The skill of oral sex

The skill of oral sex.

The attitude to oral sex in the historical perspective has always changed. The Christian religion condemned him, since this is purely pleasure, but no sense, t.e. Children do not conceive like that. Islam was neutral, the main thing is not to erupt the girl in the mouth.

In society, this type of pleasure also treated with apprehension. A girl from high society could not afford to please a man so. But social norms are a change thing.

And when society is more and more from religion, it reviews some issues.

Let’s start at all with the fact that the art of oral sex is scheduled in Kamasutra, and after many years, public opinion has changed dramatically.

Oral sex is the stimulation of the genitals of the partner using the mouth of the lips of the tongue. An experienced partner can easily bring you to orgasm.

Having examined men’s forums where a strong part of the population discusses this issue, we identified 5 basic rules.

1.Never express your squeamishness to the process of oral sex, referring to about this «To me? In the mouth? This??? Never!»

Thus, you can easily cause anger, uncertainty, disgust in a partner. Better politely refuse, come up with a softer reason.

2.During oral caresses of a man, a woman should not forget about testicles, the stimulation of which brings your partner pleasure.

A man, in turn, should not concentrate only in the clitoris area and pay attention to the entire intimate area of the girl.

3.A finger in the anus, as an additional way of stimulation during oral caresses is a very acute question. Both a man and a woman should give you their consent to such stimulation. You can make annilingus – this is an oral affection of the anal zone, but you yourself understand that your partner must prepare, take a shower for such a affection, at least.

4.The same type of movements makes the partner endure affection. Here is a quote from one user «Just fidgeting my mouth in my friend will clearly not bring me to orgasm».

Such fidget can be suitable for a high school student to a virgin who is ready to end with a close look. But if we are talking about experienced partners, then we need skill. It is necessary to change the method of stimulation: caress the head, swallow the barrel, lick the scrotum, while not sparing saliva.

A man with a woman’s caresses should also change the speed and method of stimulation.

5.Glack is another acute question.

Men were divided into two fronts: one likes when a woman looks at them during a blowjob, others – No, at least we are talking about a close and irreducible look. This is necessary – to see whether your partner is pleasure or not, but to stare non -stop…

The same dilemma rises relatively all the time of closed eyes, which seem to indicate that a woman, as if she does not want to see what is happening. And a man, by the way, also likes if a woman enjoys the process.

The skill of oral sex

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