlight several varieties:

  1. Fellation (blowjob or as it is also called – blowjob) is oral sex in which a woman gives pleasure to her man by using lips, tongue, throat, teeth.
  2. Autofellation is caresses during which a woman licks the penis with lips and tongue, and the man does everything else. T. e. A man with the help of his hands massages the barrel of a member.
  3. Irhumation is a form of sexual intercourse, where a mouth is used instead of a vagina. And the man moves the pelvis, and thus goes deeper into the throat of the partner. Sexologists say that such a technique is especially suitable for women who cannot tolerate the taste of sperm. During irrumation, you will not feel any taste after your man has received an orgasm. This is all due to the fact that the penis will be deep, bypassing all your taste receptors.
  4. Tea bag (sex tea bag or a threshold of tea bag) is a type of caress that provides rhythmic lowering the man’s eggs in a woman’s mouth. This action causes strong excitement.
  5. Cunnilingus is a type of female excitement, when a man with the help of lips, teeth and tongue stimulates a female clitoris and caresses the vagina.
  6. Anilingus. As you understand from the name, this type of caresses provides for stimulating the anus. Such sex is suitable for both men and women. However, it is believed that men are most susceptible to obtaining a satisfaction from anilingus. An anus is a fairly strong erogenous zone, the stimulation of which will bring you maximum pleasure.  

But just know all types of oral sex – this is not enough. To satisfy your sexual partner, you must be able to have oral sex. In the next chapter of this article, we will talk about this.

Oral sex – how right?

How to do oral sex correctly? First you need to understand the structure of the male body. A member of a man consists of a barrel and a head, and the place of their connection is often called a “crown”. That’s just this place with the urethra is very sensitive places. A woman should know that these zones need special tenderness and attentiveness. As for the barrel of the penis, it is also very sensitive, since it contains a lot of nerve endings. To correctly perform oral affection, you need to know about the rules and technique of execution.

Oral sex and its types – for men and women

We have allocated several of the most popular techniques of how to have oral sex:

  1. Eskimo. This name comes from the name of the ice cream, namely, how a person is this product, t. e. Licking him. The Eskimo technique involves the caressing of the penis by licking the crown – the most sensitive site. For the maximum effect, a woman can draw certain figures with a tongue.
  2. Vacuum or vacuum cleaner. This technique provides for the creation of the so -called vacuum in the mouth and gradually withdraw the head of the penis from its mouth without weakening the feeling of vacuum.
  3. Butterfly wings are a special technique in which it is necessary to caress a small fold located under the “crown”.

Remember: during any type of sex with the help of your mouth and the use of any of the techniques, your lips and member of a man should not be dry. There are also other rules that are important to adhere to in order for oral affection to be at the highest level.

You must also not forget about safety for any type of sex, including oral. Experts say that there are the latest condom development that differ in taste qualities, pleasant aromas, more subtle material and diverse colors. 

Any type of sex also depends on your mood, sexy clothing and, of course, mutual desire. Love and give pleasure to each other!

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